According to Hillary Clinton


According to Hillary Clinton politics is the art of personal Character Assassination.
Dems attempt to “assassinate” Trump and supporters by projecting their own agenda over to Trump and supporters.

If you think this is just normal US politics you are wrong.
This is the systematic deliberate destruction of America.
For the purpose of “Fundamentally Transforming America" into a Marxist/Communist 3rd-world hell hole.
Democrats must pay for what they have done to America.

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  • America - Pay attention to what they have done, what they DO; NOT what they say.
    The real fascists and NAZI's are all on the left, the Democrats.
    Hitler and the NAZIs were Socialists.
    To them the American Constitution is dangerous, The US Constitution is anarchist terrorism.
    And anyone who supports the Constitution must be labled a Domestic Terrorist.
    Truth is always the first casuality of war.

    Well then that includes George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamine Franklin, Ronald Reagan, Donald J. Trump, and ME.

    Where in hell is the real FBI?
    Where are the real Americans?


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