Most on this site are in agreement that we must act soon in order to save our republic. The question is, what do we do first. Many posts I have seen suggest that we begin a revolution and retake our government. While this seems to be a last resort type mentality to me, I would only argue that before beginning any sort of removal of our present government officials we must first discuss and come to some agreement as to who, exactly, we would replace them with. Anarchy is not the course that I would desire nor support and a lack of prior planning would ensure just that. Would we change anything in the constitution? Maybe removal of some of the amendments? Do we need a new declaration of independence to declare our independence from a tyrannical federal government? Should we reform our federal government in totality? Which of our government officials should we replace, all of them? Which of the federal agencies would we keep in place?

   As you can see I have many questions for my fellow patriots to ponder and very few answers to any of them. Some of my ideas on the matters would be as follows and I would like a discussion about them from all of you.

   My only suggestion for who would be a good replacement for the president would be someone who we have all vetted and discussed the transition with prior to acting. I am quite sure that we could never come to a complete consensus on one person so how would we decide who it would be? Should we decide to hold a special election to decide? I would say no, again we should have those decisions made at the onset of our actions. As for Names, Allen West, Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, Herman Cain, Harry Riley, Newt Gingrich, and on and on? As you read all those names I can say that all got to certain ones and thought to yourselves, WHAT, is this guy nuts? So you see, we need this discussion.

   If successful in a revolution I would suggest rather than actually changing our constitution that we need to define it in a separate document so that it cannot be contorted to fit anyone's twisted new ideas of what it means. In other words, we should describe exactly what each article means in terms that the least literate could understand. This would have to be a lengthy document because it would have to reference the dictionary and actually contain definitions of words that could be thought to have more than one simple meaning. As for the removal of amendments I would be open to suggestions. 

   Should we write a new declaration of independence? Yes, and in it declare, in plain language, that we will override any law that is passed in the future by the federal government that is deemed by our state to be unconstitutional in accordance with our defining document. This power would rest with our state governments so we must ensure that we have the correct people in place within our states. See, there is another question for us. Do we need to start by replacing our state officials as well as federal? In some states I would suggest that all should be replaced, in others I just don't know, so we have to have participation from every state or consider annexation of non participating states. It must be an all or nothing proposition in my opinion.

   The ones that should be replaced in our federal government? We have to determine who first to replace. Again, in our declaration, we should make it illegal for certain ones to be elected to any federal office. Anyone who is openly associated with the communist party, Marxism, socialism and sharia law, should be excluded from public service in any form of government throughout the U.S. Anyone who has exhibited traits or actions that would indicate that they support anything but the U.S. and our laws would also be prohibited from serving.

   The federal agencies to be kept intact would be a very limited list as most are unconstitutional. The FBI reworked, our CIA with new leadership, our military with new leadership, the federal judiciary completely redone and under the direction of elected justices and the provision that any ruling that doesn't conform to the constitution would result in immediate impeachment and removal from the bench. There may be a few others but most should be cast aside and if a need exists new agencies formed with the stipulation that they not regulate or legislate but simply advise the legislature on actions.

   This should be enough to think about for a great while but let me cloud the waters even more with this last thought. If we were to accomplish the goals of returning our government to our control, replace all those who we decide need to be replaced, put the right people into both the state and federal government, would the country be able to maintain our standing in the world and would we need to look closely at our monetary system and possible completely change how we manage our finances as a nation?

    The goal of this blog post is to elicit input from those who are more intelligent than I and do what is called brainstorming. With that goal in mind please pass this along to everyone for review and comments.Thank you for reading through this and allow me to say that I have high hopes that this may spark some discussions about these important steps for us to take. I for one will not be forced into an action that I believe will lead to the destruction of our republic with no plan in place and would hope that no others here would either.

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