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The Game of Cups

Do we all remember the game of cups? It does seem this game is being attempted to be played on the American citizens at a level that for most it is unrecognizable and incomprehensible. Now why would I say this one might ask? It is very simple really, this administration that we have in office at the moment and the cohorts in congress and all those that are behind the scenes in support roles are playing the biggest game of cups that has ever been played in history.

We are all led to keep our focus on the biggest issue of the moment and that is the whole health care bill that is going to be imposed on the Republic even though the vast majority of citizens are in direct opposition to it. The vast majority of citizens have been silent up till this point but we are starting to see the silent majority be silent no more, we are starting to see people finally wake up and stir, to come off the couches, to turn off the reality shows and start to become aware of what the government is actually attempting.

Control or better yet all out control over all aspects and personal freedoms and liberties that were guaranteed in the Constitution and in the Bill of Rights! We are focused, yes we are on the health care issue but low and behold the game of cups has us confused to all what is going on in the background and under the radar for the most part with all of the legislation and agendas that elected officials and those that were not elected are now attempting in a silent way in their attacks on our Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

This game has roots that those in power learned well and it goes back to the influence of communalism and key figures that many in power have based their Ideoligy on. It is not a new phenomenon and it was not all started neither when President Obama took office nor when the current crop of leaders in congress took charge. It does however have very deep roots and has been driven to the crux that we are now facing as citizens with deciding if we will go silently into the night or if we are going to rise up and take a stand for the preservations of our freedom.

Samuel Adams the Father of the American Revolution said
"The liberties of our country,
the freedom of our civil Constitution,
are worth defending at all hazards;
and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks.
We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or to be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men."

The Republic in which we live in is a participatory government and for many generations we have forgotten this fact. We have allowed politicians and lobbyists from all directions lead us down a path of self destruct, we have also allowed those to rise to power that want to take this country down the path of us losing our autonomy as to placate and facilitate our integration into a world society where personal freedoms and individuality is frowned upon and for the most part the ethos that have made this country and the individuals that make up this country so great to be denied to the next generation. As Samuel Adams pointed out so long ago it is our duty to defend our liberties and the freedom of our civil Constitution from all attacks and that includes those done by those who may be in office at any given moment.

We as school children all said an oath to the flag of the United States and those in the military and in government give an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic, we do not give an oath to any one individual or any one political party, we all strive to leave a fair inheritance to the next generation and it is our duty to both honor and uphold the sacrifices that those who came before us in the preservation of our rights and our Individuality as a country. It is long past the time that we will allow false and designing men and women to cheat us now and those that follow the rights that our forefathers handed down to us.

The Game of cups that is being played right now is exactly the catalysis that is allowing those freedoms to be taken from us and allowing a form of tyranny to be imposed upon us. As mentioned we are so focused on the health care issue but we have taken our sites off of the fact that just about all the amendments that guarantee us our freedom are currently under attack, freedom of speech is under attack with the push to limit the access to alternative forms of media and news gathering; freedom of speech is under assault with the attacks of those who oppose this administration as being labeled as racist and hate mongers and the laws that are wanting to be imposed to facilitate that if you speak out or are in disagreement that you will be censured or even worse. This goes in direct defiance of what the first amendment was written for in the first place and that was so that we as individual citizens have the right to voice our disagreements and grievances with those in government, it was not put in place so that only agreeable speech is accepted. We even as of late have been hearing and seeing that those who would want us to move in that direction are no longer doing it in the shadows but are now in agreement with the UN with the direction that it wants to take in limiting freedom of free press and speech worldwide and to slowly force this in this country to conform with the one world communalism that many would like to see.

The Game of Cups is also being played with the second amendment in the fact that there is an all out push to disarm the citizens of this country in a fashion that will be acceptable to many. Those that are in charge of this for the most part are not even elected officials and were not required to give that oath to defend the Constitution, so the fact that they disregard the fact that the right to bear arms is not only to facilitate the right to hunt or defend one’s self at a personal level but the right to defend the Constitution and enable citizens to defend themselves from enemies foreign and domestic. It was put in place to allow the common man to have the means to oppose the government if need be if it came to the point of tyrannical rule.

The Game of Cups is being played right before our eyes and we have been focused like a laser beam all the while differing philosophies have been playing out around us. We are in a struggle at the moment between Individualism verses Collectivism or Capitalism verses Collectivism, we are seeing attacks on our personal liberties and freedom of choice with the push to mandate inoculations of the Swine Flu shots. We are seeing attacks on the fabric of this society where as the government is attempting to take over all aspects of the private sector from the largest suppliers of employment with the automotive industry, to the financial sector, to now include the last largest component that makes up around 64% of our economy with the health care industry. This added on to the fact that it has already helped in facilitating the largest collapse since the great depression economically with over taxation and regulatory standards that does not allow the private sector of industry in this country to compete freely. The housing market crash and the personal suffering is in large part due to the mistakes that were made by those in government that also follow this philosophy of collectivism, as well as the whole agenda of mass redistribution of wealth and the shift from individual freedom to dependency .

The one thing that our founding fathers most abhorred was over taxation and imposition of tyrannical rule by to large of a centralized government that given enough string would pull the noose around the neck of freedom and slowly pull it tight enough until it has absolute control and we as individuals revert to becoming serfs to government instead of having government working for us. As I mentioned, in this country we have a participatory government we need to remember that it is not only our duty to participate but it is our duty to defend our Constitution from all attacks both foreign and domestic be it becoming involved by actively seeking out the true facts and not allowing them to be spoon fed by the propaganda wing of government and sharing them with all those you come into contact with. It is long overdue to actively become involved by contacting your “represenitives” with your concerns; it is long overdue to become involved actively with the growing tide of folks like yourself that has had enough of the Game of Cup tactics that politicians play.

We have the Freedoms we have now because those who came before were willing enough not to be intimidated or silenced, we have to ask ourselves on a personal level if we have the fortitude to not be so intimidated that we will not take a stand and honor those that came before to guarantee the Freedoms that we enjoyed to be allowed to be passed on to the next generation. Raise the cups up folks there is more than one issue at stake and we have to address them all and not allow ourselves to be subverted our Freedom.

Robert Rohlfing

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Comment by Robert Rohlfing on October 11, 2009 at 9:42am
Free speech and the freedom of a free press without restrictions on criticism of the government is essential in a Democratic Republic and what the "czars" and those playing the game in the background are attempting to do is to take away our right to freely pass information along to one another.

They have used intimidation and and tactics taken straight out of their bible the "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky to separate and label those that are in opposition in ways that for the most part when you look at it in a perspective that they are attempting you can see the division and racial leanings they they themselves exhibit.

Flying under the radar once again to the general public is the interconnections between the person in charge of the FCC and his press secretary and the past statements that they want to regulate the INTERNET and talk radio to the point that no alternative format except the "approved" version can be allowed. (more to come on this subject)

Hugo Black was famously quoted as saying: “The Founding Fathers gave the free press the protection it must have [to] bare the secrets of government and inform the people.”
and at no other time in history is this more important then the present. vigilance and pressure is the only way that we are going to retain our freedoms, resistance to intimidation tactics and false labeling is the key to weathering through the storm presented by the foot soldiers of the movement to move our country in the direction of tyrannical rule and away from individual freedom and liberty.

It is time that we take a moment and read up on these tactics folks because we have allowed them to be played against us for to long now and we have become accustomed to them to a point that it is difficult for most to recognize just when they are occurring, the strategy to counter is to play by those same rules and to use them against them.


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