Constitutional Emergency

The "Fundamental Transformation of America" High Treason

Health care; (Obamacare, AHC); Control over 1/7th of all US economy. And control over all health care aspects of American's health and industry. Controls over hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceuticals.

Climate Change; EPA FDA, Land management, control over all aspects of environmental use of land water and air. FDA control over all food and livestock production. Climate control legislation is used to transfer ½ of all America's wealth to other nations and to the United Nations. Provides control over industrial, manufacturing production and transportation. The Fundamental transfer of wealth out of America. The economic impact to America is devastating.

Immigration; The “Browning” of America. Integration of human races from African and Arabic nations . The destabilization of American culture and society. Destruction of Christianity and America's fundamental social structure. Destruction and elimination of American borders. Elimination of all fundamental philosophies of Sovereignty and “Nationalism”.

These three major areas of concentration, Health care, Climate control, and Immigration, together make up the bulk of Obama's and the Democrats “Fundamental Transformation of America”. Together these areas of focus and concentration constitute a near complete destruction and total elimination of America as a freed and sovereign Constitutional Republic. The result can only be a transfer of total control over everything in America to the New World Order based and operated by some unknown entities at the United Nations.

We can NOT say that the Democrats and Obama's agenda has been a complete failure, on the contrary, (Unfortunately), it has been a resounding success. And it has resulted in the destruction and near elimination of America.

Together and as the “Fundamental Transformation of America” this agenda constitutes an act of high treason of the most severe and highest magnitude. Barrack Hussein Obama is not alone in this Treason, He is not that smart and could not have accomplished these acts of high treason without assistance, guidance, and controls from others in high positions. When we say the President Donald Trump and the new administration should “Drain the Swamp”, we also know that he can not do it alone. The accomplices are well concealed and not necessarily all employed withing our Government. Many in face have never even visited Washington D.C. Instead they reside in New York City and work at the United Nations or from some other foreign country. For them it is not treason but an act of aggression against America. They must be rooted out, exposed, and destroyed.

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