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For all of you who have invited me or who have accepted my invite to be a “friend” thank you. Many of you will recognize many of the same massages I have sent to you. This is because I have begun to accumulate many “friends” so have expressed these same thoughts several times. I just choose to save these thoughts to use as needed.

I intend for my first two posts to be the first in a long series based on my current thoughts and those of other members in the 26 and growing groups I belong to. I feel we only have two elections cycles to make a difference. If BHO gets into office with out conservative block in the house I feel he will destroy what is left of our Constitutional Republic. My goal is to have a tentative plan in place by Oct so we have something to rally around and distribute to groups that may not be on board by then. This will not be my plan but one based on the thought of every person who wishes to participate. I just see my part as being the moderator and consolidator of thoughts.

I would like to make this effort a combination of the Continental Congress that drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitutional Convention. There will be compromise only so fare as those compromises do not compromise the Constitution.

From the posts I have received I would summarize the plan as follows:
What is our goal: To exert as much influence in the election of members of The House of Representatives and our State and local governments.

Reasoning: We only have a two election cycles before the current government does not have the restraint of having to be re-elected during 2012 Presidential election. It would be difficult to organize and exert influence on a Senate, Gubernatorial or Presidential campaign due to their election cycles (4 and 6 years compared to the Houses every 2). The House controls the purse and all bills must be passed by that body; control the house you control the government.

Regardless if this effort succeeds we must also concentrate on our State legislatures. If we can exert influence there we have hope of using the 10th Amendment as a block to the attack on our Constitution by the Federal Government as it was intended to do.

How and Why: We can influence them to a greater extent. We have two elections to get it rite. We make the candidate we support in 2010 understand if they stray from our constitutionally base platform (Yet to be written) they will not be re-elected. They will not only loose our support but we will support anyone who runs against them in the primary or the general election.

WE THE PEOPLE need to hold our candidates and office holders absolutely accountable. I feel we've let the parties do this for to long and this is what has gotten us to the point were at. Parties are about winning elections not governing. We must change this.

My second post (Here are the results) advocated support of the Republican Party as a local level. Based on your responses a great many of us have also lost Confidence in the National GOP and appose any support of that party at that level. This would be my view but I am not a dictator only a moderator and consolidator of ideas.

I would ask three things of you.
1. Take part in the discussion with specific well articulated thoughts and have thick skins and don’t give up on the rest of us if we disagree.
2. Get as many of your group “friends” involved in this discussion and invite me to be a “friend”.
3. If you find a group please let it be know so we can take the conversation to as many as possible. As you have seen I will not be shy.

I have joined 29 groups local and national at least 3 sites that are 2000+ and two or three (I loose track) that have between 19-29000. I will be friend every person that posts in some way or another. What I intend to do between now and September is start posting regular updates to "The Plan" I will address every aspect, based on everyone’s responses, in-depth.

I'm not here to play my own fiddle. I pledge to you too never take public credit for this. This is not about me but about or Constitution and our way of life. If it seems I am taking this very seriously this is why. It’s so our friend and family who have died for this nation and our freedoms didn’t do so in vain and so that none of us who aren’t currently in uniform will ever have to take up arms to protect our rights. We must use the first Amendment so we never have to use the Second.

I have started to get some traction on this a will run with it until either what we are doing has an effect or everyone ignores me.

We all have the same goal.

To preserve and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies.

I await your thoughts.

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Comment by James Davis (Jim) on May 31, 2009 at 12:43am
Share with many I shall. thanks for the effort for we all need to clearly organize and plan action that will have an impact that will change the current coarse that threatens all our freedoms and the future of our children and their children.
Begin with galvanize and clear out those elected republican officials that refuse to include the base in all thier planning henceforth.Media Blitz with action to hold the Democrats accountable for their illigitamate candidate, Obama, his Acorn terror at the poling places, the obscure donations to candidate, the sedicious behavior by the president on foreign soil.
State elected and appointed officials need to be held accountable as well. We al have are work cut out for us. Bring along some friends. God Bless, keep up the fight For the immediate our troops and their families deserve better.
Comment by Harry Riley on May 31, 2009 at 7:28am
You mention "constitutional convention"....for those that are encouraging or supporting a constitutional convention be aware it will be the death of America for sure.....can you imagine what would happen if a convention was opened in the current environment......every right in our present Constitution would be open to revision/elimination........I urge, oppose any move in any State to convene a US Constitutional convention...for those States that have approved a "new constitutional convention", work to have the vote recinded/reversed, we don't need a new constitution, our present Constitution is fine, and there is a method already existing to add/change our present Constitution with amendments as "we the people" desire........
Comment by Green2 on May 31, 2009 at 11:00am
I would like all to know my reference to a Constitutional conventional was as a historic reference not endorsement of one. I do understand the ramifications of such an event.
Comment by Green2 on May 31, 2009 at 9:20pm
My time line is base on two things. The first is the election cycle and the lack of restraint of re-election. The second: IF IF IF IF it comes to blood shed our military will never fire on its own people. I know this and others know this check out the Oath Keepers web site to see what I mean. So we don’t have to worry about the technological advantage it has over us. Who we would have to content with is the 250,000 person civilian corp. Frank and BHO wont to fund like the DOD. It will take at least three to four years to get that organization in place so no need to worry about or Government threatening us maybe the inner cities if riots brake out but anything we would try to do we have about three to four years. befor the Goverment could threaten us. These are my thoughts I ask yours.
Comment by Eric Holmes on June 1, 2009 at 9:10am
Your grass roots is where the success will be. Any thoughts on adding to items of a "contract for freedom" - something we can take around to everyone runing for congress and governors, too.? Rescind stimulus bill, privatize: mortgage, banking, auto, amtrack, healthcare; reform taxes (we need specifics); audit the fed; stop subsidies, stop cap and trade, etc.
Comment by Green2 on June 1, 2009 at 5:22pm
Eric what you refer to as a contract is what the platform is ment to be. So start coming up with ideas and lets see what we come up with.


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