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At 7:06pm on May 22, 2014, Tish said…

TY, Tony!  GLADLY accept!  8)  Ya know, we aren't very far apart.... when I saw Ft Mill, it was almost a scream ... was overjoyed!  Fttttttttt Milllllll??????lol

To keep you informed, here's the show tonight... it's NOT Fox News like all want to believe but the host is a die-hard conservative and maybe Col. Riley will have some up-to-date stuff for us.  I had to leave DC on Monday, cuz I have to support the illegals and otherwise degenerates.  Try to catch this show if you get this on time. 

And thanks for the friendship request... I know you've been on this site as long time.

This is the listener call in number: (347)-945-5747

To confirm, COL Riley will guest on FIREFOXNEWS ONLINE™ PRIME TIME at 9PM ET/6PM PT on 22 May 2014

Visit Constitutional Emergency at:

At 9:38am on February 27, 2013, Judy A Townsend said…

Thanks for the friendship, Tony.  I look forward to reading your opinions and ideas.

At 11:36am on October 8, 2011, Clarence E. DeBarrows said…

Tony:  I live in California so I've been assigned bus coordination here.  You might contact Twana and, if you're inclined, offer to handle things in your area.  She would be happy for the help, I'm sure.

Best regards,


At 3:57pm on October 7, 2011, Clarence E. DeBarrows said…

Tony:  Good job!   I will post your info when you have determined group price.


At 3:17pm on October 7, 2011, Clarence E. DeBarrows said…

Tony:  Presently the folks organizing the event are in the process of firming up meeting sites, etc.  As soon as I have relevant information I will post it.  In the meantime if you could locate bus providers in your area and let me know who and what they have available I will pass it on.  My thinking is that we need to know State and County of the transportation providers and those seeking transportation so we can coordinate those looking for rides in a given area with those providing same.


At 10:13am on October 7, 2011, Clarence E. DeBarrows said…
Anybody that includes a picture of a Corsair on his site is my kind of guy!
At 8:37am on March 5, 2010, TONY SALAZAR said…
Chilling. President fails to see America as a land of opportunity, rejects wealth creation, and intends to "grow the middle," not by lifting the poor, but by shrinking the top. This explains his obsession with health care-the "keystone" is in reach.

And should he grab it, we will all be less free.
At 2:04pm on February 13, 2010, TONY SALAZAR said…

At 6:59pm on January 12, 2010, TONY SALAZAR said…
There are ways to combat terrorism...............

At 12:20am on September 26, 2009, Barry 'Bigbare' Carson said…
Tony, thank you for the friendship request. In this day and administration
a man needs all the friends he can muster. Lets do all we can to "Flip the House"
At 5:29pm on June 22, 2009, Lsnhawtsauce said…
Ok thanks Tony!,,
At 9:45am on June 18, 2009, Maggie Passaro said…
yes it is...I hope that someone someday can put music to it for an anthem...'THE NEW REVOLUTION ANTHEM"'s just a thought.
And i felt it was in good company with that letter. I re-read it this morning and boy it just says it all. I tried to add to the petition but that page says it has overwhelmed the servers....(GOOD!!!) so they turned it off. It is out of order ?? and they "hope" to get it back on in the future>>>>.
By the way...I am a member of the American Grand Jury, and hope that we all can meet some day to celebrate our VICTORY.
thank you for your friendship...GODSPEED !
At 8:22pm on June 2, 2009, Mollie Bender said…
Thanks! Here is my email
At 7:09pm on June 2, 2009, Mollie Bender said…
Hi, Tony, Actually I have been a member for quite a while but am just figuring out how to work my way around! Also, I belong to a lot of groups and have been searching for those that are DOING something besides talking and emailing and writing. I have been doing that my entire adult life! I noticed that you jumped in and became quite active. I take it you are NOT from the Upstate. I think I discovered that thru one of the other groups, Sigh! But I did notice that you joined the American Grand Jury. I am most interested in that and want to join. Do you need more members? I printed out the oath and then Taylor resigned and I saw on the American Grand Jury Page, SC was not listed as a state needing more volunteers. Could you help fill me in? I will send you my email address if you prefer not to take space here. Thanks a lot! Sorry to say, I have to look up where Fort Mill is. I have heard of it but cannot place it right now.


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