A Call For Patriots To Stand With Governors Against Islamic Invasion Of Their States

30 November 2015

"In light of Obama's refusal to consider the national security of the united States in relocating individuals from other nations he terms 'refugees' who cannot be vetted, period, to ensure a terrorist attack like the one in Paris, France, does not occur on u.S. soil, and Obama's threats of action should States not comply, this letter goes out to all American citizens, in all States. ...

Dear Americans,

As has been broadcast in news reports and other media outlets, Barack Hussein Obama refuses to consider the safety of all American citizens, the national security of this nation and the founding tenets of this nation echoed in the Constitution in his unilateral, authoritarian, almost dictatorial edict of relocating unvetted masses of individuals, the majority of whom are muslim, from various nations into the united States.  In his own words, the u.S. is slated to import 100,000 individuals per year, mostly muslims termed 'refugees' from Syria and nations elsewhere. ...

Let us all gather on January 9, 2016 from 11:00am to 2pm, local time, on the steps of our respective State capitol buildings, in peace, to let our opposition to importation of unvetted individuals into the united States be known, oppose the governors who stand with Obama, and provide support to the governors who oppose Obama's plan. ... " 

[Read Suzanne Hamner's complete letter at the following link]


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Somebody in Congress should stand up and stop this Bull Sh??

Susan Mariano~

Yup.  But they are afraid of their new masters and afraid to admit their big mistakes to the American people.   

The main problem with the politicians is that they were greedy and saw the forced invasion as a means to gain money, power and control.  Now they are running scared because they are in way over their heads and realize that POTUS was never on their side for anything - including their political careers.  Now some, although fearful for their lives, are trying to back-peddle their support for the UNs' Agendas - they have awakened to the fact that we are ALL under a socialist-islamic Coup D'etat. 

18 November 2015

2011, POTUS Stopped Syrian Refugees, Security Concerns:


   The President, and all of the obamanation, its welfare state of government representation, intent on maintain their power, and wealth, at the cost of the American public, defeat of its republic's authority, and control, is tantamount to their existence. Its federal banks, businesses, and regulatory agencies, now in control, they are reaping its results of its social order, and an American public limited of their resources, its opportunities, while taking full opportunity of "the people" limited to that, which its regulators allow.

    Having been running, full steam ahead, since the early '60's, and its "great society" forming its union of insured dependents on unearned dollars, they've created an industry of collectives, who never produce anything but need, fear, and loathing. With its major banks, and businesses of unearned support, now investing worldwide, with our dollars, they are acting to create the same atmosphere of the '60's. Of their creation, its 'nam war, and civil disorder, they are now modeling its times, so to mold its world, while hoping to establish peace, for a change, and equalizing its people, nations resources, for their own opportunity. They've been stripping America blind, and know damn well, they cannot sustain their growth, power, or increase, from that which they've been killing, and aborting, for years.

Merle Preedom,

Concisely well stated.  Our challenge is to inform the public - very difficult with the censorship of Facebook and Youtube lately. 

29 November 2015

Unknowingly Occupied:

"Most Americans have no idea their country is now an occupied nation with a foreign based enemy inside its gates.  This enemy has infiltrated and taken control of America.  It is now instituting a Globalist New World Order Agenda by using acquired American political, military and economic might.  It's incredibly evil Agenda includes the deployment of false flag terror to produce the massive chaos necessary to justify foreign wars of aggression for profit and the creation of a large secret police (Department of Homeland Security).  It also includes the step-by-step, planned complete asset stripping of all wealth and property from Americans and the destruction of America by removing its borders and debasing language and culture.

Sadly, most Americans have no idea that America is occupied by the World's largest Organized Crime Syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM) which is a Globalist New World Order Crime Cabal with an incredibly sinister, Evil Agenda for America and the whole World. 

It's time for them to become informed about who has infiltrated and hijacked America, how they did it and what is their notably Evil Agenda of hate, engineered conflict at every level of society, tyranny, terror and war for profit, asset stripping, mass-death and incredible human suffering.  All designated by using the age old strategy of divide and conquer. ..." 


