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The Drum Beat Rolls On – Part 5

What better way to change the hearts and minds of individual thinkers to the dogma of communalism then to target the youth? Agendas and strategies have been set and have been implemented right under our noses, the difference that we are now witnessing is that they are no longer in the background nor in the shadows. In the school systems across America we have an assault taking place to rewrite the history of this country and to shape and mold the minds of future generations to follow along with the beliefs that communalism is the path to the future at the cost of freedom and individuality.

In America we now have those in power that follow the teachings of radical leftists and communistic beliefs in charge and they are attempting to implement upon the society the changes that they deem will bring this country in line with a one world order. In the run up to the election of 2008 President Obama not only campaigned in the United States but campaigned all across the globe to garner the support and admiration to be compared as the world’s president not just the President of the United States. We had school children from all over the world singing praise to a man that no one really knew about, we witnessed in this country the elite left pledging all out loyalty and blind support to a man and not to the country that this man is supposed to serve. These same elitists now have gone so far as to introduce to our school children the same pledge and have asked these young minds to also make the pledge to follow along with what this man so chooses to do with this country, not to pledge to protect and serve the Constitution but to pledge to the ideals of a man that in all rights wants to move this country away from its bounding principles and core beliefs.

As the School year of 2009-2010 begins we have already heard that this pledge video was shown to school children, now in the first week of school we also have a video address to school children all across the country by the President that is asked by the department of education to be mandatory viewing. Going so far as to have work sheets made up to ask these children what they can do to help this man achive the goals that he would like to implement upon this country, not asking them what they could do to help their fellow students or family members and local community but what they can do to help further the agenda of a figure head. This is extremely alarming because now we have those that are directly targeting the youth in this country to bring about a change politically and to attempt to transform the next generation into acceptance of the ideals of non independent thinking to the ideals of communalism.

Let us look at the speech that the first lady made at the Democratic convention "Barack stood up that day,' talking about a visit to Chicago neighborhoods, 'and spoke words that have stayed with me ever since. He talked about 'The world as it is' and 'The world as it should be…' And, 'All of us driven by a simple belief that the world as it is just won't do – that we have an obligation to, fight for the world as it should be." - Michele Obama Democratic National Convention 2008

This is a clear outline to the thinking that those that are now in charge belive that should be implemented, with the mantra of “Change” we have seen the opening rounds in the all out assault on our personal liberties, from attacking freedom of speech to an attempt on population control and individual rights to choose who they would want to care for them when they are ill. Each and every day something fly’s under the radar of the average American to the sweeping assaults that are taking place at a pace that is unprecedented so that those of us that choose to stand up for this country and to fight so that we can preserve our Liberties and our individuality will be caught off guard and sidetracked into not paying attention.

The playbook to this comes directly from the teachings of Saul Alinsky in his book Rules For Radicals , number eight in the tactics from this book to Change the thinking and mindset is “Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose."-- Rules for Radicals Tactics Saul Alinsky. In essence play a shell game, to make you concentrate on one aspect or issue while with the other hand try and sneak things past so that you and I are unaware of all that is going on all the while fast tracking and applying pressure from all directions to confuse the public.

The assault on our children to change to the mindset of communalism has actually taken place over many generations and by some of those that we would never have guessed to be a part of the engineering of these changes. In his book Raymond Houghton, To Nurture Humaneness: Commitment for the '70's wrote "...absolute behavior control is imminent.... The critical point of behavior control, in effect, is sneaking up on mankind without his self-conscious realization that a crisis is at hand. Man will... never self-consciously know that it has happened." And this is what we have seen being mandated by not only this administration but by the broader organization behind the transformation in our school system and that is the mandates from the world organization on education that this country has moved comply with, giving up the individuality of many of the long held teachings that has made this country so great.

It has gone so far as the revision of our own history to accommodate and to not offend one group or another, no longer are our kids taught the true history of this country or the history of the world at large in it’s true context. So much has been lost on these last few generations and the next generation thru mandatory revision that many do not even know the true reason for the Civil War in this country or the true reasons behind the Bill Of Rights. As this new school year begins please take a moment and open up your children’s text books and review what is actualy in them and if you see biases or revisions of actual facts please discuses them with your children because otherwise they will be left to learn what those that would like to brainwash them into believing when the vast majority of it is counterproductive to the ideals and foundation of this country.

In 1934 NEA leader Willard Givens wrote "The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. It must seek to give him an understanding of the transition to a new social order." And this has been the template that has been adopted in our education system through mandates that our leaders in education and power have adopted to transform us into a one world society through the molding of minds of the youth into acceptance away from the principles of individuality.

Individualism must yield to the interest of the greater whole. Personal rights must yield to community responsibilities. And the nation-state must be absorbed into the global village where the person merges into "the people" - a mystical, impersonal union to be defined and managed by ruling elites. This is the driving force of thought behind much of what we are witnessing these days and the target that they have so chosen to concentrate on is the youth!

In part six I will go into more detail of just what mandates that the United States has adopted for our education system from the U.N. and how this has transformed our education system.

Robert Rohlfing

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