The most deadliest war never fired a single shot

By Earl Lofland

How many remember the test in classrooms the "lifeboat crisis"?

You are on a cruise and the ship goes down. forcing everyone in a lifeboat with enough supplies for 15 people to live for 7 days but there are 20 people who survived the shipwreck and some are clinging to the lifeboat. the question was

How would you determine who should survive?

I didn't like that test and others like it. And I was always called out as the one who bucked up against the teachers asking questions. (I always made the teacher angry and had points taken off my grade for my lack of class participation and classroom cooperation). Yea, I been bucking the sytem as far back as middle school.

One teacher even said I wouldn't amount to anything more than a truck driver.Another said I would never be able to type.

I remember this test. And I flunked it. The reason I flunked it was because everyone lived. We rationed our food and water, we rotated who would have a blanket and rotated who would be selected to give their space up in the boat next so an alternating person who is in the water could be given a break from clinging to the side of the boat- reducing the risk of loosing anyone.

Well. The teachers didn't like this much because they wanted someone to die! Survival of the Fittest.

My high school grades did not reflect my ASVAB Scores for the United States Marine Corps: O-2 Qualified

The State of Delaware years later conducted testing. their scores concluded I held a four year College level dexterity and skills rating Yet, I dropped out of High School and hadn't received even a GED when I was given the States test. I keep that report card from the State just for a reminder.

We all must be reminded the real issue at hand is the child. It is America’s children who are experiencing the full brunt of the new methods, new curricula and new agendas in the classroom.

America’s transition from a sovereign constitutional republic to a socialist democracy did not come about through the warfare using bullets and tanks. Many Americans have died in other wars to protect the freedoms being taken away in this one. This war which produces the death of intellect and freedom isnot waged by a foreign enemy, but by the silent enemy in the ivory towers, in our own government, and in tax-exempt foundations. What should be recognized as another kind of war:

• one fought using psychological methods;

• a one-hundred-year war;

• a different, more deadly war than any in which our country has ever been involved;

• a war about which the average American hasn’t the foggiest idea.

It is imperative to realize we must use the same strategies or the Art of War which was used to create this problem to become victorious in “Restoring the nation. First one must understand; War is the means to an end. And that end is almost always governed by politics.Then one must ask what is the form of politics that is at the end of that war? In this case is was Socialist Totalitarianism which was (Yes- WAS) the end result.

T.H. Bell, U.S. Secretary of Education in the 1980’s for the Reagan Administration said: “[We] need to create a crisis to get consensus in order to bring about change.” he also conformed to accepting the Pavlovian/Skinnerian animal training methods when he stated:"There are three things to emphasize in teaching: The first is motivation, the second is motivation, and the third is (you guessed it) motivation."

It does not take a vast number of heavily armed forces to obtain victory. For this was created with very little effort and very few very dedicated individuals who laid the seeds over a long period of time producing more each generation.

In order to win a battle one must know the “real” enemy . Otherwise, the result is shooting in the dark - often hitting those least responsible for the mayhem and causing further damage than good.We must not only identify the “real” enemy; recruit and convert the enemies forces; take a more effective approach to this war—be they plain, ordinary citizens, elected officials, or traditional teachers— all who have been given the ammunition to fight — advancing to gain ground and to ultimately obtaining absolute victory.

This is the most important questions that can be asked:Are you at the point of realizing this war is a do or die situation for you personally; your family collectively; and for the future of your country?

A good leader is very hard to find. One that will lead by example and not by words alone. One that will be active in every aspect possible— running for office is one of the tasks that can be done in accomplishing victory. Being involved and asking the hard questions without feeling threatened by the persecutions that are often used to target resisters.

The first communist movements all over the world began gaining momentum by seeking out the resisters and then using all the tools available to squash their voice. The media has been used and it is important that you find individuals in your local area who are part of the media and win their minds .

This is not a battle that will be won overnight. For though it may have some of the high ground. There is always —Always a counter measure that will bring victory to every theater.

In Liberty

Earl Lofland

Congressional Candidate (Delaware) 2010

Romans 8:21

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