Jan 15th
What you wish for?

I hear a lot of noise coming from concerned citizens about making Obama pay for his crimes. The list is endless, and in my way of thinking, mindless as well.

Let’s just look at two of them, the wishes from “Concerned citizens” so to speak.

  1. Citizen’s arrest of the President for high crimes and misdemeanors.
  2. Impeachment of President for failure to uphold and exceeding Constitutional requirements of his office.

First of all, I happen to agree with the premise of those two statements. B-Ho is guilty of “High Crimes and misdemeanors” even unto treason in my book, and I don’t keep all that close a tab on his activities, I can barely stand to listen to him talk. Additionally, he has certainly exceeded the limits of his office with all of his executive orders, and everything that pertains to his administration.

I have taken to calling the B-Ho administration the “Junta” for a reason.

They are more like a collection of south of the Rio Grande unwashed guerrillas who accidently found themselves in charge of the whole nation of Mexico with no idea of how to function a country, so each day they get up and say, “Let’s try this and see what happens.”

The next day, when their previous plan didn’t work out, they rinse, wash and repeat with the same results.

So yes, the Junta, all of them, should be arrested, tried in a court of law, found guilty and then incarcerated in durance vile for a considerable length of time, out of any place where they can do damage.

So, we have that straight. I agree that there are a bunch of criminals in charge of our country, and they are stealing from all of us, with no consideration that they will ever be held accountable, and along with all of you, I want something done to stop it.

Are we feeling better about what I am about to say?

Because personally, I don’t think any of the people who are calling for all the legal proceedings against the Junta have thought “it” through.

If someone were to attempt a “Citizen’s Arrest” it would not even make the papers, and would become one of those Conan Obrien late night jokes about what happens when MJ is legalized and commoners get loose in the capitol.

SO that one isn’t even symbolic, it is just ridiculous. It’s the sort of thing that the Junta jokes about when they are sitting around in the oval office toking up after their hard day on the golf course, or in their war room, planning their election strategy.

“Hahaha let’s go arrest Bush for appointing Gates as SecDef, blame it all on him, again. – Snort – Hay, who scored this really good stuff?”

SO let’s admit that even suggesting a citizen’s arrest is just a fantasy that passed our way, and forget that someone even suggested it, OK?

But what about articles of impeachment? There certainly are constitutional grounds, I won’t list them – don’t have time or space - but he has done unconstitutional things ever since the first week in office. Did any member of congress attempt to stop him? I don’t mean yesterday, or last week, but back in 2009.

We have reached the point in our country that we have forgotten that our nation was conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal before the law, including the President.

Animal Farm, welcome to the United States, wherein some animals are more equal than others.

But to continue: So the House of Representatives according to the Constitution, prepares, litigates and passes articles of impeachment and delivers them to the Senate, according to the Constitution, where the trial will supposedly take place.

Harry Reid is the Senate Majority leader. He is that for a reason. The Democrats might be a slim majority in the Senate, but they are a majority, still. There are so many ways he can bend the proceedings that it would take an Indian Contortionist to follow.

When the impeachment proceedings were initiated against Bill Clinton, the media managed to make it all about a sex scandal involving BJs in the Whitehouse. The actual gist of the impeachment was never made public, and after all of the backing and filling surrounding the “trial” Clinton was found not guilty. Obstructing Justice and Lying about it were not even in the media summaries during the trial.

The perjury charge failed with 45 senators (all Republican) voting "guilty" and 55 senators (45 Democrats and 10 Republicans) voting "not guilty". The obstruction of justice charge failed with 50 senators (all Republican) voting "guilty" and 50 senators (45 Democrats and 5 Republicans) voting "not guilty". In both cases, a two-thirds majority of 67 senators would have been required for conviction.

Clinton got a permission slip to continue as he had been doing, and there was nothing else the rest of us could say about the matter, the country was pretty much tired of the whole “affair.”

If a request for impeachment ever got to a trial with Bamster, that’s the way it would turn out – Not guilty, and then we would have to live with him afterwards.

Do you think they will let go quietly? After all, there are at least 130 million people (not just citizens, but live humans in the United States) who happen to agree with what the Junta is doing.

The biggest problem we face is getting people to understand the real issue is Marxist-Socialism or our Constitutional Republican-Democracy.

Think this through as an added thought: If, and that’s a huge IF, if B-Ho were determined to be ineligible to have been elected president, what would be the result?

How would everything he and his Junta have done for the past six years get undone? And how, giving that Joe Biden would be the President until the next election would that improve anything that is going on right now in this country?

The only way that we can cause a change is to get to the elected officials now, let them know that their job is in jeopardy, and get to the electorate now, and let them know that their future, and the future of their children and grandchildren is in jeopardy.

Given that most of the people under 40 today don’t think past their next meal, shack job, or car payment, it is a daunting task.

It is not impossible, but we have to start with each elector, each voter each elected official, one at a time, and work our way up to the top.

Starting at the top and just eliminating what amounts to a figurehead won’t do the trick. There are dozens of the same mindset waiting for their turn to be in the Oval Office. We have to work to prevent that from ever happening again.

National turnaround is necessary, and we have to ask ourselves if we are up to the job.

We also have to ask ourselves if there is still time.

Frightening what we have to wish for, isn’t it?



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