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Was NH Man The First Victim Of Obama's Snitch Line?

The Natural Truth
By Michael Graham

Meet NashuaDan.

That's the name a NH man uses when he posts comments about news stories in the Nashua Telegraph on their website.

On Wednesday he posted this comment about President Obama's upcoming visit to Portsmouth:

“I hope NH is better than letting this guy off the hook. Let Obama know what ‘Live Free or Die’ means (hint: it isn’t reckless TAXING and SPENDING). Otherwise, Portsmouth will just be another glorified photo-op for the Socialist-in-Chief."

The next day, NashuaDan got a phone call from the government. To be more specific, he was called by the Secret Service.

On Thursday morning, NashuaDan found himself on the phone with a Secret Service agent, explaining that his remarks were only philosophical and not intended to threaten Obama, he said.

The Secret Service accepted his response, he said. And from now on, NashuaDan said he will use caution in future Internet postings.

“I do support the fact that we have freedom of speech,” he said in an interview. “This incident doesn’t change my thoughts on that, but the lesson is, I’ll have to choose my words carefully.”

"I'll have to choose my words carefully." NashuaDan has clearly gotten the White House's message. He's been "recalibrated."

Here's my question: How did the White House get the message on NashuaDan? No disrespect to the fine folks of the Nashua Telegraph, but somehow I doubt that it's the newspaper sitting on President Obama's breakfast tray each morning. I'm guessing the White House staff doesn't pass it around fighting over who gets to do the Jumble.

Isn't it far more likely that someone tipped the White House about NashuaDan's "dangerous" posting? Perhaps with a quick email to ?

Having been contacted by the Secret Service over harmless non-threatening comments myself, I know the folks are professional and just doing their jobs. But it is inherently threatening to a typical, law-abiding citizen to get that visit or receive that call.

And over what? Quoting the New Hampshire state motto? Some have suggested that the White House Snitch Line is illegal. I'm not so sure.

But I do know that a phone call from the Secret Service is far more threatening than anything NashuaDan put in his harmless posting.

Big Brother really IS watching you.

UPDATE! The rat line is working:

A registered user called SLRNashuan posted a comment in reply to NashuaDan on Wednesday afternoon: “Amazing, NashuaDan. All of those words and not one truth! And, by the way, is that a veiled threat ‘Let Obama know what ‘Live Free or Die’ means’ on the President’s life. Just in case, I called it in.”

Just doing your duty, right Comrade?


I'd really like a t-shirt that says "Live Free Or Die" on the front and "I Support NH Dan" on the back.

I wonder if I have any messages on my voice mail.....

WANTED: attic for one woman, two dogs, a cat and a diary.

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Comment by okpatriot on August 7, 2009 at 6:40pm
Thanks for sharing this!!!

I don't have a big brother, don't want one and sure don't need one!!!


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