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Oil is a critical control element in our present political goings-on...As important as is Gold, which is also a "controlled" element! Gold prices, like Oil prices, are arbitrarily set by those who "own" it...Gold prices are not market driven but are set daily by a few bankersters located in the center of London, in their "City" old and secretive section of London where the International bankers and the legal folks, the Inns of Court have been located since 1659, when the Bank of England was established..It is there that the Rothschild crowd sits in dominion over the world.

Oil control was diversified for years, until two groups managed to fight each other over it from the 1920's..The British and the Americans..Eventually, the Rothschild crowd managed to corner all European oil and the American oil interests were made subordinate to the Rockefeller's...Now they both work together for a purpose, to insure that no threat rises or is invented that would threaten the current use of oil or limit its value by improved engine performance or other, inventions that would reduce Oil as their control feature.

In Alaska, the American oil Company, ARCO, developed the region and continued exploration...In the 1970's and 80's, Arco discovered other oil fields in Alaska that were massive, but the finds were kept secret..One is called the Gull Island Field, on the western shore of Alaska, another, reportedly greater, lines northwest of this find. But, it is no longer American oil...The Rothschilds, owners of British Petroleum, bought out ARCO some years ago and have halted further exploration, as it is not needed..The last two finds being so massive..(Lindsey Williams, a Chaplain with ARCO, has reported that Gull Island alone, has a 200 year supply for America)

Why would the Rothschilds buy out ARCO? Simply to add these finds to their books and control its output and thereby keep prices under their well as quantities exported out of Alaska. (Today, the natural Gas that emanates from these fields is pumped back into the ground by several dozen jet engines powering pumps)

The Oil magnates simply could not permit such massive oil finds be exposed to the public as the hue and cry would force them to open these two large fields..So, they USE the Greens, the tree huggers to raise up a cry against taking out this oil...caribous, foxes and musk ox being more important..

Now you can understand why and how these aliens to Christianity are involved in your lives...purposely shattering any opportunity to improve our source of power...

Note the data that follows..Here are two more oil finds that are as important as Alaskan oil, but, little is heard from our government about them...Why? Because elements of our federal government are in bed with these two alien groups, the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds...who, also manipulate our Congress via their financial keep them in line and silent.

A good history of the rise to power of Oil was written by Dr. Joseph Emanuelson, in his book on Rockefeller...titled, Rockefeller, Internationalist--The Man Who MisRules the World..try to find a copy on the internet's used book eyeopener..


We should have been and independent energy Nation since the beginning!!

If you don't believe what you read below, simply GOOGLE it or follow this link. It will blow your mind.

The U. S. Geological Service issued a report in April ('08) that only scientists and oil men knew was coming, but man was it big. It was a revised report (hadn't been updated since '95) on how much oil was in this area of the western 2/3 of North Dakota; western South Dakota; and extreme eastern Montana.... check THIS out:

The Bakken is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska 's Prudhoe Bay, and has the potential to eliminate all American dependence on foreign oil. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates it at 503 billion barrels. Even if just 10% of the oil is recoverable... at $107 a barrel, we're looking at a resource base worth more than $5.3 trillion.

'When I first briefed legislators on this, you could practically see their jaws hit the floor. They had no idea.' says Terry Johnson, the Montana Legislature's financial analyst.

'This sizable find is now the highest-producing onshore oil field found in the past 56 years.' reports, The Pittsburgh Post Gazette. It's a formation known as the Williston Basin, but is more commonly referred to as the 'Bakken.' And it stretches from Northern Montana, through North Dakota and into Canada. For years, U. S. oil exploration has been considered a dead end. Even the 'Big Oil' companies gave up searching for major oil wells decades ago. However, a recent technological breakthrough has opened up the Bakken's massive reserves.... and we now have access of up to 500 billion barrels. And because this is light, sweet oil, those billions of barrels will cost Americans just $16 PER BARREL!

That's enough crude to fully fuel the American economy for 41 years straight.

2.. And if THAT didn't throw you on the floor, then this next one should - because it's from TWO YEARS AGO!

U. S. Oil Discovery- Largest Reserve in the World!
Stansberry Report Online - 4/20/2006

Hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains lies the largest untapped oil reserve in the world is more than 2 TRILLION barrels. On August 8, 2005 President Bush mandated its extraction.

They reported this stunning news: We have more oil inside our borders, than all the other proven reserves on earth.

Here a re the official estimates:

- 8-times as much oil as Saudi Arabia
- 18-times as much oil as Iraq
- 21-times as much oil as Kuwait
- 22-times as much oil as Iran
- 500-times as much oil as Yemen

- and it's all right here in the Western United States .

HOW can this BE? HOW can we NOT BE extracting this? Because the environmentalists and others have blocked all efforts to help America become independent of foreign oil!

James Bartis, lead researcher with the study says we've got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East -more than 2 TRILLION barrels untapped. That's more than all the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today, reports The Denver Post.

Don't think 'OPEC' will drop its price - even with this find? Think again! It's all about the competitive marketplace, - it has to.
Got your attention/ire up yet? Hope so! Now, while you're thinking about it ... and hopefully P.O'd, do this:

3. Pass this along.. If you don't take a little time to do this, then you should stifle yourself the next time you want to complain about gas prices .. because by doing NOTHING, you've forfeited your right to complain.
Now I just wonder what would happen in this country if every one of you sent this to every one in your address book.

God Bless USAll

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