America – The great dream


America – The great dream


The great dream – What is that?
Why do people from all over the world want to come to America?
Is it freedom? Liberty? The right to own your own piece of land, and perhaps a home of your own?
Is it the right to keep the fruits of your own labor? What about the right to create and make your own destiny? The rights and ability to do and to be anything you want?
Yes, it’s all of those things, and more.

For 240 years now people from all over the globe have been coming here to America.
They don’t actually come here for any free handouts. They don’t really come here because our government will give them free stuff, or free medical care. Those are just additional perks that our liberal government friends have instituted in efforts to win votes so they can remain in power.

But those same liberal friends in Washington, while they give all those free perks and benefits to anyone who manages to cross our borders, also want to destroy all of the real reasons people want to come here. Our liberal friends in government are handing out free money, cash, and free medical care while at the same time they are demanding that everyone must surrender all their freedoms and liberty. Surrender all your land, your farms, ranches, your paychecks, savings, and all the wealth of America. But that’s not all they will take.


The entire wealth of America is estimated to be around 1.75 TRILLION dollars.
That’s everything, All of the land, all the minerals, and resources, all the homes, businesses, bank accounts, savings accounts, plus all of the fruits of your labor for the next two or three generations to come.
They want it ALL.

But even that is not enough. For some of these liberals even taking everything in America is not enough to satisfy their ultimate goals. Their ultimate goal is to destroy America. These people are not liberals or conservatives. They are not Democrats or Republicans, or even independents. They don’t care about political parties. The only thing they care about is the complete and total destruction and elimination of America as a free and independent sovereign Nation.


In place of America as a free and independent sovereign nation they will create something they call a “New-World-Order”, a New-”One-World-Governance”. These people are ideologues, They believe the entire world, all of humanity, should be governed by a one-world government.
To them there can be no room for any independent sovereign nations. There can be no room for free and independent States like America, France, Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, or any other place on Earth.

These ideologues actually believe that by destroying America, and all other free and independent nations, that they are creating a better world. They actually believe the world would be a better place without America.
To replace American freedom and liberty, to replace our capitalistic economy, they will institute a Marxist/Communist system of absolute and total control.
Karl Marx was an economist, an accountant, or as we might call him today – a Bean-counter.
He developed his system of Communism from the standpoint of an accountant. Under his system the government would own everything. And the people are all deployed into the work and labor markets according to where they are needed. Not necessarily where they are best suited, nor where they wanted to be, or at what occupation they preferred to be employed in. Instead of being a doctor a person might be deployed as a mechanic, or as a welder. Instead of being a welder or an electrician a person might be deployed as a farmer, or a carpenter.
The people will do as they are told. And instead of being paid according to their fare-market values, rather than keeping the fruits of their labor, people will be paid according to what the government decides they are worth.
The system is “From those who can afford it – to those who need it”.
It’s called equality, everyone is equal.
No one has any more than any one else. There are no more “rich and wealthy”, and no more poor either. It all sounds great on paper, at least it did to Karl Marx.
But there is one thing that Marx neglected to include in his spreadsheets, -- Human Nature.
In Karl Marx’s spreadsheet, and in his Communist manifesto, there is no place to account for human ambitions, human desires to achieve more. No room for human goals or ability to create things.
People create things for several reasons. One, because that’s what they want to do, and secondly because of the financial potentials.

Henry Ford created the Ford Motor company, Nikola Tesla invented (discovered) the qualities of the rotating magnetic field and thus invented the process of generating alternating electric current. Next came the light bulb, then the radio, The Television, the airplane, and then the computer. And on and on and on.

Under the free-market capitalist system in America all things are possible as long as people are free to create and develop, and then to keep the fruits of their labors.
There is no place within the Marxist/Communist system or manifesto for this aspect of human nature. Call it greed if you prefer but it just doesn’t fit in a spreadsheet.

And neither does freedom or liberty.

If you’re not willing to stand up and fight for those things that are truly important then be prepared to surrender and live on your knees begging for a little bit more.







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  • My one question is: When do we move on Washington D.C. and take our Republic back?

    I am sick and tired of waiting, let's get this revolution 2.0 on the road.

  • I agree Lee.
    But you and I don’t make much of an army.
    I’m almost 80 years old and sick as hell.
    I can barely walk and my 308 now weights 200 pounds.
    Can’t afford the gas money to get there.
    All I can do these days is keep writing, trying to wake people up to what is happening.
    If they don’t give a crap about this country then I guess it’s gone.
    I know who I would start with if I could, but the FBI and secret service is protecting them. No it’s not Joe Biden.


    • I get it Oldrooster.

      Apparently too many don't give a crap.

      Hell, I'm 64 tomorrow and sick of seeing this country going down; angry, frustrated and ain't a damn thing I can do 'bout it... (sigh)

      • Well Happy Birthday Lee.
        I'll be 80 in January, but don't know if I will make it.
        The way I've been feeling this past year it's a serious question.
        Some people may think I'm crazy. They can call me a far-right-wing potential domestic terrorist. I don't give a damn what they call me.
        I swore an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of The United States of America - against ALL enemies, foreigh AND domestic.
        If THAT makes me a terrorist then so be it.
        When the FBI came here to visit me they asked if I knew anyone who wanted to overthrow the Government. My answer was YES, I DO know of people who want to overthrow the Government, but no one on any of my networks or on any of the forums that I monitor. The people who want to overthrow America mostly all live right up there in Washington D.C. And the FBI and Secret Service is protecting them.
        At least the leaders of the current branch of their movements are up there.
        I told the FBI to do their jobs, uphold THEIR Oaths to the Constitution.

        People need to understand that these ideologues intend to create their so-called- "New-World-Order". but in order for them to do that the first thing that needs to go is The United States of America. The United States of America is the only thing standing in their way of creating a One-World-GOVERNANCE. A world where all nations are governed and controlled by something like the Communist party committee. Something that looks more like the meetings at the United Nations.
        There is no room, no provisions for anything like our Constitutional bill of rights. There is no room or provissions for individual freedoms and personal liberty.
        You, and everyone else will do as you are told, - or else.
        If you resist and object then you will be eliminated. Plain and simple.

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