Wall Of SHAME............Here's a list of every Democrat Senator who ran from their duty, and betrayed the people of Wisconsin

CARPENTER, TIM, DEM. − District 3.Mailing address:  2957 South 38th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53215Capitol office:  19 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−8535E−mail address:  Sen.Carpenter@legis.wisconsin.gov

CULLEN, TIMOTHY F., DEM. − District 15.Mailing address:  3711 N. Spring Hill Drive, Janesville, WI  53545Capitol office:  108 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608 266−2253E−mail address:  Sen.Cullen@legis.wisconsin.gov

COGGS, SPENCER, DEM. − District 6.Mailing address:  7819 W. Potomac Ave., Milwaukee, WI  53222Capitol office:  109 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−2500E−mail address:  Sen.Coggs@legis.wisconsin.gov

ERPENBACH, JON, DEM. − District 27.Mailing address:  7194 Belle Fontaine Blvd., Middleton, WI  53562Capitol office:  106 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−6670E−mail address:  Sen.Erpenbach@legis.wisconsin.gov

HANSEN, DAVE, DEM. − District 30.Mailing address:  3489 Blackwolf Run, Green Bay, WI  54311Capitol office:  5 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−5670E−mail address:  Sen.Hansen@legis.wisconsin.gov

HOLPERIN, JIM, DEM. − District 12.Mailing address:  3575 Monheim Road, Conover, WI  54516Capitol office:  126 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−2509E−mail address:  Sen.Holperin@legis.wisconsin.gov

JAUCH, ROBERT, DEM. − District 25.Mailing address:  5271 South Maple Drive, Poplar, WI  54864Capitol office:  415 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−3510E−mail address:  Sen.Jauch@legis.wisconsin.gov

LARSON, CHRIS, DEM. − District 7.Mailing address:  3261 S. Herman Street, Milwaukee, WI  53207Capitol office:  22 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−7505E−mail address:  Sen.Larson@legis.wisconsin.gov

LASSA, JULIE M., DEM. − District 24.Mailing address:  4901 Beaver Dam Road, Stevens Point, WI  54481Capitol office:  7 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−3123E−mail address:  Sen.Lassa@legis.wisconsin.gov

RISSER, FRED A., DEM. − District 26.Mailing address:  100 Wisconsin Avenue, Unit 501, Madison, WI 53703Capitol office:  130 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−1627E−mail address:  Sen.Risser@legis.wisconsin.gov

TAYLOR, LENA C., DEM. − District 4.Mailing address:  1518 West Capitol, Milwaukee, 53206Capitol office:  20 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−5810E−mail address:  Sen.Taylor@legis.wisconsin.gov

MILLER, MARK, DEM. − District 16.Mailing address:  4903 Roigan Terrace, Monona, WI  53716Capitol office:  206 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−9170E−mail address:  Sen.Miller@legis.wisconsin.gov

VINEHOUT, KATHLEEN, DEM. − District 31.Mailing address:  W1490 Cesler Valley Road, Alma, WI  54610Capitol office:  3 South, Capitol;  Tel. (608) 266−8546E−mail address:  Sen.Vinehout@legis.wisconsin.gov

WIRCH, ROBERT W., DEM. − District 22.Mailing address:  3007 Springbrook Road, Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158Capitol office:  127 South Capitol;  Tel. (608) 267−8979E−mail address:  Sen.Wirch@legis.wisconsin.gov

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Comment by Mark C. Lowe on February 18, 2011 at 1:42am

This is the same crap the Dems in Texas did years ago to avoid some vote which I can't recall.  Perry kept extending the session so they eventually had to come back (from Oklahoma and New Mexico) and accept their fate.  I'm sure they get big laughs out of doing this, but it doesn't change a thing.  This is the libs' last hurrah and they are going down with little more than a whimper because the people will have the final say.

Comment by Barbara Yeager on February 18, 2011 at 1:50am
at they ought to do is remove any senator refusing to do their job from office for dereliction of duty...why should they get away with it...and the people of wisconsin probably will be saddled with their travel expenses for shirking their duty....just expell them from the Senate
Comment by Max on February 18, 2011 at 4:40am

Unions, OMG!

Fine examples of 'civic minded' citizens...

They all should be arrested and jailed for stealing the public's money!

When you add in the teachers that took their students out of class to 'protest', it makes you wonder what the hell is going on up in Wisconsin?!

Comment by Mark Barnes on February 18, 2011 at 5:19am

Arrested, fined, THEN fired from their lofty positions. If they had been employed in any other business in the US, and failed to show up with no explanation, they would be unemployed the following day, and rightly so.

Time for some new public employees....

Comment by Old Glory on February 18, 2011 at 6:16am

These politician want to collect all there great benefits and money, they just don't want to do their job!!!!!

They have cause more damage to their capital building by not showing up, these people protest longer with more damage done to the surroundings. They should have to clean up the mess left by the protestors!!!!!!!! All state Governors should be creating laws while under their administration anyone who deliberate doesn't show up for their job (they can figure out what to do about it) THEY HAVE CREATED POSSIBLY MORE DAMAGE TO THE PROPERTY> Why are they not locking the Capital building at 5pm instead of letting those protestors in the building?????????????

Comment by gary kaalberg on February 18, 2011 at 6:59am
its simple. all states need to enact laws that require the senators and such be present. you know on the job. if not they are canned. as for the teachers. hey do like reagen did and fire and replace them all who arent in the classroom teaching. settle with them by giving them a ticket to mexifornia. in fact lets relocate all those sick liberals to mexifornia. they can hang out with the gays and illegals.and good old moonbeam.
Comment by James Moore on February 18, 2011 at 7:00am
There was a time when people like these would have been "Tarred and feathered" and ridden out of town on a rail. Hmmmm?
Comment by gary kaalberg on February 18, 2011 at 7:00am
another question. why are states not requiring poitive i.d. laws to prevent voter fraud,
Comment by Ray Bostard on February 18, 2011 at 7:40am
I wonder if the word  "Cowards" should appear here.
Comment by Harry Riley on February 18, 2011 at 8:20am

There is another critical development associated with this..........OBAMA has now taken the side of the Union in Wisconsin.........the so-called president interfering with State business.......just like Arizona, the federal government is inserting itself in State government matters.

The feds getting involved in Wisconsin inflames the situation, undermines the Governor, interferes with State legislative process......in short OBAMA is creating and inflaming chaos in State business.........

It's also reported the White House is behind the "union" demonstrations in others States......Ohio, maybe New York and New Jersey today..........

The US Congress has no choice but to demand Obama keep his nose out of areas beyond constitutional duty.

Usurper OBAMA is now trying to usurp State affairs.......


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