A Plan to take back America

Chairman Allen West Republican Party of Texas

“If we do not stand and fight right now who will?” Those are your words in a letter recently sent in a campaign ad for the Republican Party of Texas. Well that is also my question. If not us – WHO? If not NOW – WHEN?

The United States of America is not a banana republic. We will NOT stand by and be taken over by some oligarchy of thieves criminals and traitors in Washington D.C.. This “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a Marxist/Communist State or some “New World Order” controlled by the United Nations and Communist China must be stopped right NOW.

Take Back America;

The United States Federal Government in Washington D.C. Has violated the US Constitution on several hundred occasions and in many different aspects since the 1900’s. They have now reached the point where they have become a detriment and adversarial to the Constitution itself.

By these numerous violations of the Constitution the Federal Government in Washington D.C. is in breach of Compact/Contract. The Compact/Contract being the US Constitution.

Keep in mind that under the US Constitution the States have all the power and Congress can NOT withstand nor ignore that authority.
The power and the authority of the States can be mustered into a coalition , a cooperative, that would have the power to stop this Government breach of compact/contract.

The Biden/Harris/Obama administration and the Democrats all know that the power really resides with the States.
That is why they are trying to eliminate the electoral College, and it is also why they are attempting to rewrite the election laws. Together these two actions would strip the States of all power and authority and would place sole power and authority in the hands of the Federal Government alone.

Here is a draft of a plan to take back America, Take America back from the traitors and Communists in Washington and also at the United Nations and Communist China.
This plan requires considerable planing and organizing. Each step requires legal and Constitutional coordination to insure proper procedures are followed and adhered too. Each phase of this plan must be followed in specific order, no step can be skipped or eliminated.

1. Re-write and issue a new Declaration of Independence; In accordance with the existing Declaration of Independence and Constitution that when ever any form of government becomes destructive to the freedoms and liberty and security of the People it is the right, it is their Duty, to alter or to abolish it, and to provide new guards for their future security.

2. Issue this new Declaration of Independence to all States.

3. Form an alliance of all Republican States which are willing to join the new compact of States. Together these States and this Alliance will issue this same new Declaration of Independence to Congress.

4. Under this new Compact of States each State will either hold new elections to replace existing members of the US Congress, or they may reaffirm and re-elect their existing members of Congress providing that these representatives agree and affirm that they will obey and abide by the US Constitution. And that their oaths and loyalties lay only with the United states of America and the Constitution thereof.

5. Each State will guarantee in accordance with existing Constitutional guidelines and statutes that each State will provide for a Republic form of Government.

6. A new Congress will be convened comprised of the new members chosen or elected by the States, and any members of the old or existing Congress who do not agree to abide by the new Congress will be expelled immediately. Members who have continually and deliberately sponsored legislation or laws and rules which violate the US Constitution will NOT be reinstated into the new Congress.

7. Once the new Congress is convened and sworn in the first order of business shall be to impeach and evict President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

8. A new speaker of the House of Representatives will be elected by the new Congress. This new Speaker of the House will NOT take office as President of the United States as would be expected under the Constitution.

9. Instead of the new Speaker of the House assuming the office as President under existing chain of command structure, this new speaker of the house will immediately call for Congress to elect and appoint a new President based upon only the actual LEGAL votes cast in the November 2020 Presidential election. This procedure will follow the existing procedures as laid out in the Constitution. A New President and Vice President will be elected and/or appointed by Congress.

10. Under this new Congress among the first orders of business shall be to declare that the Government shall adopt and adhere to the Constitution of The United States of America as it was originally written and intended by the framers.

11. All appointees assigned to positions under the Biden/Harris/Obama Democrat controlled Congress will be expelled and relieved of duty immediately.

In summery this plan amounts to “Throw them all out and replace them”.
Bear in mind that this is NOT a plan to overthrow the Government of the United States. It IS rather a plan to clean out those traitors and corrupt individuals in Washington and in the government who are seeking to overthrow and destroy America.

We will Form a new Government based upon the same Constitution and restore the Constitution.

It all sounds easy but to paraphrase a line from The Lord of The Rings, One does not just simply walk into the gates of Mordor (or Washington) and demand change, but with the aid and support of the 30+ Republican controlled States it may be possible.


