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Why YOU should care, Democrats evidentially Don't , But Then I Don't Have Children!

Why Should I Care! I don't have children or grandchildren ...

The first 9/11 was in 1812, in case you didn't know ... The second seems to be 2001. But there is a war going on now!

Yet you, of little faith or knowledge of history, elect an empty suit controlled by the rich, liberal, socialist - so called ‘progressive' elite - to run your little, ignorant lives! Maybe you should go back in history and find your roots for you to rally against the very Constitutional Government that has given you the right to do so. May you live in and suffer for what you have voted for! May you wail and pay to your higher power for what you have voted for. May you cry for the freedom that you denied yourself and voted against. May you suffer the prescription of evil and death against America that you voted for yourselves!

As for me, I don't have a family, children, grandchildren or others that will have to pay for all of this distorted destruction, spending and taxpayer giveaway that you have voted into office at the highest level.

May GOD give you the decimation that you uneducated, ignormarususes deserve! May GOD bring the rath upon those that do not believe and have dishonored America by allowing the removal of the 10 Commandants from our Courts and Justice system. May the damnation be upon those of you who have voted for this abomination of disrespect for Ameria, it's founding Constitutional principles, and soverignty. Not because of denomination - Jew, Catholic, or Protestant - but because of the abandoning of GOD in our government which this country was founded on, fought for and has stood for till now, this ungodly, ignorant administration ...

Little by little, we have let the Agnostics, Muslims and others eat away at our very beginning, our core, culture and lives to the bitter place that we have found ourselves and are now. And, to quote Jerimiah Wright - Obama's preacher - "Damn America." You need not look any farther than the Obama administration to see, "We have been damned," if not by GOD himself, then certainly by the by the very ignorant, illiterates that have elected Brack Obama and the powers that be behind the empty suit that you stupid people have elected. Maybe, those of you are unfamiliar with history should read some ‘real' history before it is gone and rewritten by our new socialist society, like what they are currently doing in grade school through high school these new days! It's your kids - not mine! But, I would hate to leave this world thinking what a bunch of Idiots you all are behind me ....

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