What in hell do these people in Washington D.C. NOT understand about that ?????
We all know that Congress and many States Government officials want desperately to remove that Second Amendment and to remove ALL our weapons.
Why ?? Because they fear the people holding and bearing arms. The truth is that scares the crap out of them more than anything else.
Every one of these politicians wants to take those weapons away from American citizens because they know that what they would do could potentially cause a violent uprising, and could possibly get them killed.

Without that Second Amendment everything else is null and void.
If Congress and many of the States legislators hold that Second Amendment in such low regard that they are willing to go to such lengths to get rid of it then that illustrates just how little regard they have for the rest of our Constitution, and for the rights of the people.
Without that Second Amendment, (and the arms that it protects) Congress will deny the people all other "rights" guaranteed under that Constitution.
The Second Amendment not only protects and defends our right to keep and bear arms, it defends and protects ALL other rights and laws under that Constitution. - - PERIOD, END OF STATEMENT.
If the American people loose our weapons then we will loose everything else that those weapons protect, including the Constitution itself.
It is not Iran or North Korea that the people need to fear the most, It's our own Government officials.

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The current level of chaos being created by the left is designed and deliberately being pushed to create more and more anger.
Anger and chaos, threats of revolution,,, The more they can stir the pot the better they like it.
The latest attacks against Trump and against Kavanaugh are all designed to create maximum anger and disruption.
Beto O'Rourk and the Democrats running around saying they ARE going to Confiscate our weapons is part of that design to stir up anger and threats. If they can't start a civil war then they hope to get our guns by getting us to make serious threats of violence.
We are still 14 months away from the 2020 elections. The Democrats can not trust that they will win in 2020. They do not dare to depend on Trump loosing, so they will create as much chaos and anger as they can possibly muster. They MUST get Trump out of office, and they MUST get our weapons away from us, by any means necessary.

Our task is to NOT allow them that privilege, we need to shut them down at every level and at every turn they try to play.
Expose their lies and their attempts to destroy this Nation.
And don't give them the satisfaction of goading us into stupid acts or threats that could give them any advantages.
Fight back and stand your ground. Call them out on every turn and twist they make.

Failure here is NOT an option.

Defend the Republic at all costs.



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