Together we CAN alter and correct this Government gone bad. We CAN save America, and we CAN take America back.


President/Administrator Patriots For America.



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  • Note that this plan does NOT involve any secession of any of the States from the Union of the United States.
    It does require a collision of the 30+ Republican States, and any others who may decide to join.
    How can we convince these 30 States to join this movement?
    Once these States are made to realize that the goals of the current Washington establishment and those currently in control of our Government is nothing short of absolute total takeover of all of America, Everything, All the land, minerals, and the wealth of everything in America, I believe it will not take much to convince them that something must be done to halt this stealing of America. Once the States understand that those who wish to steal everything in America also intend to steal everything in each and every one of the States, - EVERYTHING. Then it will not take much to convince them to help stop this "Fundamental Transformation".
  • "Under this new Compact of States each State will either hold new elections to replace existing members of the US Congress, or they may reaffirm and re-elect their existing members of Congress". <b I would suggest, that NO MEMBERS of the existing Congress be allowed on the ballots for obvious reasons !!! /b>

    "Under this new Congress among the first orders of business shall be to declare that the Government shall adopt and adhere to the Constitution of The United States of America as it has been amended from time to time". Change to <b " The Constitution for the United States of America" - (1776 version pre-1871 current titled version)!!! /b>

    I would make these two changes, one in title change and one on the requirement for NOT electing anybody from the Past, or present crop of electors !!!
  • "Form an alliance of all States which are willing to join the new compact of States."
    Change this to All REPUBLICAN STATES"
    That way only Republican States can re-elect existing members of Congress.
    Remember we are forming a coalition of all Republican States, not necessarily all States.
    All Democrats will be expelled from Congress for violations and breach of Compact/Contract - The Constitution.

    Reverting back to the 1797-1871 version of the Constitution requires Constitutional Amendments, a Constitutional Convention. While I would love to revert back to the original texts of the Constitution that would take years and would involve hundreds of legal battles. Getting this Biden/Harris/Obama administration out of office is something that has to be done immediately and soon as possible.

    Many people will argue that this is all being done simply because we don't like the results of the 2020 elections.
    That's only half true. NO - We don't like the results of the 2020 election., not because we lost but because in the WAY the election was stolen and because of the way the government and the courts have handled the investigations into the election fraud. This whole thing is a giant scam deliberately perpetrated for the sole purpose of stealing America. They are stealing America for the purpose of handing it all over to the Communists.
  • There should also be a clause that it is illegal to be Jewish or Muslim. Jews are the core of the Communist Party and Muslims want to get rid of our beloved constitution and institute Shariah Law. Let's start over with a clean slate and a government of true patriots.
  • Jayman, If you want a government of TRUE patriots then you better include some "Jews".
    We happen to have a few Jewish folks here on this web site and you better believe these people are HARD-CORE American Patriots.
    I will stand in battle with and along side any one of them any day of the week.
    Muslims and Islam, Now that's a different story. The Constitution is in direct conflict with their Sharia Law.
    And most of them do want to eliminate America.
    If Congress is guilty of anything, it is that it refuses to hear the people, let alone do the will of the people.
    Let me ask a few simple questions:
    1. Do you want the border walls and immigration laws removed to let illegals wander our country unaccounted for?
    2. Do you want taxes to rise for businesses, industry, personal gains?
    3. Do you want your gun ownership regulated, with certain guns banned?
    4. Do you want illegals to receive taxpayer paid: health care, housing, food stamps, welfare income, clothing expense, free utilities, education, and job training?
    5. Do you expect our lowest income levels to receive these same benefits?
    6. Do you want our military downsized in munitions, personnel, budget, and intelligence?
    7. Do you support going back to war in the Middle East?
    8. Do you want less fossil fuel energy and more reliability on "green" energy?
    9. Do you support continuing the CV-19 mandates?
    10.  Do you support mandating the CV-19 vaccine, and the requirement of a "Vaccine Passport" to travel, go into businesses, go out into public?
    11.  Do you support changing the election laws as proposed in HR-1?
    12.  Do you support the continuing of political correctness, censorship, and the cancellation of books, articles, songs, movies, and anything else offense to the Left?
    13.  Do you support United Nations initiatives of: Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, and Vision 2050?
    14.  Do you support the gigantic raises Congress and bureaucrats received just now?
    15.  Do you support "packing" the courts with progressives?
    16.  Do you support the removal of the "filibuster" in Congress?
    17.  Do you think President Biden is doing a much better job than President Trump in the first 100 days?
    18.  Do you support the $1.9 trillion Relief Bill, and the proposed $2.5 trillion Spending Bill?
    19.  Do you support the alphabet 3-letter bureaucracies have the power to make law, regulate their decree, and enforce compliance?
    20.  Do you support the re-uniting with China and the CCP?

