Yesterday I posted what you see below. Next I ask that you consider and research the following. There is a very large company, unknown to most people, based in the United Kingdom known as Serco Ltd and Serco Global Services. This organization will be handling all information gathered concerning all Americans health and personal information. This includes almost all information from health to financial and background. Not only does this organization compile information it has been given control of Great Britain's nuclear weapons. Yes, you read that right, a private company is in control of a nation's Atomic Weapons. I add this so those who really care can research this organization along with the indications such research may turn up. I have no doubt that there is much I have missed here and may have gotten wrong, I welcome correction. However, what I do know is, this organization is poised to be the backbone of any World Order trying to gain control over every human being's lives on earth. This "Serco Ltd" is a massive organization and yet few people know of its existence.


In the past six years Federal agencies have undergone changes not seen since the rise of the Third Reich in Germany. For instance, the Department Of Homeland Security, originally created to combat terrorism within the continental US, has unequally divided into two separate organizations. The smaller of these two entities maintains its original purpose and functions as a front for its counterpart presenting the DHS brand as a legitimate force for good, thus blinding other law enforcement and the public to its greater agenda. The "greater agenda" of the larger division of DHS is not unlike a gorilla task force dedicated to the protection of a rogue government and those manipulating our laws, courts and representatives. Not only does it protect those who's agenda is to control our nation and abolish our Constitution it targets anyone believed to be a threat to the treason and tyranny being carried out by its masters.
Early in the 1960ies the United Nations developed a plan to bring the world under control of a select few who comprised an organization, at that time known as the Tri Lateral Commission. One of their greatest problems was the United States of America and its greatest achievement, the US Constitution. They had to come up with a plan that would bring the United States to its knees and make its people believe it was all happening because of Capitalism and their Constitution. They designated their plan as Agenda 21. To achieve their goals they had to have control of the US presidency as well as one of its political parties. Fast forward to 2008, they finally achieved their operational goals by grooming Barry Soetoro, aka: Barak Obama. Due to the takeover of the Democrat party by Liberals they also had a willing gallery of Socialists who would jump on their band wagon of immorality and treason. They now stand at the threshold of their victory, the complete and utter destruction of the United States of America and world domination.
It remains to be seen though, will Americans simply comply with the devils commands or will they stand for their Liberty and Freedom as their forefathers and fight to the death against this evil? Have no doubt, we will soon see!
I AM PATRIOT!.....................................are you?

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