Constitutional Emergency

I was just watching the photos slideshow on here and I am listening to an old album many will not remember.

Elton John, Yellow brick Road. well it goes with that..

To all the "patriots' on here ...I have to ask you all a question.......

Are you ready to "die" for your 'patriotism'?

Are you ready to leave a wife, in an interest only mortgage, with 3 kids, in some special school? Are you really ready to go and fight against the very government that has been the abortion you have created by your stupid voting laws and your adherence to something you call a "Constitution"......?

We are about to go thru the weirdest stuff you have ever seen in this world.

Are you ready to kill your neighbor so that you can eat for one more day ? Welcome to the real world...

! million people will die of starvation while YOU read this email.. Who gives a shit?

Thats's the problem....Hope you do...


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Comment by CrazyRusty on March 7, 2009 at 11:18am
I agree ron8000. I only posted that because of a day full of bad news. The headlines just keep getting more and more crazy and we all seem to be complacent with it. If we all saw these headlines 5 years ago, we would have revolted. Now, we just seem to think they are the norm!! I feel as if I am living in Pompeii and I am the only one that is a volcanologist!!!
Comment by CrazyRusty on March 7, 2009 at 4:07pm
Hi Janice. I will gladly delete my post. I only put that there because it IS inflammatory. I am sick and tired of watching the ship sink because we are all afraid to say what we think. Here's what it boils down to. We want to get government out of our lives, yet we call congressmen to do that.
We live on a world that has certain known events. Earthquakes and volcanoes and tsunamis are gonna happen. Unfortunately, they don't occur at our preferred times. I know that Yellowstone is gonna blow at some point and I realize that there will be a massive earthquake that will hit, in our time, that will claim the lives of millions. But I certainly am not going to go live in that area where the danger is the worst. How people can live in /on a fault line and bitch when an earthquake happens is beyond me. So, how can you live in a country that is known to lie to it's citizens, yet when we want something done, we contact the government? I am not in anyway shape or form, trying to dispel the masses and lead a revolt, but I am trying to get people to look at reality. How many news articles do people have to see to understand that our government is a self serving entity that has:
a. no one person to blame,
b. perpetuates because people have been told it will help them.
c. keeps people from being self sufficient.
d. is only in business for power and money.
e. is an entity that cannot be stopped unless the very last person in it is gone.

Do you REALLY think these people have your best interest in mind when they go to bed at night?

Let's take a little analogy and work it to the end.
Let's say...As a created species, we were only given the chance to utter 10,000 words in our lifetime. No "Do not go to jail" cards or nothin, You only got 10k for your entire life. Don't ya think you would be very hesitant to comment on things that didn't pertain to factual events? Don't you think you would always want your words to have the most effect with the least effort? Would you tell the truth to an answer and just say, "YES", instead of "We have looked into the problem and we have set up a committee that will be coming out with a report very soon that will show the American people that we are on top of the situation and we have our best people on it right now and they will be utilized to the best of their ability to come to a conclusion to the problem"? How sugar coated do people need things to be to see that things are BAD.
Janice, I really don't want to die right now myself....but guess what.? Things are happening so fast in this world, that you have no choice but to 'go with the flow'. Do you think that everything that happens right now in America is a composition of errors and chances and happenstances that just occur, or is it in fact an orchestrated event that you see going on before you from MEN on this planet that make things happen?
I look at things from the survivalist agenda. It seems to have worked good so far. I didn't get old being stupid.
If I offended YOU in any way, you might want to go and listen to the Eagles song, "Get over it".
It's time to stand up and take back what has been taken away.
If you got robbed on the street and you decided to go get back your stuff, what would you do?


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