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Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm - Constitutional Emergency

All Americans who don't want Obamacare, are going to have to stand up and be counted. I hope all of you are as angry as I am. We have a few weeks to get this stopped, and if we don't, and they pass the health care bill and the cap and trade, there will be no stopping them. We will be a communist country with a dictator. Just think about this, the government controls the oil business, financial institutions, car manufacturing, and now they want the medical system. Next it will be taking over the land, just like Chavez. If you don't turn it over the them, you will be killed. Oh no, that can't happen in American, well the President cannot fire a CEO, but Obama did. The government cannot take over private business, but Obama did. All of those crazy progressives, swore to protect the Constitution, I doubt they even know what it says.
I have been thinking about something. Obama is intentionally taking the country down. Why would he do that? I think he sees himself as the world dictator. That Frank Marshall Davis, his mentor from about age 10 until Obama went away to school, was a communist spy for Russia, with the idea of Russia taking over the United States. I wonder if Obama has in mind, the fall of America and the United Nation taking over the country and making Him head person of the world. Maybe I am going in the wrong direction, I don't know.If we stop the Cap and Trade bill and the Health Care bill, we can stop Obama, and next year, we can replace enough of the progressives to take away their power. If the progressives really wanted to help people who do not have insurance they don't have to take over the medical system to do that. There are 48 million people without insurance, they could bring them into Medicaid. If they wanted to charge them some they could do that. We have the best medical system since the beginning of the world. It is not broke. It does not need to be fixed. The Progressives do not care if you have insurance or not, this is a control bill. If these bills go through, we will no longer be free.
One more bitch, they are going to ration health to anybody over 55, do you think they will give health care to all the handicapped people, the children who are not normal? I don't think so.
And then there is the skin color. We know his church of twenty years and his pastor taught hate America and hate white people. We also know where Obama goes the cross has to be covered up. The next people to do away with are the Christians. This turns into a nightmare.
I am going to send a list of names and phone numbers, please call as many of these as you can. and please send them on, and forward the emails, also attend Tea Parties whenever possible. Talk to everybody you see. I went to the convenient store today, and of course I talked about health care. There were three people in the store, and they want the list of names and phone numbers. No telling how many people they know, and this is how we get the word out to the entire country. Please stay focused on this one bill. We will handle the others after we stop this one.
God bless

Healthcare reform sets off euthanasia alarm
Jim Brown - OneNewsNow - 7/24/2009 6:00:00 AM

A health economist warns that President Obama's government-run healthcare plan may result in denying care to a significant number of Americans, especially senior citizens.

Conservative opponents of President Obama's healthcare plan have been arguing that a government takeover of healthcare will allow Washington bureaucrats to use comparative effectiveness research to dictate to doctors which treatments they should prescribe and how much those treatments should cost. Critics say this will lead to rationing of care.

In the medical journal The Lancet (January 2009 [PDF]) Obama's special health policy advisor Ezekiel Emanuel wrote that if healthcare has to be rationed, he prefers the complete lives system, which discriminates against older people.

Dr. Devon Herrick, a senior fellow...

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