    Go anywhere in the United States and ask the people randomly these questions, and the overwhelming majority will say "NO!" to every question. But the politicians and their propaganda tools, like the mainstream media, will have you believe that unilaterally a majority of the people demand these things be done, and that only a few "deplorable" Trump supporters want no part of these things. Is this right?

    The Left will have you believe that Joe Biden received 85 million votes and the majority of electoral votes to give him the presidency, thus meaning that the majority of the citizenry supports the Biden agenda of downsizing America over the Trump agenda of making America greater.

    There seems to be overwhelming evidence to the contrary, but there is no court in the United States willing to hear the evidence, let alone have anyone show the evidence anywhere in the propaganda circles that the Left controls.

    Thus, the Democrat controlled Congress and Executive feel that since most people voted in support of Biden, then his "vision" must be implied to what America demands... and piss on everyone else.

    Have you noticed on CSPAN that the Democrats refuse to bring their legislation up for debate, as they try to silence anyone who objects to their move to transform this country into a socialist state of Democrat authority? Even Republican representatives?

    For a nation slowly recovering from a Leftist usurp of our sovereignty, liberty, rights and freedom, the Democrats certainly have initiated their legislative ruling to damage any ability to go back to a form of normalcy, stating that this will be the "new" norm we will have to live by. It seems that for many, there is no other choice.

    "Comply or else!" is what most Americans now hear. Anything that had to do with Trump is now removed, and anyone who supports the MAGA doctrine are now classified as "enemies of the state".

    Several recent polls by non-partisan pollsters tell us that the vast majority of Americans DO NOT like the dramatic changes being done by Pelosi, Schumer, Biden and Harris. America suffered eight years of hardship under the Obama/Biden agenda of fundamental transformation. What makes anyone think that Americans want to return to that way of living? If they had, Hillary would have been elected in 2016.

    America voted for the craziness to stop, and the insanity reversed. America rejected socialism, communism, and globalism pretty unanimously. America accepted Trump and his MAGA agenda that set historical records across the table, and they wanted more of it, not this false narrative of a return to fundamental transformation, especially by a bunch of criminals who were never jailed under the Trump DOJ that stabbed us all in the back by rewarding those who should now be behind bars, or swinging from a tree limb.

    The vast majority of America is now controlled by a small group of powerful people who have had establishment in the DC circles for many years. Under Trump, they never went away, because Obama created a system to where you now can't remove them as before. Those in the DC syndicate cabal just hung around and helped the propagandist machinery to whittle down Trump and Republicans enough to steal the elections away in a planned "coup" attack against the United States and the American people.

    Americans are noted for turning over to go back to sleep. They may bitch a little about what they dislike, but never enough to cause any real change. They just eventually accept it, adjust, then go back to sleep. But if the election of 2018 & 2020 weren't enough to wake the people up, then there is little hope from stopping to us what we are about to receive by the Left.

    THE PEOPLE are the true power of this nation. WE, THE PEOPLE employ those who sit there and make up the rules to make themselves wealthier, and us poorer. They do as they do because we do NOTHING to stop them. A simple threat from the Left shuts down any movement from the Right to defend itself, while setting the rules straight. They know exactly how to circle their wagons.

    We rallied by the thousands in Trump's support. We took over Washington on Jan 6th... and should have done more. The violence came from the BLM and ANTIFA groups to make the patriots and constitutionalists look bad before the public eye. Had we known what was to occur, then we should have amassed upon the Capitol in full force and fury. We could of had a real, true coup d'etat to have made the Left actually prove they legitimately won the 2020 and 2018 elections.

