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Many patriots, within hours of the North West Airline near-disaster pointed to the waffling statements of Attorney General Eric Holder and Home Land Security Secretary Janet Napolitano…their excuses, failing to recognize reality, insisting that foreign, Islamic individuals creating disasters are criminal actions rather than acts of terror were astounding. Obama’s weak “better not do that anymore” statements are worse than keeping quiet.

As normal, following these events we begin flagellating ourselves for obvious national security shortcomings and totally ignore the butchers leadership perpetrating the egregious terror, giving them a free pass…nothing new, we’ve been doing it for years.

The current American political establishment is loaded with nothing short of an incompetent gaggle of cowards…nothing new here either. They would penalize the America people through child-like restrictions on air travel rather than lift a finger against the sovereign nations supporting the terrorism war against America.

President Bush did many things right fighting terror but his Administration like the Obama Administration fails to confront the sources of the terror. All seem fearful of what others think...reflecting more concern over international reaction rather than protecting America’s national security, is simply treason.

The Obama Administration and Congress are failing America by conducting a domestic and foreign policy of “band-aid restoration” hoping no infection results or stitches are required…this is not leadership. Failing to “support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic” is where the true breakdown in American leadership has occurred…we have individuals in key positions that are either purposefully subjecting America to defeat, or are simply incompetent and leading America to destruction, both internally and externally.

There is a time for discussion and most times sane, rational people will come to a reasonable agreement. By any 21st Century measure those that fly planes loaded with innocent civilians into skyscrapers, blowup embassies and schools, chop off heads, burn bodies, desecrate human beings, purposefully hide behind women and children, openly proclaim intentions to wipe out other nations, to name a few egregious examples, are beyond any semblance of sanity.

To continue subjecting America’s longevity and citizens to the whims of these insane, barbaric, religious fanatics pursuing a war of terror, as well as the nations supporting the terror, simply violates the oath taken by American leadership to “support and defend the constitution”.

I have made this call before and ignored but the time grows perilously closer when a nuclear device will be detonated in one of America’s major cities…it’s not “if” but “when”. Millions of Americans will die unless we stop the Islamic terrorists and do it now.

The time has come for American leadership to declare total war against the Islamic terrorist and those nations supporting them…this means we start striking nuclear facilities, military facilities, industrial targets, lines of communications, logistical targets, whatever it takes against nations such as Iran, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Nigeria and others as appropriate…whatever it takes.

If US leadership refuses to protect America, then it’s “we the people’s” responsibility to remove them and install leadership that will honor their oath and the United States Constitution. How this will happen, only God knows.

Harry Riley, COL, USA, Ret

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