A WARRIOR WITH A LIFE GIVING NEED - He Has Given and Now Needs Someone To Give To Him

U.S. Marine, Activist and Patriot NEEDS YOUR Gift of Life…

Kim Stolfer is a USMC Combat Veteran and Crew Chief of the last Marine helicopter to leave the American embassy in Saigon at the end of Vietnam War.  He is also the Legislative Chairman for the Allegheny County Sportsmen’s League, Chairman of Firearm Owners Against Crime, Vice chairman of the PA Sportsmen’s Association and Vice President of Shooters Active in Firearms Education.  Kim is one of the author's of Pennsylvania's "Castle Doctrine"...ensuring every Pennsylvanian's right to protect themselves in their homes or automobiles.  He has also authored pending legislation to strengthen the existing "Castle Doctrine" and pending Second Amendment legislation regarding "Disparity of Force".  Kim Stolfer has unquestionably been the guiding force in advocating for and protecting Constitutional Second Amendment Rights for Pennsylvanians. It is time to step up and give back.

Right now, Kim’s liver is failing and his health is deteriorating.  Did you know that a living healthy person can donate a portion of their liver to someone who needs a liver transplant? Did you know...the donor's liver and the recipient's new piece of liver both actually grow back and regenerate to about 95% of the donor liver's original size in about 10 weeks?  Recuperation time for both a live donor and the recipient is about 12 weeks.  Dr. Ganesh and his Team of Doctors at The Starzle Transplant Center at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA will take time to explain everything in great detail and answer all of your questions. 

Kim's blood type is B- (negative).  We have learned that ANY Donor (B) Type blood or ANY Donor (O) Type blood could be a potential match for Kim Stolfer.  It does not matter if the donor is negative or positive...just as long as the donor BLOOD TYPE is (B) or (O).


Here are the basic requirements for a Live Liver Donor:

1. You can be a specific Directed Live Liver Donor Only to Kim Stolfer, if you wish.

2. You must be 18-55 years of age to be a donor.

3. You must have a blood type of (B) or (O) to be a donor to Kim Stolfer.

4. You must be in overall good health.

5. Your reasons for donation must be the unselfish desire to help Kim.

6. If you are considering donating to Kim...Discontinue use of  all alcoholic beverages or beer now.


For the full details click here: http://www.upmc.com/Services/transplant/abdominal-transplants/liver/patient-caregiver/Pages/living-donation.aspx

If you have type B or type O blood and you want to be considered to donate a portion of your liver to save Kim's life...

Please call: Maureen (Clinical Transplant Coordinator at UPMC) at (412) 647-5512.

For more than 25 years, Kim has dedicated his life to fighting for our freedom, both on the battlefield and in the PA Legislature.  NOW HE URGENTLY NEEDS YOUR HELP.

Liver for Kim Fund
First Niagara Bank
PO Box 326
Clinton, PA 15026­­­­................................................Contact:  Paul Fedorka (412) 498-7247

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I wish I was younger,  I would be glad to do it.  

I don't meet the age requirements either Edie but I told my daughter (RN working the issue) I'm probably more healthy than many in their 40s/50s...........I'll do it and hope they will give me a call, rather than let Kim die because no donor stepped up.......

Me  to, Edie &  Mr.  Riley,  my  liver  was   damaged  by  alcohol  abuse,  will  pray  for  a  donor  quickly  for  Kim. Getting  the  word  out  here  in  So. California.. Vet  groups..!!  Time  is  of  the  utmost..!! 

The blood type is right but I'm past 60 so I'm too old.  I assume that I can send in some money to the address above to help him, though. Thank you for putting out the word on him and hope someone "out there" can help him.

Peri.........yes funding help is needed and can be sent as indicated at the bottom of the post........

Thank you, Harry! I am 51, haven't drank since 2006, am O+, BUT, I am on Coumadin from a partial Aorta & Aortic Valve replacement in 2006. My wife has concerns because my last back surgery right before our 11/11/11 Event in Washington saw me develop an infection that almost killed me by Thanksgiving. There is a good chance that my 'health' may be a factor but I called and left a message and we will see what we see on Monday!

You have the heart Robert but you wouldn't be accepted with the other issues you have..........

Well, im out. Im A +

I am Harry's daughter, Kathie...I am an RN in Pittsburgh, PA...I will personally help to care (volunteer) for anyone who might qualify to help Mr. Kim Stolfer...and you spouse can stay at my house with me in my guestroom...you could stay at my home until you could travel home.  I am CCU and ER trained and will be right by your side!

My health does not qualify me for donation. I have neurologia and I am on meds. However, I will pray for Kim Stolfer, my way of giving back.

Wish I could help. Don't think they can accept my liver as I have health issues. God bless and help this man.

would but the little gig about #2  --18-55 throws me. --as I am 62--63 come Sept.--I am o pos(#3) ,reckon I am in over all good health,(#4) Was active duty as a Medic 69-77-an remember quite well the sight of those last few birds leaving behind what they simply could NOT possibly lift out .(#5) Only drink alcohol or beer one or perhaps two any given day and most days no desire for a drink --since 86. did have a shooter of whiskey and a beer when Doc Ross died--and a shooter the day the Colorado Legislature thought it would be swell to declare me a criminal -never having been charged with any crime involving firearms  in the 62 yrs I have lived in homes that kept arms. When the  govt. violates the law and says they did not but are acting in pursuance to the law when they are arming for a war against the people and disarming a free people to enslave them it damn near drives one into the extremes of manic-depression. buthaving been -by choice through the wasteland of self induced drug and alcohol abuse --I've no desire to return. SO #6 would be no problem there. Only difficulties are #1 my age--and #2 the fact that I am living in Fruita Colorado not Pittsburgh ,PA so the logistical problem of the hospital  and transfer of live matter -flight time might make such possible-but I really have NO desire to do the TSA shuffle in person.



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