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Ultimate HIGH TREASON Exposed.

The truth begins to emerge about Mueller probe.
The truth about what Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and about 300 other people in Washington is finally beginning to be exposed. Many of these people are in Congress, some in our justice department, others are in the Federal Reserve, some in our banking systems, and in several other offices and agencies within our Government.

So what were they really up too? What's so big about Hillary and Bill stealing money from everyone and anyone they could sucker into loosing it? We all know they are crooks from the beginning, so what's news about that? And why all the big panic about Hillary loosing the 2016 elections?
It turns out that these people were actually bailing out on America. They believed that America was actually and really about to be taken over by the United Nations. This would be the final and complete obliterations and the demise of the United States of America. America was all done, gone, no longer a sovereign nation, not even a legal sovereign country within the world populations of nations. They KNEW it was because they sold it out, THEY set the stage and the agenda for the “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a full fledged Communist transformation into Communism controlled and directed by the United Nations. And in the process they were all bailing out of a sinking ship. America in their eyes was all done, gone, and going down with the last breath. They were running for the gates – dragging bags and suitcases of money and resources behind them. Like rats escaping a sinking ship. They intended to take what ever they could on their way out. Oh They weren't planning on leaving the country, after all – Somebody had to be here; They were planning on being in control after the transformation. As long as American's are stupid enough to “vote” for them they planned to stay right there in Washington D.C. to run things here in the UN State of North America.

But then something really unexpected happened, Hillary Lost the 2016 election. Donald Trump WON.
They never expected Trump could win that election in 2016. That is what Hillary was referring to when she said “You better Fix this F__kn thing or we are all going to prison”. The complete take over and control by the United Nations is what Robert Mueller was referencing when he told a Federal Judge that he (Mueller) was working under a “Higher authority”, and that the judge did not have the power or authority to read or receive his (Mueller's) secret authority or his mandates.
Mueller, Hillary, Obama, and the rest of them are in total panic mode because their dirty little secret is being exposed, Trump WON and now the curtain is being pulled aside for all American's and the world to see.

Mueller's and Comey's task right now is to hide, bury, and destroy all evidence of the corruption and treason. Like she said, 'If you don't fix this thing we are ALL going to prison”.

So who are the traitors in all this? Well we know Hillary and Bill Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and (yes) George Soros are all part of it. But they are only the tip of the iceberg, they are only the ones we can see with their heads sticking up above the horizon where they are visible, as I said there are hundreds involved in the scheme, this game of High Treason against America. Their game of completing the “Fundamental Transformation of America” and their pilferage of all America's resources and money as they made their “escape” from the sinking ship called The United States of America.
Follow the money, there was an old saying that goes something like this, “ Me thinks they complain too loudly”, that means listen and watch to see who is screaming the loudest about Donald Trump winning the 2016 elections. The game has now been exposed, and Hillary was finally right, they are ALL going to prison.

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Comment by Old Rooster on May 12, 2018 at 11:59am

 Please copy and paste , Share this. In order for them to complete the final act of High Treason and bring down the United States they must dispose of and eliminate President Donald Trump. POTUS may be in grave danger here. The more people that know about this, the more they are exposed, the safer he will be.


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