Constitutional Emergency

It was twilight, the flight of the beast.  The ground was hard, our hearts were cold.  The rain was falling, securing the load.  The rocks were wet from the falling rain, and the fog and mists were blowing amid.  As the choppers left we were all alone so we set up our camp for the initial patrol.  And quickly decided we needed to roll.

The orders did state that the enemy is near and we patrolled and patrolled and never a sound, as we looked for the recluse of the terror machine.  On our eighth encampment we received the call, we are at war with "we don't know who".

Our group was encamped on a shiny knoll, on top of the mountains - we could not roll.  We were being tracked by parties unknown, and we looked for an out which could not be found.  The rockets came in taking their toll, so we shot back - because we were at war with "we don't know who".

Onwards they came the men from below, falling like bricks onto the meadows beneath.  We called for recovery and we were told to hold, they couldn't get to us or so we were told.  So we gathered our gear and headed for safety to parts unknown praying to God for there is no other.

We ran and we fought as the enemy appeared from every direction or so it appeared.  In the day that we fought, 300 went on, to that resting place that allah held dear.  We held onto the land because this was the end, with no where to go but to Jesus within.

Men were praying as they loosed their loads and the enemy fell to the blistering heat.  We prayed and we screamed in the blistering heat and what did appear?  A man dressed like us, all bloody and torn.  I could not see his face but point so he did.  He was to my right where the enemy was near.  He had no rifles, he had no gear.

Lead and steel was flying around, yet not a one touched on his this man.  I looked at my friend all bloody and torn.  The man looked at me and without a sound said, "Pick him because you have to go".  My friend asked what I was doing and I said we must go.  So I screamed out the name of my Saviour Jesus Christ.

I carried my friend and lead out the way, with my comrades firing and following behind.  We fought and we ran and some of us fell, my friend was bleeding as most of us were.  Yet we cared not for ourselves but the others that fell.

We could hear the choppers but they could not land, so we fought and we fell and headed on faith that a resting place for us would soon be found.  We fought and we fell and none were left.  For three days we fought thru wadis and clefts, and the enemy soon just...left.

Thirteen men entered the fray all were wounded and four were no more.  As my friend was tied upon my back he said, "Hey man, let go of my cods".  I felt his body shiver and die.  And I cried.  I couldn't get him to safety as bloody as he was and the medics were surprised that he lasted so long

We left no rifles, we left no rounds, we left no armaments that the enemy could have.  We left no bodies to be mutilated and torn and men told us later that about 500 had died.  I have no idea if this is true but what I do know is we did survive.

We did survive and we searched and we searched for the Enemies Within.  We cannot be sure who the Enemy is but we do know who it could be.  We were sent on this Mission as a favor you see and we were expendable, naturally.

One day we will find this Enemy Within.

The Snooper Report.
Join us as we Take Our Country Back.
Sic vis pacem para bellum
Fight Accordingly

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