There has been a war going on since the late 1950s for your children

A war being waged for your children called Child and Adolescent Psychology

Everyone heard the campaign slogan "Hope and Change" But how many understand what "Change agents" are? And the role they play in the Education System and the developmental programs known as "Values Clarification" programs that are found at the University of Delaware. and public school systems throughout the state and United States.

Something parent of a school age student should read is a book titled, "Innovations in Education; A Change Agents Guide By Ronald Havelock

I would encourage you to research Charlotte Iserbyt she was Senior Policy Advisor in the US Dept of Education during the Reagan years. As well as holding positions in Education and many other titles that required her to travel throughout the world.

One of the interviews is posted on youtube (see links below) I also have a three part series posted on my facebook, where she was recently interviewed just days ago. on the Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. and

also pt 1 and Part 2 of an interview done below

To hear more about values clarification program and the dangers in that program

There is also a book on parenthood that everyone should read written by Anne Ortlund "Children are wet cement".

To give a brief outline of the book; the developmental stages of a child is like concrete.

The psychological development stages of an individual begins before birth. These stages are in the liquid stage where a person is easily molded. Then the hardening process begins and by the age of 15 or so, what they have been taught from the time they were in their mothers womb has been set so deeply in their psychological makeup it is almost impossible to break the mold without deprogramming,

All this is manufactured in the first few years of the child's development.

There is a war being waged for your children called Child and Adolescent Psychology.

To better understand how developmental psywars are used you have to first understand the basic logic and theologians who were and are being used to model the development of the individual.
Some of the major theorists include:
John Bowlby, Harry Harlow, Mary Ainsworth: Attachment theory
Urie Bronfenbrenner: the social ecology of human development
Jerome Bruner: Cognitive (constructivist); learning theory / Narrative construction of reality
Erik Erikson: Erikson's stages of psychosocial development
Sigmund Freud: Psychosexual development
Jerome Kagan: A pioneer of developmental psychology
Lawrence Kohlberg: Kohlberg's stages of moral development
Jean Piaget: Theory of cognitive development, Genetic epistemology
Lev Vygotsky: Social constructivism, Zone of proximal development
Reuven Feuerstein: Structural Cognitive Modifiability
Judith Rich Harris: Modular theory of social development
Eleanor Gibson: Ecological psychology
Robert Kegan: Adult development

Neurons in the brain are a very small part of what makes up the brain but they play a very major role in what signals are transmitted and the discernment of what senses are to be triggered and reflexes the body should do. all recognized in the brain. Pain Sadness, happiness, anger, Touch smell sight. hearing tastes. Everything that is part of the make up of an individual is processed through the regeneration and development of neurons which are part of transmitting the data to and from the brain.

Studies have proven that Neurons continue signaling and even being developed in a persons brain even after they have been clinically dead. This is an important tool in understanding your enemies-- who use this knowledge-- how the brain works against us and against our family values. Even to wedge divison between parents and their children.

Is this in the bible? Yes it is. Jesus even said I did not come to bring peace but division. And there is a passage that discusses where mother will be against daughter (Luke 12:51 53).

(Psycologic Marketing-- PSY War)

The brain is like a super computer. Elites have understood this logic in part for centuries not until the computer was developed during the 1940's did they have access to tapping into the potentials of using it against the family structures in such magnitude as we see today..

They train, program the newest models of the human software underdeveloped minds of the youth that are not fully loaded with all the neurons to dissect and categorize certain data into a comprehensible and logical sense..
It used to be only Children had not fully developed to understand basic logic. perceptions and how to categorize data from truth or fiction. Now with modern medications like Anti Depressants and other mind alteration drugs it has shifted the natural balance of how a brain processes data into something that is far more dangerous, and even attempts to reverse the ability of a mind that has been developed into being reshaped. (They call this Dumbing Down syndrome)

Real seems fiction. making the fiction seem real
Then creating human robots that can not discern real from fiction.
The education system has been a major role player in this. The model was created just after 1860 when Psychological hospitals where first created. Darwinism taking over the the medical logics and then with the theory of promoting psycological block building to promote and market products took a walk into the way leaders lead.

It begins with letting k1-12 sit in front of shows the Purple Dino and the Big yellow bird. Yes even the mice and dogs of Walt. played a major role .
that begins the phase of stimulating the neurons.
Games like Call of Duty SOCOM, Grand Theft Auto. even the less violent and fun games of soccor football, they all program individuals (targeting adolescent minds --children) for competition and aggressive behavior to be developed. Wii-- X Box, Game Cube. All of these have been developed to create mingling the virtual (fantasy) with reality.

Then adding the big brothers toys that are used by the Ind Mil Compl. to market and recruit the Industrialized programing for their needs of Machine Gun Harry's and Cannon Ball Barbie To take a walk on the wild side while they attack others under the premise of threats to socieity--- being evil.
Look back in the late 1940s and 1950's Veterans were coming home and buying motorcycles.. Then the Gover-wood silver screen come out with movies like The Wild Bunch. Rebel without a Cause. Hells Angels for Ever. Easy rider. All to program the people to thinking all bikers were Criminal anti government. Anti Social. enemies. Just as they done with Cowboy and Indian movies. and the good guy always wore white. and what is best known as "Class Warfare".

Earl Lofland

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