I am a true patriot and am very glad that this event was such a HUGH success, and I really hate to rain on every ones party, but the truth Must come out and I feel it is best it comes from one of our own instead of from some left wing nut job blogger out to make us look bad. The Aerial photo many are using to show the size of the crowd at the 9-12 rally is NOT our event and I will show proof right here.

First is the Aerial photo in question........(photo A)

Note how the crowd starts across the reflection pool from the Capitol(on the West side of the pool) and there is a large stage.

Next Photo for evidence......(photo B)

This photo is looking East toward the Capitol from the Grant Memorial
This Memorial is on the East side of the reflection pool.

Next Photo from Sept, 12.........(photo C)

This photo is looking NE across the reflection pool from the south east corner of the pool.
Notice the Grant Memorial on the extreme right side (East) of the photo.

The last Photo from the event I use as evidence........(photo D)

Looking West over the crowd from the steps of the Capitol building.
This photo clearly shows the crowd and "stage" right up to the edge of the lawn in front of the Capitol building. Note also the crowd between the reflection pool and the Capitol building. Then look again at the original Aerial photo and there is no crowd between the pool and the Capitol building. Also in photo "D" there seems to be a large tent in front of the Washington Monument. This tent does not appear in the aerial photo. One more point. Looking at the aerial photo in question you will notice there are structures of some sort, (most likely towers for speakers) down the middle of the Mall. Then looking at photo "D" again looking West from the steps of the Capitol building there are no such structures down the middle of the mall.

Now for a Google Earth image of this area with "pins" showing the location of each photo in question.

Please do not get me wrong, I am positive there were more than a million people there. I absolutely believe the word of those who where there. I wanted to be there and even started out on foot to be there back in May. I injured myself and that put a stop to my attempt to walk there. Being unemployed caused me to not be able to afford to be there.

My only motive was to not allow any Lefty to call us out for using an aerial photo that was not of our event. I absolutely am not trying to refute any claim as to the size of the gathering. As far as I know so far, no aerials have been taken. If one shows up that is consistent with the details I pointed out I would love to see it. I was only pointing out inconsistencies between the photos from the ground and the aerial shot "claimed" to be our event coupled with a little Google earth research.

Again I am not trying to refute the size of the crowd, only the claim that this aerial is of the 9-12 rally.

Again all I wish to do here is to keep false information from biting us in the A**!

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Only stating the truth.
We did not cover the area from the capitol, to the Washington Monument, like that.
[I also didn't see me in that photo. ;-) ]
I don't think anyone said photo A was the 912 event.........the first iteration of photo A I saw identified it as the Obama Inauguration and was comparing Photo A to some of the 912 photos.........

A major ingredient that escapes most discussion is the fact that many busses and others who were driving to DC were caught up in the traffic jams.......many busses didn't arrive at their drop off points until four hours after the march completed...patriots were still streaming east on the mall toward the US Capitol at 2PM, just arriving when others were departing.......

There is no doubt there were over a million patriots that put their "boots on the ground" in Washington, DC as part of the 912 Rally/March.......

It was a wonderful day........America displayed their grievances exercising our constitutional rights as our Founding Fathers envisioned.......peaceful, calm, respectful, but with vigor, emotion, solidarity, and committment to our Union, constitutional governement, and republic principles........
Photo A is not from Jan. 20th. This is a Summer shot.
Maybe from when Pope John Paul II was here? ?????20+ years ago??????
Twana, it isn't our rally, the photo is from the 1997 Promise Keepers Rally.
I saw this photo being referred to as the 9-12 event so I wanted to beat the lefties with facts. I am absolutely positive that there were upwards 2 million there. My only point was that this photo was not of "our" event. Fact is that this aerial is of the promise keepers event of 1997. I truly hope that an aerial of 9-12 can be found. Proof of the size of crowd would be fun to have.



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