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The ONE ISSUE that could have solved it all!

What position, if any, has Constitutional Emergency taken regarding the Constitutional citizenship eligibility of Obama to hold the office of POTUS? I apologize if I missed it, but I haven't seen CE take a strong position on this issue, which is THE ONE ISSUE that could have ridded us of this fraud now sitting in the Whitehouse before it even got this far!

I was skeptical of those "conspiracy" charges at first, but I have since researched this matter and have seen ample evidence that answers a lot of questions about Obama's citizenship eligibility. There is no doubt that this guy has committed a blatant fraud against The United States of America and it's people!!! The liberal media, with the help of the millions of dollars spent by the legions of attorneys secretly employed by this Obama regime to suppress this evidence, has moved heaven and earth to keep this information from becoming exposed to the American people. There have been several attempts to submit this evidence to our Federal Courts, including The Supreme Court of the United States, and the only reason given by these courts not to hear these cases is that the plaintiffs do not have "legal standing" to bring these charges before the courts. Since when does any American citizen not have "legal standing" to challenge the legitimate eligibility of the person occupying the position of POTUS? The only lame attempt by this Obama regime to respond to this question was to introduce a phony certificate of live birth, which is not to be confused with a legitimate long form hospital birth certificate which any person born in America can furnish when necessary. One of the first Executive Orders Barack Obama initiated after his inauguration was to "seal" all of his personal birth, medical, and educational records, thereby ensuring that they would not be viewed by the American people. Obama, the DNC, and now this cowardly group of Republicans in Congress have joined in the conspiracy to keep this fraud from becoming exposed.

The American people deserve much better than to have a fraudulent imposter posing as our President, and making laws that are specifically designed and intended to destroy America. We had better wake up quickly and take control of what is now going on in this country, or we might just wake up one day and find that we have lost our final opportunity to take back our country.

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Comment by SUSAN MARIANO on December 24, 2009 at 3:50pm
better hurry into looking at obama's b.c. and other papers. we don't have a long can be all over for ''WE THE PEOPLE'' then we become slaves. the killings will come. we are being robbed! our country is being taken from ''WE THE PEOPLE'' there has to be something, someone out there, ''we need to get to the bottom of this before its to late, we don't have time, as time is running out.



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