Constitutional Emergency


10 states line up to limit federal power

Constitutional convention needs 24 more to call Washington to account

Published: 21 hours ago



By Paul Bremmer

Ten states now have taken the first step toward limiting the power of the federal government.

Officials from Arizona, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia and Wyoming have filed resolutions calling for a convention of states that would propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution with the express purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.

Article V of the Constitution gives the states the power to call such a convention. The article reads, in part:

“The Congress, whenever two thirds of both houses shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this Constitution, or, on the application of the legislatures of two thirds of the several states, shall call a convention for proposing amendments, which, in either case, shall be valid to all intents and purposes, as part of this Constitution, when ratified by the legislatures of three fourths of the several states, or by conventions in three fourths thereof, as the one or the other mode of ratification may be proposed by the Congress.”

Mark Meckler, president of Citizens for Self-Governance, co-founded CSG’s Convention of States Project, which is currently working to convince the necessary 34 state legislatures to pass bills calling for a convention of states.

As long as all of the applying states call for a convention to deal with the same issue, Congress must call the convention into session.

Meckler said that, in addition to the 10 states that have already filed, he expects another 15 to 20 states to file resolutions for a convention in the next few weeks.

“We will have legislation introduced in enough states to get to 34,” Meckler said.

He made it clear that filing a resolution is not enough; a state legislature must vote to pass it in order to make it official.

CSG is employing a grassroots-based strategy to gain support for a convention. The organization is trying to build a political operation in at least 40 states, getting 100 people to volunteer in at least three-quarters of each state’s legislative districts. The organization reported just days ago that volunteers had submitted convention of states petitions in 95 percent of all state house districts in the U.S.

Meckler said the need for the states to limit federal power did not suddenly arise overnight. He believes a convention like this should have been held years ago. But he thinks people are only now beginning to understand the power that Article V gives the states.

“Frankly, most people just didn’t understand that the sovereign citizen had retained that power in the Constitution, and so I think that knowledge of the power that the people have under Article V is just now reaching critical mass,” Meckler said.

Randy Barnett, professor of legal theory and director of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution, said it’s about time for a convention of the states.

“I think it’s one of the means that the Founders gave us to constrain the powers of the federal government, which is not about to constrain itself,” he said.

Get your own copy of the U.S. Constitution, “The Politically Incorr...

Barnett said if the states can agree to have a convention, they should be able to agree on some amendments as well. The professor mentioned two things he would like the convention to do – impose term limits and give states the power to repeal federal laws.

“There are a lot of good ideas that have been circulated, but it’s going to be a give-and-take like all deliberative assemblies are,” Barnett said.

Meckler agrees that a convention would be able to agree on certain fundamental reforms that members of both parties support.

“Contrary to what the politicians pitch us on, and what the media tends to pitch us on generally, the nation is not as divided as they would like us to believe,” Meckler said.

He mentioned three amendments that he believes the convention would agree on. The first is term limits for congressmen and senators, the second was a balanced budget amendment, and the third was a single subject amendment, which would mandate that every bill Congress passes contain only a single subject. He emphasized that all three of those proposals have broad bipartisan support from the American public.

“So I think what comes out of a convention are things that are what I would describe as very mainstream, non-radical, that the vast majority of Americans will agree upon,” Meckler said.

Still, Meckler realizes some people will oppose a convention of the states. The John Birch Society, for example, challenged the wisdom of an Article V convention in a series of 16 questions. But Meckler is untroubled by the opposition so far.

“We’ve met some resistance, but it’s so far relatively minimal, and the resistance has come from folks who love the Constitution and some folks who mistakenly believe that somehow this opens Pandora’s Box,” he said.

Meckler said he has not yet faced any resistance from establishment politicians in Washington. However, he thinks that’s only because they aren’t paying attention to his movement yet.

“I think that pushback from the establishment will come, because they like the perks and the benefits of centralized power, and we’re trying to disperse that power back to the people where it belongs,” he said.

If the states do end up calling a convention, the historical weight of the moment will not be lost on Meckler. It would be the first time the states had ever exercised their right under Article V to call a convention to amend the Constitution.

“This is a tool that was given to us in 1787 in the Constitutional Convention, and it was literally drafted for moments such as this, when the American public felt that the federal government had exceeded the bounds that were intentionally placed upon it by the founders,” Meckler said.

He continued, “And we’ve never used it before, which is really extraordinary. And so to use it for the first time, to actually call a convention of states, I would say it’s in the top tier of historic moments in American constitutional history.”

Get your own copy of the U.S. Constitution, “The Politically Incorr...

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I see your point.  I agree to a certain extent (to at least listen to him) however I also remember that POTUS is also Constitutionally knowledgeable [former Constitutional Professor (?)], and look at the damage he has done to our Freedoms and our country.  Now we are getting loading doses of Marxism, Socialism and Communism imposed upon our linear existence. 

You are right.  We are 'missing' something.   I don't want us to endorse passing a Convention "before we know what is in it". 

As far as I'm concerned, since our leadership is not listening to us anyway, there is no rush to endorse a Convention.  They will do to us what they want, whenever they want.  However our resistance will not be futile.  We do not have to show up at their rallies, endorse them or their commercial sponsors, or vote for them. 

Remember, they will never be affected by the changes that they impose upon us.  It is up to us to not let them 'do it to us' again. 

Kenneth, this is just an 'FYI' and was sent to me earlier today - regarding Michael Farris.   It just proves that we must proceed with great caution and suspect all entities that wave the American flag in our faces while they try and pick-pocket our Constitutional freedoms.  

