government and media censorship

AT&T, The parent company for Direct-TV, recently cut off all news broadcasting of NewsMax TV.
This is a direct assault against the first amendment rights of free speech and of freedom of the press.
We all know that as a privately owned entity AT&T has full rights to decide who and what channels and programs they wish to broadcast.
This however is a purely political action taken on behalf of the Democratic communist party against all conservatives and Republicans.
I have stated here several times in the past that all of the "Fake-News" media are nothing more than a propaganda arm of the communist party.
"News" broadcasters such as ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN are nothing but communist anti-America broadcast networks aimed at controlling what the American people are supposed to see and hear.
Under the first amendment rights to free speech and the freedom of the press our federal government can NOT impose any censorship or controls of the news media.
But the communist party doesn't give a damn about the Constitution and the first amendment. So they openly coheres and pressure private businesses like AT&T to shut down news entities like OANN and NewMax tv.

AT&T however may have stepped into an area where they could potentially get they ears pinned back a bit.
AT&T collects millions of dollars each year from the federal government. As controlling entity of most of our communications outlets, such as the internet, AT&T is in a position now where they could loose millions, and they could also loose control of much of their power and control of their networks.
The new Republican controlled Congress has initiated investigations into the matter.
I believe the Internet and Direct-TV should both be declared as Public Utilities, vital to the security of the United States of America.
This move would relieve the authority of AT&T to control the Internet as well as broadcast channels such as Direct-TV and OANN.
It could however also be a very dangerous move as it could potentially place control over these entities into the hands of Congress. And we all know how far those people can be trusted.

AT&T has indeed stepped into a hornets nest and opened the doors to more than they ever imagined.

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  • It is my understanding that the U.S. Government invented and developed the internet using taxpayer funds, as such the people of the USA are the rightful owners of internet services, making the internet a Public Utility.  The right to free speech in this case extends beyond the rights of the Communist controlled media companies. Any company providing broadcast services within the USA MUST allow all points of views to be broadcast within the bounds of decency. Perhaps it is time a class action lawsuit be iniated against AT&T for denying OANN and NewsMax the right to broadcast on ALL broadcast platforms. This case must end up on the docket of the SCOTUS. I'm sure those lawyers that represent First Amendment cases will find a way to properly prosecute this case before the SCOTUS. 

    • Hello, dear to my heart, Patriots!!! Please continue your work. Without you, the world will be even darker and more dangerous. Your path is difficult. But verily, the path of the righteous is difficult, for the selfish and the tyrants of evil people hinder it. But blessed is the righteous one who leads the weak and destitute through the valley of darkness!!! With respect, to your affairs, with respect, to your concern for this world! Evgeny Zhukov.

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