Constitutional Emergency

The profound plan to save the Constitution

On April 19, 2010, the Voice of Freedom will be heard across America as we gather in every state to take back our Constitution.

A Plan for those who are uneasy and anxious about the fate of America.
This is not the Hour for Summer Soldiers or Sunshine Patriots.

The action required of all Patriots is three-fold:

1) READ the Articles of Freedom and see how we can end the violations and restore Constitutional governance;

2) SIGN the Pledge, to hold elected officials accountable to the Constitution and to engage in civic action if millions of other People also take the Pledge, and

BE at your state capitol on Patriot's Day - April 19, 2010
to join with millions of others who, simultaneously in every state, will serve the Articles of Freedom on elected officials.

Success will require:

SUCCESS requires that tens of millions of Patriots, including the newest, SIGN the Articles of Freedom AND STAND side-by-side in their state capitals on April 19, 2010.

SUCCESS requires the PARTICIPATION of millions of Patriots, including the newer, from all 50 states, each doing a part of the work to mobilize those tens of millions of signers.

SUCCESS requires that thousands of Patriots, including the new, organize and guide the activities of those millions, state-by-state, county-by-county, town-by-town.

SUCCESS requires dozens of Patriots, including the old, doing the yeoman’s work to facilitate the Plan by designing and developing the resources needed by the Patriots to bring the Articles of Freedom and
the Plan to the attention of everyone in America and to have at least 5% of Her People stand in defense of the Constitution on Patriot’s Day.

Here is what you can do, NOW:

READ AND SIGN the Pledge in the Articles of Freedom;

SEND IT OUT to others and ask everyone you know to do the same.

SEND OUT A MESSAGE from our web site that says “I’ve signed the Articles of Freedom.” Watch as the messages to them increase by the thousands in the days leading up to Patriots Day, demonstrating a massive show of support never before seen in our history.

4. KEEP VISITING THIS WEBSITE FOR UPDATES and send your email lists the link:

5. DOWNLOAD NEW TOOLS to use in your location from the Resources page on the website.

6. BE AT YOUR STATE CAPITOL ON APRIL 19: start coordinating transportation and ride shares with your friends and families in advance.

7. HELP YOUR STATE/COUNTY COORDINATORS (find contact info on the AOF website.) If you do not find a network established, start one.




[ read more detailed suggestions about specific action you can take, please visit ]

Wherever you go and whatever you choose to do, be able to speak about why the Articles of Freedom are so important for America now:

1) The Articles document the facts: that the Government has been violating fourteen provisions of the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land. They have been doing so for many years, over many Administrations and with the complicity of both Parties and each of the several states. These violations are continuing to devastate and pauperize our Nation, our way of life and our economy. Additional violations are taking place and all of these are a direct threat to our Sovereignty as a Nation and our Constitutional Republic.

2) The Government has refused to listen or respond to those citizens who have tried to hold them accountable to the Constitution, often answering their Petitions only with repeated injuries.

3) The Articles of Freedom, are meant to be a post petition-era document, and as such now include specific Instructions to each branch of the Federal Government and to each of the several States, all designed to end the fourteen violations and ultimately, ALL VIOLATIONS of the Constitution, and show America the way back to Constitutional Governance, as the only means to save our Nation. Again, the Instructions follow decades of unanswered Petitions for Redress.

4) The Articles of Freedom are of, by and for the People and therefore come with recommendations for civic action by the People to ensure compliance with their Instructions.

5) Individuals and small groups cannot prevail in the Cause that is before us. Even notable organizations, dedicated to Freedom, cannot succeed alone, operating in their own corridors or activities. While each of us surely has a role to play, it will take all of us coming together and standing as ONE NOW to ensure America fulfills Her Destiny as the Torch of Liberty for all mankind.


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Comment by JinOhio on February 20, 2010 at 5:09pm
Shirliann, Thank you for pointing this out! I will get in touch with our Ohio delegates to ask if they're aware of this and what needs to be done to correct it. Let you know what they reply...
Comment by JinOhio on February 26, 2010 at 2:13pm
Thanks again for this information. I spoke with Ron, a delegate from Ohio who was one of the scribes for the proceedings at the Continental Congress. He said that your point was raised before by other people, you are exactly correct, and they had that all corrected in a later version of the Articles. I'm going through my pdf which is a 12/24/2009 or 12/30/2009 version that I downloaded in the first few days of January. I'll go through more recent versions also using the search function of Adobe reader.

Of course, the latest version will be used in presenting the articles to elected officials.

Thanks for your help! Let me know if you find the error in the latest version before I do.
God bless you and yours,
Comment by JinOhio on February 26, 2010 at 6:10pm
Are all of these appropriate? Just so I know which pages to point out to Ron... although it sounded like they're already aware of this and the corrections should have already appeared, we are SO grateful you pointed out that they weren't carried through to the version on line now.

Constitution for the United States of America
Constitution for the united states of America
Constitution for the United States
Constitution for the united states

and should the word Constitution always be a capital C?
Thank you!
Comment by JinOhio on February 26, 2010 at 6:21pm
is this okay because it refers to the Republic rather than the Constitution as a document?
Constitutional Republic of the United States
Comment by JinOhio on April 15, 2010 at 2:59am
On Monday, April 19th, volunteers across our country in state capitol cities, will present the Articles of Freedom, the works of the Continental Congress 2009, to elected officials in each state.

The Continental Congress 2009 was a gathering of 116 elected delegates from 48 states. They convened to document a comprehensive plan of lawful, nonviolent, civic actions that are the logical next steps necessary to reclaim our Constitution for the United States of America.

Beyond Elections. Beyond Petitions. Beyond Tea Parties.

April 19th at 50 State Capitols Take Peaceful Civic Action and Restore the Constitution.

1. Review the ARTICLES.
2. Take the PLEDGE.
3. Follow the PLAN.

Join us Monday April 19th in Columbus Ohio to deliver the Articles of Freedom to our elected officials. Patriots in other capitol cities across the country will be taking similar steps, delivering the same Articles of Freedom, demanding the same of their elected officials, an immediate end to violations of our Constitution. For details of Monday's events, visit

Share with your friends and neighbors this 5 minute video introduction to the Articles of Freedom, set to Jordan Page's Pendulum. Invite all who care about our Constitution to visit the web page to learn more about the Articles of Freedom.

Thank you; may God bless all of you who are defending liberty.
Comment by JinOhio on April 15, 2010 at 3:08am
Shirliann was correct, of course, about the reference to the Constitution for the United States of America being inconsistent throughout the Articles of Freedom. I am told by the Continental Congress 2009 administrators that the reference will be corrected at the next opportunity, when posting an update to the web page. I wish I knew when that would be, but in the interest of full disclosure, the next update will only refer to the "Constitution for the..." not the "Constitution of the..." Thanks to all who have pledged support of this plan by signing the pledge online. Please encourage your friends and family to do the same, and join us Monday in your state capitol.


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