“99 percent of politicians give the rest a bad name.”
– Anonymous

There are no grey areas in the political spectrum. The term moderate is a lie. For the Collectivist (Communist, Socialist, Populist, Liberal, Democrat) it is a deception intended to hide from the public how evil they truly are. For the Individualist (Conservative, Constitutionalist, Republican) it is a lie to hide the fact that they have sold out to the collectivists. In the battle between collectivism and individualism, the Republicans are to be reviled more than the Democrats.

The Democrats have always remained true to their doctrine – that of Democracy; the rule of the mob in which the many can usurp the rights of the few with the collectivist oligarchy controlling and dispensing the lifeblood of their victims and so controlling everything. The Republicans – those who ostensibly champion the rights of the individual and the rule of law over all men as the objective standards by which individual liberties are preserved – have on the other hand, failed in their mission entirely with every minor concession to the Democrats; in either policy or practice.

The psychology behind this betrayal is both clearly obvious and shamefully predictable. The general nature of those seeking public office, with too few exceptions, has always been one of self-aggrandizement, hunger for unearned power and undeserved prestige. Certainly, the roll of the protector of individual liberties in the classic Republican sense is one of an often-lonely guard, manning the ramparts of Liberty in a ceaseless defense against the siege of collectivism. It is rarely glamorous and often thankless.

Those willing to sacrifice the seemingly limitless resources of the witless victims of collectivism enjoy immense power, incalculable wealth, and most inconceivably – the fervent devotion of their victims. Conversely – the defender of our liberties, the one bound by the strict moral, ethical and practical restrictions of having to preserve us against this onslaught– must rely upon persuasion, rationality and respect for the individuals’ selfish desires in mustering support for his cause.

At some point in every Republican’s career, they must look at the arrogance and licentiousness of the Democrats with envy and perhaps even awe. When that moment occurs, if they are not fully grounded in the absolute righteousness of their principles and perceptive of the long term consequences of the Democrat’s dependency upon sacrificial animals to feed their power, the Republican can be turned – from individualist to collectivist – if only, they tell themselves, to acquire more power to better defend the ideals for which they stand. Once this rationale is accepted, the Republican becomes a Democrat in spirit if not fact, and the battle is lost.

The debate between Capitalism (the only morally social, economic and political system suitable for free people) and Collectivism has been won – not by the overwhelming validity of Collectivist’s creed, but by the default of Capitalism’s best defenders, who have failed to either fully grasp or persuasively articulate its unassailable precepts.

When confronted by the inevitable uncertainties, calamities and doubts of life, people can be confused, frightened and overly trusting of those with the greatest confidence and the easiest solutions. Enter the Democrats. They employ the reassuring smile, the warm conciliations, and top it off with impossible promises to make everything alright – if we allow them to infringe ever so slightly on that dusty old Constitution.

It is at this moment that we desperately need our champions of liberty to expose the folly of surrendering any of our sacred rights to people who make promises they cannot keep. They must be more conversant in the principles essential to a life of freedom; more enthusiastic in their exposure of the real cost of sacrificing freedom for safety; more compelling in their assurance of free markets and free minds to surmount any obstacle, defeat any enemy and transcend any limitation.

Instead, the career politicians in Washington, wrapped in the pomp and ceremony of power and prestige, have missed their cues – intentionally or not – and allowed the subtle but sure erosion of our rights. Our champions – the Republicans who once stood as the guards of individual liberties and the Capitalist social system best suited to them – have not only passively allowed the Democrats to dismantle that system and invalidate those rights; they have willingly participated in the corruption and made use of the evil tools of Collectivism to advance their own selfish agendas and to serve the wicked motives of their friends.

Men may be known “...by their fruits.” Matthew 7:16. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Matthew 7:19.

“Politicians are like diapers. They both need changing often, and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain

The focus of our political revival must be the statesman. We must call upon a new kind of men and women to be our representatives to craft a new paradigm of leadership and service. The new statesman is a person of uncompromising principle, undiluted conviction and staunch devotion to the moral, ethical and practical use of power necessary to a nation of sovereign citizens. The new statesman must say “No” to our cries for aid and “Yes” to our demands for justice.

The new statesman must be our impenetrable defense against the myriad temptations to subvert our most sacred principles for the sake of quick fixes, easy solutions and momentary expediency. To the new statesman, there is only one rational use for government force: as an objectively defined and impartially executed response to acts of violence, coercion, fraud and trespass against the private citizens of the nation.

The new statesman understands that all governmental power is merely a proxy for individual power. Just as it is wrong for an individual to employ force to compel others to do his will, so it is wrong for a government. A statesman must always ask this question when considering a new law:

“If it is a just cause; if it is morally right, ethically sound and practically feasible, then why employ the mechanism of government force to impose it when advocacy, persuasion and earned cooperation will produce the same result?

The answer to this question reveals that most laws are either unnecessary to produce the result they propose or are an evil attempt to coerce people to do what they cannot be rationally persuaded to do – which is act against their own interests.

The new statesman knows that to rationalize the use of government force to compel people to do what they cannot be rationally persuaded to do is the first of many abuses that will be perpetrated in the name of the ‘just cause’ of the moment. The new statesman knows that for government to retain its validity and for our people to keep their dignity, there can be no grey areas in the moral and ethical use of government power.

The new statesman must have the clearest understanding of the Constitution, its limits, its rationale and its basis in fundamental justice, to recognize even the slightest violation of its most obscure tenets – and the courage to defend all of its provisions as the certain defense against tyranny.

This is the kind of politician for which we must give our active, enthusiastic support. If one looks to the den of opportunists, con artists, betrayers and thieves now populating the sacred halls of government, they know that a thorough housecleaning is necessary. But to replace them with new demagogues and panderers will be to perpetuate the same “moral flexibility” that has allowed true statesmanship to be replaced by bribery, favor-trading, pull-peddling and back room deals, which are then played out in public to resemble rational, equitable deliberation, but are merely a staged event whose outcome is predetermined by those who neither answer to our will nor serve our interests.

We must cultivate the qualities of leadership that are suited to the cause of liberty. To do this, we must first send the currently elected gang packing. Vote against incumbents in every national and state election; replace as many of the old guard with Libertarian candidates as possible; clean house and restore to the halls of power, those dedicated to employ that power for the sole purpose of protecting our individual rights and nothing more.

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