95 year old veteran in wheel chair harrased by TSA, who also stole $300 from him.

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The TSA is just another gov't fiasco that aims to desensitize us to ever increasing gov't invasion.  While all the many law abiding citizens have to succumb to baseless searches...we get to be searched or "viewed naked"...many times by thieves, felons and pedophiles that the TSA employs...where is the security in that?  It's no wonder that one man recently got ticked off and just stripped bare-ass naked...They have already removed our freedom to feel like the law abiding citizens that we are...and now people are just going to get used to it...then some other freedom will be removed...bit by bit.


So true, Kathie. We should have started saying "NO!" when it first started. All this nonsense. Reminds me of Nancy Reagan. I thought she was silly then, but now, I think back quite fondly on the Reagans. One of those things where you don't realize what you have til it's gone... IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO START SAYING "NO!" & PUTTING OUR FOOT DOWN. It's horrible for the children to be exposed to it ~ when we've been teaching them the opposite. A real good way to mess w/ kids' heads!!! I think we are going to HAVE to do it, if we're going to get a chance to turn this around.

I think it's even more degenerate than that. They're desensitizing kids to being probed everywhere. (I can't imagine people taking kids on airplanes through this if there's any way around it.) In the schools they begin sex education in kindergarten and now the lgbt education that's required by the "Safe Schools Czar" (lgbt =lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgender) and the fact that CA has now passed legislation that teachers can take elementary students off campus without their parents knowledge for counseling if they believe they're confused about their sexuality. (CA just nixed a bill making it illegal for teachers to have sex with students.)

Folks, we have a nation where they want to turn all the kids into perversion as a way of life. What better example than for them to see Mom and Dad, Grandma and Grandpa stand silently and let strangers feel them up and take indecent pictures of them.

May God, PLease, Deliver our nation!

I refuse to fly.   

Me, too!!

The TSA represents everything that is wrong with our federal government.  It is the largest collection of thieves and perverts ever to feed at the public trough.  Check out the Israeli supermodel who got patted down by a female TSA agent.  The model said the pat down left no doubt in her mind what the TSA agent's sexual orientation was.  Were we still a nation where the rule of law prevailed rather than the rule of man most of these dregs of society would be in prison.

Marvin~ We can still be. It's coming late, but not too late. We don't have a lot of choices left. The way I see it we all start acting like naughty children. I don't mean throwing tantrums, but simply & surely putting our foot down & stating "NO!' It's the ONLY way to make a start at getting our nation back. And, if we spread the word, it will be millions against a few thousand. I think we SHOULD DO IT!!!

How about this....BOYCOT the airlines for a month. DON'T fly. Take a train or a bus whenever we can. The airlines will lose so much revenue, THEY will force the issue with TSA!

Maybe PFA should start a network of Hospitality vans, similar to how Greyhound started out. We might be able to put them (TSA not Airlines) out of business, if the Air Ports see they're losing ridership they may decide to go private security.


is any one out there in LA LA land we used to call AMERICA ready for the ACTION PART of this on going REVOLUTION we have been in for years now.

because if you THINK voting in another STUPID election is going to change anything? OH NEVER MIND just roll back over and return to SLEEP.

Semper Fi.


Jim~ I hear you. It's past time for ACTION.

Remember, the TSA agents were the ones who were too stupid to pass the Post Office exams so went to (work?) for DHS



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