A Tale of three men

A Tale of three men

This is a short story about dreams, greed, and corruption, and it includes treason of the worse kind.

The three men we are talking about here are Steven Jobs, Creator of Apple Computer. Bill Gates. Creator of Microsoft computers. And Barack Hussein Obama. President of the United States who never created anything but chaos.



In the early 1960’s a guy named Steve Jobs said “Come with me and we will change the world”.
He had a dream. He meant those words in a good way. Steve Jobs was a capitalist. And in the end he created millions of jobs and became a billionaire. Yes , he changed the world. Not everyone agrees that it was for the better. But his dreams still today are creating jobs and technology around the world.

At around the same time a man named William (Bill) Gates also had a dream. His dream was just a little bit different from Steve Jobs. He didn’t care about changing the world he only cared about making money and being in control. But he also created millions of jobs around the world.

Around the same time span that Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were creating their computer companies, Barack Hussein Obama was just being born.

He also has a dream, his dreams are all about his father. You can read about it all in his book, Dreams of my father. Barack Obama’s dreams are mostly about hatred and destruction.
Obama’s father hated capitalism and colonialism. Born in Africa and raised in Indonesia, Barack Obama Senior hated the colonialism of many nations, both in Africa and Indonesia and other places around the globe.

When Barack Hussein Obama uttered the words “We are only five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America”, he was not talking about Changing the world in the same sense as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Obama was talking about destroying capitalism and colonialism. He was talking about the destruction of America and the freedom of the western world.

Most people know the story of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak and how they started Apple Computer in the garage at his home in California.
And many people know most of the story about Bill Gates and how he left Harvard University to start Microsoft Computer corporation. But very few people know the truth about Barack Hussein Obama. His records have been concealed from the public. Even his real birth certificate has been concealed.

While he claims to have been born in Hawaii the only records of that birth have strangely been lost. The only records released have been proven to be forgeries. But that’s not the issue here, the issue here is the underlying basics of the dreams and personal intentions of these three men.

There was also another man in the 1960’s who also had a dream of changing the world. Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King said “I have a dream, I dream of the day when all men are free, where we will judge a person based on the content of their character, not on the color of their skin.”
Yes, Dr. King also changed the world. Martin Luther King’s dream was for a better world based on freedom and liberty. Dr. King’s dreams were for everyone to have an equal opportunity in life. An equal opportunity to grow prosperous and wealthy, to be free in liberty and the ability to come and go and do and live as they pleased without fear of persecution and cruelty based solely on the color of their skin.

Once again not everyone agreed with his dream but his intentions were good.

Barack Hussein Obama’s dreams along that same line were for equal outcome for everyone, not equal opportunity.
Equal outcome and results for everyone not based on the merits and the fruits of their labor but based on efforts and production of others. From each according to their means, to others according to their needs. This is a concept based on socialism where no one is allowed to have more than any others no matter what the fruits of their labor may be. The concept is rooted in Marxist Communism and it strips away all incentives of man to work and prosper, to create and produce wealth. It also strips away all concepts of freedom and liberty because no matter what you create, no matter how hard you work there will always be someone there waiting to take it away. It’s the redistribution of wealth. Once again, From each according to their means, to others according to their needs, equal outcome for everyone.

Each of the men mentioned here all had dreams of changing the world. And in their own ways each of them succeeded in making changes. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates created massive amounts of jobs and in the process they created massive amounts of wealth for millions of people. Steve Jobs was (for the most part) was a Capitalist, he believed in freedom and liberty and prosperity for everyone.
Bill Gates was just greedy, a corrupt individual who was always ready and willing to steal anything from anyone at any time. Gates once said he would no be happy until every single person on the planet was paying him royalties. And he doesn’t care about how he gets there or who gets hurt along the way.


Barack Hussein Obama’s dream of “Fundamentally Transforming America” is fundamentally just the opposite from Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, (and that of Dr. Martin Luther King). His “Change you can believe in” is to change America into a nation based on Marxist Leninist Communism. Where no one has any greater wealth or freedom than anyone else. (in fact there will be no freedom, no liberty). It is the concept of equal outcome not equal opportunity. Only a select few at the very top of the food chain will be allowed to prosper, to grow wealthy. It is a concept of greed and corruption. And they don’t care how many have to suffer or how many die in order to pay those “royalties”.


Obama’s dream of Fundamental Transformation is a dream of fundamental destruction of America.




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