This is about the most I can take!!!!

If anyone else here has ever been subject to incarceration by the local police, this video will piss you off.

I say it is high time we start searching these guys down and have some "tar and feather" parties.

This is the same guy that goes home at night and tries to explain to his kids what is right and wrong. Imagine how screwed up those kids will be by age 25!!!

I had a bad episode with the local gendarmes about 3 years ago. What I found out, after an intensive investigation on my own, yielded some facts that made me be TOTALLY against any "law enforcement 'officer'" that I came in contact with.

I will discuss this at a later time as I am trying to secure my place in the 2012 presidential run.....hahahah

Unrealized aggression and too many steroids make most of the local law enforcement unqualified. Some of these folks were the bullies we encountered on the playground in elementary school and now they have been given a gun and a badge and some authority and they are "OUT OF CONTROL".

These same folks will be cowering into the fetal position once they are surrounded by the 'general public' that are wielding axe handles and rocks. Maybe that's what it is coming to and we don't see it.

C'mon...Armed IRS agents invading homes and putting people in prison for a "voluntary tax system" should have been a pretty good clue as to where we were heading.

I say it is high time to start revolting at the smallest level. I started a couple of years ago by turning the tables on folks. Anytime anyone asks me for a SSN# or a DL#, I pull out a little black pad out of my pocket and ask them for theirs and try and get their home address and phone #...

Amazing how they act after that.... I also learned to put any identification card I am issued into the microwave for 8 seconds. It doesn't melt the card but you ought to see the sparks fly from the RFID crap in it. I hope it renders it useless and doesn't cause some sort of time warp in the universe or something!!!! hhahahaha


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