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Ok, I admit that the title of this post isn't the most eye catching, and it doesn't tug at your patriotic heart strings, but for some of you, this a small yet simple way you can help us put pressure on our one-sided (Socialist/Marxist) Mainstream Media. 

This appeal goes out to those that have health and/or age problems that keep them from taking the fight against our out-of-control government. I know many of you really do want to do more, but for one reason or another you are not able, so keeping your limitations in mind, I want to suggest a way how you can fight one battle for the overall War against tyranny.

Lately there has been so much talk about our 2nd Amendment Rights, and the Left's hatred of that Constitutional right, that the Progressive/Marxist Left has once again defined the terminology to be used by our Mass Media when reporting anything to do with the subject. The constant use of the term "Assault Weapons" by the Media has been very effective in putting fear into the minds of many uneducated Americans. The Left uses words and/or terms like these to scare the public, thereby increasing support for the government to take action. So with your help, we can start a campaign to forcefully change these terms being used by the Media.

Fortunately for us, this is an easy one. Our very own Department of Homeland Security DHS has ordered some 7,000 of what the Media calls "Assault Weapons" for their own use (against us?). However, DHS does NOT call these weapons "Assault Weapons", in fact, they call them "Personal Defense Weapons" or PDW's. Considering that DHS is now one of the largest government agencies in the nation, it makes logical sense that they have made the term "Personal Defense Weapons" the official term for these types of weapons. "Personal Defense Weapons" has now replaced the scary sounding "Assault Weapons", and from now on we should follow the official terminology of the U.S. Government.

This is where you come in... Each and every one you that cannot fight in the trenches for whatever reason, can write and call every Newspaper in your State and explain to them that the official terminology, 'Personal Defense Weapons' should be used in all articles or reports they produce and distribute for public consumption. Add that you only want to set the record straight because it's important to use the official terminology via the Department of Homeland Security. To keep the pressure on them, I suggest that whenever you see the old terminology still being used by these media outlets that you call and/or write to them again, and nail them to the wall for their blatant mistake. And don't be afraid to try the same thing with your local TV News affiliate stations.

So for those of you that ask "what can I do?", here's one way you can stay in the fight. Some day your country will thank you for it.

Note: If any of you have other ideas that can be done in a similar manner, please share them. Thank you.


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