Why are we giving millions in foreign aid to China ? Our Country is mired in massive budget deficits and a ballooning National debt of over 13 trillion dollars and yet our government sees the need to give foreign aid to China. Yes,....China ,...the second largest economy in the world now and a country we owe billions to in interest and principle. They have taken most of our manufacturing jobs and sent us junk products that we borrow money from them to buy. Talk about being played for a fool ...that's what our brilliant politicians and so called intelligentsia have given us today. We have over 10% unemployment in our Country yet Obama is handing out billions in foreign aid every time he goes overseas on Air Force One....paid for by us. ALL FOREIGN AID SHOULD BE CANCELLED until we have balanced our budget and paid down our National Debt so that our economy can PROVIDE JOBS FOR AMERICANS. This is beyond insanity my fellow Patriots. We MUST STOP THIS ....NOW.....VOTE THEM OUT IN NOVEMBER. Demand an END TO FOREIGN AID.

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