95 year old veteran in wheel chair harrased by TSA, who also stole $300 from him.

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I FEEL THE PUBLIC HAS BEEN BRAIN-WASHED TO ACCEPT THE WAY TSA AGENTS TREAT US.  If attempting to fly to your destination wear a sign saying, * HIV PATIENT OR HAVE A CONTAGIOUS DISEASE, IT'S UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO TOUCH ME!  I FORWARNED YOU.  And starting coughing, hacking up stuff in your tissue or hands, that should keep those a-holes away.

It could also get YOU arrested for interfering with a federal agent (Constitution be damned) and hauled for for a medical and quite possibly a psych eval.

I LIKE your idea though.

I agree, Does anyone else think it's suspicious that a flight attendant and then a pilot would have mental breakdowns on flights a short period of time apart and have to be taken off under restraints. Both used the restroom just before they went mad and neither was known to have mental problems just before, then the next week we had the soldier in Afghanistan with a very similar out of character mental problem that it seems impossible for one soldier to have committed without anyone catching him. Less than a month later the SS agents and military! What is going on. are they really coincidental or is someone drugging people?





How about this for the new TSA motto:

We've handled more "packages" than UPS!



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