I had 34 cars and trucks circling the state capital today with window marker from staples says we will be back tomorrow with thousands! Dont tread on me flags was great.I was meeting members and new recruits as we went.Had other groups helping me like crazy. Here is my day!

My group have been traveling accross the state im reaching out to everyone!I had a coffee with this WWII VETERAN THAT JOINED MY GROUP!http://rhodeislandpatriotsforamerica.ning.com/ I went out and meat the memebers who joined we have 541 members not listed cause they chose to be that way,but we have 1,741 members showwing up in Providence.Sorry I havn't been active lately here but we in Rhode Island took it to the streets!We merged with wethepopleofri.org the 912projectofri and the sons of liberty the RI Militia and many more and we all met as one Monday I got news coverage took forever to get through but we got it!I had 200 members working the north side we started in westerly and even have an earlier tea part starting there where we funded bussing from westerly and Narragansette trolly from stop in shop to providence.Im currently organizing my may31st memorial parade im a member of the american legion and in the Bristol Parade Charlestown and Richmond Parade.Were meeting Randy from RI Tea party @ meetup.com Leader who has wicked helped me out alot and where learning from each other.But My idea to all is my parade this year with the legion is different.IM INVITING ALL PATRIOTS OF RHODE ISLAND TO BRING BANNERS DONT TREAD ON ME FLAGS AND MOST IMPORTANTLY YES SIGNS in honor of our fallen stand up and join the independence day TEA PARTY JULY 4TH.Randy from meetup has assisted me allot.Im gonna be speaking on Turn to 10 tomorrow.And look forward to all the people I have visited throughout the state.I was in providence we had window markers we got honking horns of the statements in our windows we would stop dead in our tracks get out of our vehicles and hand them our window markers and asked them to write what they wanted to make a statement for April 15th Tea Party everyone was unique today.But funny enough out of the 76 vehicles I had 43 willing to follow me and send out fliers and meet store managers to post in there windows.Then on one sad note I was in providence under the 195 overpass and say over 43 tents that were never there before.Our convoy stopped.I got out and everyone following me with flags and banners got out and I interviewed everyone there.This was at 3:45 pm one lady in a business outfit said I was living around the corner with my 2 children and the owner whom owned the apartment foreclosed she came home one December 4th and found herself locked out of the house never mind her appartment she lost her clothing furniture and everything.Now the worse part.Two little kids ran to me and said who is this and all these people,I was speechless she said people who seem to care.I said No we are GODS ANGELS OF FREEDOM PATRIOTS FOR RHODE ISLAND!We hung a flag on the over pass in the center of the flag is an eagle with a tear!At the same time we did this my cell phone rang.I had instructed and worked with RI TEA PARTY @ MEETUP.COM to cover east greenwich RI they went to send out fliers and spread the word and the post offices my idea and Randy!The phone call was Randy telling me 2 black surburbans and guys got out with badges around there neck instructeds them to get off the government property.Time 3:59 pm I told Randy what do you think?He said hmmmm dont tread on me took it to the roadside of route 2 and carried on like a true patriot!These people under the bridge are gonna be my speakers tomorrow to my wonderful Senator Jack Reed whom doesn't answer letters at all.I got the Media and the Providence Journal.Now lets see what they got! After seeing these poor people and hearing this horror story I decided as a PATRIOT considered a domestic terrorist I figured we would all as patriots pitch in and see if we can get them off the strret!AND IF THERE ARE ANY TROLL FBI OR ANY ONE WHOM THINKS AND CONSIDERS THAT BAD YOU GOT ISSUES!For Im with God And Im with all of you and I will lead the way ! We are humans and were given this great land to appriciate!This is only a small part of my day.Everyday passing out cards fliers and loads of meetups.Internet is for when we have time now.We all have a job to do.Go and hit the streets.Poloticians do! What do we get out of this! UNITY LOVE FRIENDSHIP AND NUMBERS! I cant believe what Ive been seeing.TRY THIS ONE DAY AND TELL ME WHAT IT DID FOR YOU! Rhode Island is the smallest state but the loudest today!Cause I cant hear you.God Bless!Peace love and hug a tree! lol kidding.GET OUT THERE AND SPREAD THE WORD WE WANT OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!!!

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Comment by knmfarms on April 15, 2009 at 8:52am
Check out our little state group so you think!
Comment by knmfarms on April 15, 2009 at 8:46pm
I made turnto10 news,channel5,6,7,and every paper on stage with all groups who coordinated was great!We had over 3000 ppl bussing issues and permit issues got 3 hrs sleep but was set by 12pm tea party started at 3pm was awesome!And the eagle screamed.I have slept 8 hours in 4 days! GOD NIGHT and the eagle awakes monday for the next round!KEEP IT GOING!


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