Going Round The Farris Wheel: 

Michael Farris - More disturbing history and questionable associations. 

Farris And The Con Con Revisited:  [Scroll down this page to the title article]:  

From Right Wing Watch: 

"A project of People For The American Way dedicated to monitoring and exposing the activities of the right-wing movement." 

March 4, 2014 

Michael Farris' Ironic Plan To Remake The Supreme Court: 

"... Farris also said that the Supreme Court should be replaced by a system of '50 justices and have the States appoint the Justices for a specific term (six or eight years) with no right of reappointment' that is modeled after the European Court of Human Rights. [Advocating replacement of the Judicial Branch] "

This is more than ironic since Farris regularly criticizes the Supreme Court for citing international law, including cases from the European Court of Human Rights.  But Farris himself is now proposing "reconfiguring the Supreme Court after the model of the European Court of Human Rights" in order "to ensure a Constitutional government."        

History of The "Farris" Wheel:          

The UNmasking Of Maine ... And Beyond:  

Michael Farris Patrick Henry College ... Model United Nations Team:   

Other links of interest:  

ABCs Of DumbDown:  

The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America:  


[We were not paying attention, now we have to pay for it]                  

United Nations Watch: (The United Nations declared as a ''Sovereign Nation"):   


All good stuff

I totally agree with the idea that 'socialists' use emotional issues aka 'Red Herrings' to push their agenda.

Re: Environment, Gun Control, Racial Equality, Economic Equality, Health Care, etc.

'Sheople' are so 'stupid' & gullible.

It's up to the 'few good men' & women to carry the 'flag'.

Lots of metaphor & simile here, but that's how I see it.

Best regards.

There has got to be a solution for us to get out of this mess - although it didn't happen over night, it will take a lot longer to clean it up - just don't know how that's going to happen. 

As the weather gets warm, there will be more protests and public activism in D.C. and (hopefully) around the country. 

Thank you. Lots of reading! Another thing about opening a convention that worries me is timing. I imagine it doesn't happen over night. My fear is they get past the point of no return and there's another false flag like Sandy Hook or even something worse. Most people just eat up what they see on the news. We could end up with a crap load of more anti gunners over night. Too risky.

We are certainly being 'set-up' for something.  Nothing good though. 

You got that right.   I have noticed that the Sheeple are beginning to at least 'stir'.   Several groups, mostly Veterans, are beginning to lead the charge against the traitors in the government.  Things are gonna get 'ugly'. 

Iraqi Veterans Against The War:

One thing I bear in mind is that when the 'leaders' were or are acting on our behalf, in regards to the U.S. Constitution, they had or have the opportunity to defend the U.S. Constitution - and that for which it stands.  Now with their 'hinds-sight 20/20', they want to change the U.S. Constitution, on our behalf.  

I'm not convinced that community leaders do not want us to miss an opportunity or, if it is they who do not want to miss an opportunity to change the U.S. Constitution.  There is nothing that we can do once an Article V Agenda is ratified.  I'd rather be a defender of the U.S. Constitution than a victim of a change imposed upon it.   

Just my opinion, I'm just one person.  

February 1, 2015 

Publius-Huldah's Blog: 

Delegates To An Article V Convention Can't Be Controlled By State Laws!:


Eagle Forum:  

Con Con/Article V:   

Contract With America, 1994:  

Contract From America, 2009:  

Even more evidence of the shenanigans going on with this push for an Article V COS from FreedomOutpost. 

"Meckler continues to actively dialogue with (Living Room Conversations) and appear with Lessig and others at left-leaning events to promote this effort. "  "Occupy specifically working on what they term an "Article V."

Thanks for the article link.  

Every Branch of our government is being infiltrated by the enemies of our Constitution.  I should not have been surprised that the Judicial Branch was under attack as well, since, several Courts across this nation demonstrate an inclination to embrace sharia law and reject our citizenry demand for Freedom (as in the case of Terry Trussel). 

I'm about to ditch my cable tv service because I just can't stand 'hearing it' from the lame stream media anymore and there is no way I would vote for any of their sponsored candidates.  

GOP Establishment:  Faking Right, Funding Left:  

I won't get rid of my satellite service since there are a lot of shows I like to watch, like all the NCIS shows, Criminal Minds, Animal Planet, NatGeo, etc., etc.  I keep the TV on Fox only to keep an eye on current events in case of another 9/11 or such (they are just slightly less evil than the rest of the MSM / TV news).  I get news almost strictly via the internet by visiting up to 10 - 12 different sites every day, as well as signing up for e-mail alerts and daily summaries.  Then I spend time comparing them and trying to ferret out the whole truth by putting it all together. 

The government throughout has been invaded and taken over almost completely.  It is extremely frustrating and disheartening to find absolutely no-one that can be trusted in any of the three branches!  The GOP is also riddled with NWO oligarchs and fascists.

Recorded Hannity tonight and OMG, I LOVE Col. Ralph Peters - when he was talking about these ISIL freaks murdering the Jordanian pilot, he said how much they are loving their power and the attention they are getting.  I just had to laugh out loud when he said, "This is better than the best sex they've every had and it's easier on the goats." Hoorah - Jordan has executed 2 of their Al Qaeda prisoners!!!

Soooo dangerous that so very many of the senior military leadership have been mustered out, leaving only the ass-kissers and CYA officers to lead a military that has been turned into a social experiment.  Simply disgusting!  Certainly NOT the military in which I served!

Straight Talk About An Article V Convention

By Publius Huldah

The argument against a COS is most succinctly given here -

Open to any specific questions you may have as well.

Best regards,




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