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" For The Love of Money Is The Root Of All Evil." I find it kind of Ironic that The Bible talks about this subject, as if it is really important and Life impacting; Because it is. We see our so-called "fearless leaders" in office doing things that seem to be totally anti-American; as according to our Soveregnty and freedom as Americans. They seem like they really care, they even seem upright. So what is the problem???

They are bought, they all have their price tags, and NOW they want to have and mantain and posses their stature as Soverigns' with immunitys only the priveledged get.

Just Follow the Money. We as a Nation are in Terrible Debt. China and Britian and other Nations are calling in this Debt and are Demanding payment. So tell me how you "SIN"cerily regulate this???, and convince the Whole United States of America to Agree on this??? I'll tell you, It's called the Real I.D. Act, Credit, and Identity Theft.

The World Community Needs Assurance of our Ability as a Nation to pay them, so how are we going to assure them that we are good for the money??? It's called SLAVERY. A Sovergn American Needs no Identity. We are who our Father and Mother Said we are, then it was Documented on a piece of paper. We The People were established by The Word Of Our Parents FIRST then it was written.In Other Words, The Hospital Believed our Father and Mother's report and Documented it. Now, it is law BY FAITH.

So what exactly is Identity??? It is mostly a means to Bind you to the Corporate Ward Status making you a slave to Society and Debt. This All stems from the Illegal 14th Ammendment that was NEVER LEGALLY RADIFIED AND DONE AT GUN POINT.

Example: Lets just say Today you are Elmer Fud, Tomorrow you are Mickey Mouse, and The next day you are Huggs alot Care Bear. So you begin to do buisness with the banks and Cheat people. Sooner or later you WILL be caught. I don't care how many names you have or what you call your self.

Our Government has become a Corporation that now forces WE The People to Serve it. This is kept track of through Identity. Now Our Government is Run and Controlled By the Illuminati, Banks, and World Debt. Why is Washington D.C called D.C??? Distric Of Columbia. This is a branch of the Illuminati. Research it. Our Country is Now Under a NATIONAL AUDIT TO THE WORLD BANK. So how do you regulate that??? It's called "The Real I.D. ACT," and One World Currency; of which we a gaurenters to.

Our Fearless Leaders are Hiding things from us. All we see is our Congress making stupid senseless decicions like this new Radio Tax, House Resolution 45, Obamination's Ammendment to Regan's Executive order 12425 etc. They make these stupid decisions for good reasons that they don't seem to let us know about. The good reason is that they are bought.

Our Government is a buisness that needs Money to function. And they now are looking for an escape for the things to come. Since the Beginning of the World people have killed for money, power, and control. They never reveal their plan untill they have the facility to deal with the adversitys, never forget this. Lately, I have been discovering lots of National Gaurds Post opening up and Spreading all over Georgia. As well as them merging with The Army. That is Fishy. Now why would you grow a National Gaurd in times of Peace and Debt???

As Americans we must think out side the box and NOW look at what theWorld is up to, because they want our wealth and it is the ONLY reason for such careless decision making on our Government behalf.

I give you 3 things to be ware of,

#1) United Nations

#2) World Bank

#3) Prison

Please Question The Signs and Look for Answers. Ya'll are smarter then me and know our rights and laws more then me. Something more is got to be going on in this Country then what they are telling us or then what is aparent.

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