By: Rachel Pulaski

We already know that Hezbollah is operating inside the United States and along the Mexican border. U.S. businesses are filtering money to the militant group, now a document just released from the Edward Snowden collection reveals that 1 in 5 flagged applicants to the Central Intelligence Agency have ties to Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda. Most of the flagged applicants have repeatedly applied for employment in the CIA.


Washington Times Reported:

The document — released by Mr. Snowden as part of his National Security Agency intelligence dump — said the terrorist groups worked hard to infiltrate America’s top security agencies. CIA officials uncovered thousands of applicants, roughly one in five of a subset, with “significant terrorist and/or hostile intelligence connections,” the document states, as Ynet News reported.

The specifics of those ties were not revealed, but the groups most often cited as attempting to infiltrate the U.S. intelligence network were al QaedaHamas and Hezbollah.

The NSA, in response, launched investigations into 4,000 instances of suspected abnormal staff activity, Ynet News said. Those investigations included the tracking of employee keystrokes on agency computers and the recording of document downloads.

“Over the last several years, a small subset of CIA’s total job applicants were flagged due to various problems or issues,” one unnamed agency official said, as Ynet News reported. “During this period, one in five of that small subset was found to have significant connections to hostile intelligence services and-or terrorist groups.”

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  • there operating right in the white house ovomit/Jarrett/Ellison shelia Jackson/waters/rice/Hillary/kagan/sotomayer

  • Why when you have Obama openly placing them inside of Homeland Security, the White House and the Office of the Secretary of State, as Hillary would say "What does it matter?"

    How else were they able to clean out the Middle East of all the named CIA agents with in months of their inclusion?

    How is it that  we are again supporting the Brotherhood affiliate against a regime that is stable?

    First we supplied Egypt with 125 M1A1 tanks and their support systems just as the Brotherhood overthrew the established regime as an incentive. Followed soon after by a wing of fighter bombers and two submarines. Sure wonder what he is going to give Syria?

    The whole of the region is a tender box of issues and he is attempting to make a clear path for the retaliation of an Attack on Israel a done deal.

    Just look at the resulting effort now to once again use American Troops and equipment to make it happen again just this time in Syria  and still endangers the nation of Israel yet again with advanced weapons system arrayed against them by their supposed ally the USA?

    IS it Treason Yet?

  • Not surprised or shocked, but very disappointed in our hiring system for the CIA and other secret service operations for our government.  Here we live in the USA with many citizens in need of a job.  Apparently more citizens need to apply for CIA and government jobs with high security.  Then maybe, just maybe, we will have better protection and scrutinize the applications where we won't be hiring al Qaeda, Hamas, Hexbollah or other terriorist groups.  You have to stop and think, why the heck are they being hired?  Is it due to the corruption in our government, or ovomit and the group of 8?  Who ever it is, has to be stopped and stopped today. You would think that the CIA, secret service, Politicians, Senators, Congress, the Justice Departments and other highly sensitive applications are checked out with the highest degree of information that is available to our government.  But apparently there is a glitch in our system of justice that needs to be fixed.  Plus all those that have been hired and are part of the terriorist groups... they need to be fired, jailed, and/or deported...that includes the person or persons who have hired them.  So, if you are a United States citizen in need of a good paying job with benefits... PLEASE APPLY FOR GOVERNMENT JOBS THAT ARE OF A HIGH SECURITY FACTOR.  We want to replace the 1 out of 5 employees that have terrorist ties, with good, honest citizens that care about our country, the constitution and justice of the United States of America. So don't be bashful, especially if you are a veteran, go apply for those special secret service jobs...WE NEED YOU.

  • I am not shocked.

  • Not a surprise.

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