    As we let the Left have their run of the streets, remember where the true power actually rests. By 2022, it may be too late to change things where we on the Right can have any say whatsoever. So long as we do speak out, speak up, amass by the hundreds of thousands, and show our discontent so much that the MSM has no choice but to hear our grievances, the Left will strengthen. We need to create law suits that will spin the court's head in circles. We need to prove where we are correct, and where they are wrong. Truth and true justice are the only things that will set us free.

    Let's take this country back! This is the true will of the people!!!

    Written By: Jim Hovda
  • Congress and the Democrats do NOT have the power or the authority to "Fundamentally Transform America".
    All of the powers in America resides in the States, not at the Federal level.
    But the Democrats want to change all that.

    See our article on the Tenth Amendment
    The 10th Amendment to the Constitution
    Amendment X. The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respec…
  • This article was originally written in March of 2021, we are now in October 2021. And the distruction of America has increased at an alarming rate.
    It is time for America to take action.
    It is time for us to rewrite this plan to take America back from this Marxist/Communist revolution, and to stop this distruction of The United States of America.

    Bear in mind that under our Constitution all power lays within the States, and NOT with the Federal Government.
    The power and the authority of the States can be mustered into a coalition , a cooperative, that would have the power to stop this Government and the breach of compact/contract.

    The States have the power and authority to declare that the current administration operating as the Federal Government in Washington DC is in violation of the Constitution and that it is operating in breach of that Constitution.



    • Rooster, under our constitution as I

      understand it, the Supreme Court decides what is constitutional. There have been many issues over the years, decided by the Supreme Court that many felt were wrongly decided. But that didn't change the constitutionality of the issue. You're implying that thaere are other ways to decide constitutionality. Could you write a little bit about what those are.


  • Who decides what is Constitutional and what is not?
    Justice Breyer just said, "“It’s always been controversial,” Breyer said, noting that people accept the court’s decisions, even those “that they think are really wrong” adding “if they don’t, we won’t have a rule of law,” the Hill reported.

    Breyer was talking about the Biden administration planning to "Pack" the Supreme Court.
    According to that if the people don't accept the rulings of the Supreme Court then we don't have a rule of law.
    I disagree with that also.
    Just because the SCOTUS rules a certain way on any issue, that does not make it right or Constitutional.

    Let's take the Second Amendment since that seems to be the biggest hot-button issue today.
    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed."

    Democrats would like to say that this only applies to the militias around the country. If you're not part of an organized militia, (ie - the National Guard,) then the second amendment doesn't apply to you.
    But we-the-people say, Bull-shit, the second amendment says "The right of the People to keep and bear arms shall NOT be infringed."
    Fortunately for us the SCOTUS has ruled in that favor several times.
    So now instead of trying to straight our eliminate the second amendment altogether the Democrats are trying to ban add-on components and the home-manufacturing of rifles and hand guns.
    Bump-stocks, pistal grips, forward grips, high capacity magazines. And the list goes on.

    The SCOUTS could very easily rule that any one of the issues could potentially be called "Constitutional" and thus agree with those bans.
    Even President Trump banned the use and ownership of Bump-stocks.
    And so far the court has not rulled on that yet as far as I know.

    However, We the People say that any part or potential home improvement to our rifles is protected by the second amendment. "Shall NOT be Infringed".
    Banning the people from building and manufacturing or improving their own rifles is UNConstitutional. PERIOD.

    The whole issue is a slippery-slope into slavery and dictatorship.
    So the issue is really not about Bump-stocks,or other components, it's about the rights of the people, and about the limits of Government.

    WE-The-People ALL know that if and when the Federal Government attempts to ban our weapons, no matter how they think they can do it, then there will be hell to pay. At that point we all know the Government has over stepped the boundries of their Constitutional limits.

    The Democrats and power elites don't care about those Constitutional limits. As far as they are concerned the entire US Constitution is nothing more than an old rag not worth the paper it's written on.

    So who really decides what is and what is NOT Constitutional?
    That depends on wither or not the people are willing and ready to defend that Constitution. And are we will to defend our rights?

    When I signed up for the US Air Force I swore an oath to defend that Constitution, against ALL Enemies, foreign AND Domestic.


    Breyer: Supreme Court 'fallible,'
    Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer says the high court is “fallible,” but has served the United States “pretty well,” as he faces continued calls f…
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