A concise statement, Morning Star, that I could easily write a book of, which no American, not employed by the government, would ever understand. It's not an easy course of living an independent life, though suffering of permanent disabilities, while the fight, and love in me, behind me, has given me strength, support, and direction, to take it, directly to its federal source of the problem, while negating their assumed controls, and limitations. While I could live, with more than I need, and enjoy it, at the expense of the American taxpayers, I can't give in to the feds, approved con-federation, of its banks, businesses, and organizations, robbing the public blind.

Merle Preedom,

Same here. 

As long as the Lord allows me to live and breathe, I can't give up the fight and let them win. 

 On December 11 –

Ryan and Rinos will vote for the budget that will give Obama unlimited $ to start bringing in a hundred million refugees.

Obama is destroying our country in every way imaginable including, I heard, insuring Hillary as president.

All of us must read and follow the Call for Action on our website - which changes weekly.

you can also read the 10 page Articles of Impeachment at


many of the Republican Congressmen have received, read and agree with them – but they are too afraid to use them unless they get many many calls from angry Americans demanding they impeach!!   

The moment these ARTICLES of IMPEACHMENT are registered with the Judiciary committee - All future executive orders will be STOPPED and America will be able to watch the impeachment hearings on CSPAN

HOWEVER – if you are okay with Obama's goal of an Islamic controlled dictatorship- do nothing.

C. Lee Sandvick,

Thanks for the link to the Call for Action and Articles of Impeachment.  And you are 100% correct that Congress is too afraid to pursue or approach this issue.  It is much like the State leaders who took the money for Obama's Health Scare Agenda -- they regret it, after they realized that he was not truthful about the programs and that it became too expensive and wasn't going to work any better than the website that promotes it.  But they are stuck because I'm certain that by agreeing with the Health Scare Agenda, they were also agreeing to other Agendas.   

I sense that the American public is 'wise to the ways of the wicked', and really don't want to vote for the career politicians' or 'more of the same' leadership.  That's why Trump and Carson have been so popular.  Although now, I wouldn't be inclined to vote for Carson -- while not a 'puppet politician' he has old connections and influences to the Rockefeller (John Hopkins) Cabal. 

Even at this late date, there is still hope that we can stop, what I call, 'this hay ride to hell' islamic invasion. 

28 November 2015

Believe Me!  They Are Worried!

"The resettlement contractors have never been as worried as they are at this minute that their gravy train is being threatened by citizens standing up to them and that the issue is being discussed in American homes like never before. 

The Obama administration is worried that its final year to bring as many immigrant "seedlings" into America as they can is in jeopardy.

There will be action in Congress, legal challenges to Governors who are standing up for states' rights, and a major media blitz (already underway) to make you sound like a heartless bigot by the NO Borders Left who knew all along that Obama was changing America by changing the people! ..."


Hi Morning Star - have you joined our national impeachment movement?  http://cactn.weebly.com

CORRECTED LINK TO SHOW BELOW - Rep. Louie Gohmert really exposed himself last night while hosting the Tony Perkins show on FRC radio. Every caller except for one brought up the issue of impeachment and Gohmert kept insisting that 50% of the American people do not want to impeach this President. Now when EVERY caller (except for one) brings up impeachment wouldn't the logical mind catch on to the fact that apparently more than 50% of the people want impeachment?? Gohmert is us...ing this as an excuse for not doing his job. Remind him that millions of Americans stood up against Obamacare, ESSA and many other issues and they were ignored so to say that the decision to impeach hinges on 50% of the public wanting it done is a lie and a cop out because what WE wanted in the past never made a difference to the criminals in DC. I tried to get on during the call but was not successful. If I were successful I would have told him how wrong he is and ask him how it is he knows not 50% of the public want impeachment. I would have advised him of the recent poll by Town Hall....184,815 participants (as of 11-22-15) 82.5% said YES to impeaching Obama. There are other polls out there that show more than 50% of the public wants impeach. CALL his office (202-225-3035) and let him know you are one of the MORE THAN 50% that wants Obama impeached. And then give them the stats from the Town Hall poll. Then call YOUR US House Rep and let them know you are one of the MORE THAN 50% that wants Obama impeached. PLEASE be sure to listen to the callers on the link below. The callers start at about 35 minutes into the show. But listen to how he dances around the issue.


A video experience I want to share with all members of this Forum. I think this bears directly on nearly all discussions of this Forum >

    Billion Dollars Conspiracy : Who Are The Four Horsemen #Conspiracy (Documentary 2015)



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