The Beginning of the Return to a Republic

From a posting at Patriot Action Network. It is a comment by a member over there.

Thought it was a good one. Read for yourself though.

The NC General Assembly just met for the first time this past week with newly-elected Republicans, the first time in 141 yrs. that Republicans have held the majority. I am writing my rep. to tell them they should do the following:

1. Reduce the $4 billion deficit by cutting out the $1.3 billion spent on supporting illegals. (Education does have to stand, but the problem is they get so many special programs - not just basic education - that the cost continues to mount.)

2. Require a photo ID to register to vote and to vote in all elections. (The fraud attempts during the 2012 elections will be the worst in history if states do not act now. The US DoJ obviously will not prevent or prosecute intimidation by minorities at the polls.)

3. NO social services to illegals.

4. Require all able-bodied welfare recipients to get schooling and a job within 18 months. All welfare benefits cut off after that time.

5. Petition fed. legislators not to pass unfunded mandates to put a further burden on the states. Congress should not be able to pass a law without funding it.

6. No more money for new construction at state universities except for bldg. maintenance. Much of education now and in the future will be electronic; students are getting degrees from home. Eliminate all state education administrative jobs except those essential to actual education. No new "innovative" programs, no new departments or administrative positions. Wake Co. is getting hassled because the voters elected a school board of education to re-establish neighborhood schools. Now the NAACP from out-of-county, the Democratic governor, and the federal govt. are accusing the board of racism, resegregation practices, etc. Busing is expensive and detrimental to the children. Lots of ways states can avoid bankruptcy.

7. Object to the No Child Left Behind law. Two states opted out; They lost fed. money, but didn't have to spend money to implement it and can't be threatened with fed. take-over of failing schools. (What does the fed. govt. know about education ?)

8. Don't sell out to fed. govt. monetary enticements in exchange for turning over to the fed. govt. certain courses to come under national standards. (NC Dem. governor Perdue did this.) Again, the fed. govt. threatens lack of funds if states don't give up their 10th Amendment rights.

9. NC passed a law last yr. that all absentee ballots must be mailed out 45 ds. before an election. I never did get an answer as to what happened to the absentee ballots in several counties and states sent out late or not at all in the 2010 elections.  Citizens of every state must make sure that their state is compliant or a lawsuit should be filed, including the proviso that no tally be final until those votes are returned and counted. There's no point in complaining about uncounted or fraudulent votes after the election results have been declared. The time to influence the new legislators is NOW.

10. E-verify for all businesses in the state.

11. Cut of all state funds to any city (we've got some) which declares itself a sanctuary city.

Remind your new legislators that they come up for re-election in less than two yrs.

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