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EXCLUSIVE: Missouri Senator pushes back on federal firearms infringements

Paul talks with Missouri State Senator Eric Burlison about SB 367 that he authored that nullifies the federal government's attempted anti-gun laws and enforc...

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Comment by Old Rooster on September 21, 2019 at 9:15pm

Missouri Senator says they can use the 10th Amendment to protect and preserve the 2nd Amendment. Sounds like a good idea to me as long as Washington acknowledges the  States rights.

Comment by bonnie somer on September 23, 2019 at 5:44am

Washington has been infringing on the 10th amendment for yrs yet it is still there.  Use it if need be try and let the feds stop you.   If they acknowledge it wow let em try not to say that it does not exist.   

Comment by Old Rooster on September 25, 2019 at 7:36am

Washington politicians don't give damn about the tenth amendment, or any other for that matter.
The US Constitution was created and written deliberately and specifically to limit the power and authority of this Federal Government, and THAT is what these people HATE.

They HATE the 2nd amendment because it protects the people's right to defend themselves against these very same politicians.
With the 2020 elections approaching the Democrats and Communists are on an all-out do-or-die campaign to destroy President Trump. They have now opened more impeachment inquiries against him. They are even trying to threaten him with the death penalty if he is convicted through the Senate.
The bull-shit has reached a fever pitch both in Washington and in the national "news-media".
They KNOW all these accusations and claims are all based on lies and re-directions of actual crimes of treason and HIGH Treason committed by the Clintons, Obama, and the Bidens. There can be little or no doubt that hundreds of others in Washington are involved in these acts of treason. THAT is why they are all running scared. All of this Impeachment is based on fear that if/when the real truth ever get released to the American public they , These corrupt politicians and crooks will all end up swinging from ropes.

They are not afraid of starting a civil war, in fact they relish the idea, they actually WANT a violent bloody civil war, THAT will give them what they have been fighting for for 40+ years, - - the excuse to call in the United Nations and to declare a total and complete national emergency.
A National emergency of that nature, civil war, and control  by the UN will give them all the accuse they need to issue total and complete US Gun confiscations and total martial law.

All of this, - every last bit of it, has been done several times before. And as far as the Democrats and Communists are concerned it HAS always been successful, the total destruction of the targeted nation. All anyone has to do is read a little history. Try reading the Communist manifesto, Saul Alyinsky's "Rules-for-radicals". It's ALL been written down and executed a hundred times in the past.
And so far its always ended the same, death and destruction, and then total oppression of who ever manages to survive.


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