I choose Freedom

I choose Freedom;


I choose Freedom and liberty, personal freedom and personal Liberty; Over Socialism and Communist dictatorships and control.

Freedom and liberty is never free.

Mao Zedong said that power comes from the barrel of a gun. But so does freedom and liberty when it becomes necessary.

The Founding Fathers of America gave us a Constitutional Republic. A Republic based on the principals and ideology of the Judaeo Christian beliefs of personal liberties, morals, and standards of life, liberty, and inalienable rights to make ones own choices in life.
The freedom of religion, to worship according to one’s own beliefs.
They gave us a system of government intended, designed, and ordained to protect and preserve those freedoms and liberty, free from any government tyranny and oppression's.

The Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic form of government; When asked “Well Mr. Franklin, what form of government have you given us?”, Benjamin Franklin replied; “A Republic Madam, IF you can keep it”.
They designed that Constitution, along with the ten original Amendments to the original manuscript, to limit the powers and authority granted to the Government. Chief among the responsibilities and duties of the Federal Government is to protect, preserve, and defend those freedoms and liberties of the people, and the sovereignty and independence of the Nation.


Today in America there are those who oppose these principals of personal freedom and liberty. They reject the standards and morals of personal responsibility. Instead they favor a system of complete government dominance and control. They prefer a government system designed to provide freedom and power only to the very few who they select to be their own elite rulers over all others.


The original Communist manifesto was released by the German Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848.

When first introduced here in America in 1913 Communism was overwhelmingly rejected by the American people.

It was however adopted by men like Russia’s Joseph Stalin in 1917 and Mao Zedong in 1960’s China.
These people, and the Communist Manifesto, do not believe the people should have the rights to govern themselves. They do not believe the people should have the rights to own their own land, their homes, the minerals which lay beneath those lands. They do not believe the people should be able to possess and share in the wealth of the Nation. And they do not believe in Freedom and liberty as we have known it here in America since the days of Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin.

Instead they believe that they, and only they, are intelligent enough, educated, and “enlightened” enough to rule over all others.


The most recent of these self-righteous egotistical greedy, would-be dictators proclaimed that HE and his followers would bring about “Change that you can believe in”. And that they would “Fundamentally Transform America”. They never actually said what they would transform America into, but we know from their writings and from what they have done in the past that what they are referring to is Communism and total government control and dominance over everything in America.


Well I have a better idea. Not one that I invented, but one that has allowed America to become the leader of the entire free word. An idea, a concept, and a philosophy that has provided our citizens with the greatest level of freedom and liberty of any Nation on Earth.


It’s called A Constitutional Free REPUBLIC.
If Americans really want Change they can actually believe in then we should restore America to the Constitution of the United States of America.


I choose freedom, I choose the Constitution, what will you choose?






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  • America - Do NOT give up your guns. NEVER.
    No matter what the politicians in Washington do, no matter what kind of legislation they pass. NEVER NEVER EVER give up your guns and weapons.

    We do NOT have to accept what they are trying to force upon us.


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