There's currently a person attempting to steal the name, logo, and information about this social media network.  His name is "Mark Connors".  I have given most of this information to Old Rooster.  But I felt that the more people that are aware of this shyster the better.  "Mark Connors" is not his real name.  His real name is Mark Raymond Cruz.  He is a convicted child rapist as well as someone that attempted to pass themselves off as a Desert Storm Marine Corps Veteran.  With all due respect to Old Rooster, I have NEVER made any claims that I have anything to do directly with this social network other than being a simple member.  In this screen shot, from the Mark Connors latest video, he claims that I am an "editor", which is complete B.S.


Mark has multiple YouTube pages that are up and running, at last count it was in the neighborhood of 15 of them.  Most are outright harassment channels there for the purpose of attempting to defame those that exposed his child rape conviction.  Keeping in mind that, personally, I deal in FACTS, and not B.S.  Mark was not only outed by a few people, but he was also outed by the WSMV Nashville news team.  Here are the links to those stories.

The FIRST story


The SECOND story


And the THIRD story


Not to mention the fact about him impersonation a Veteran.  Information on that is located here.


Mark Connors has a history of scams dating back for years, Mark and his cohort basically go from city to city, scam as much as they can, and then move on.  This is definitely not the sort of person that Old Rooster wants associated with this social network.


I just felt the clearing a few things up would be a good idea.

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  • Thanks Harry.
    I have filed complaints with Youtube about this piracy and illegal use of our network logo and name.
    If anyone else sees and finds any of this guys work please contact us immediately.
    This man is in no way associated with or connected to PatriotsForAmerica and any use of our name, Logos, or any of our materials is strictly prohibited and forbidden.


  • Here's the proof;

    This is piracy and fraud. If anybody knows where to find this piece of shit - find him.
    He is a known child molester and a thief.
    He is in NO WAY associated with this PatriotsForAmerica network system and he is NOT authorized to use our name or our logos.
    Take him down.



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