Constitutional Emergency

AG Holder: Government Has ‘Responsibility’ to Automatically Register Citizens to Vote


Where in the Constitution is it written that it is the governments duty to do this? NO WHERE!




AG Holder: Government Has ‘Responsibility’ to Automatically Register Citizens to Vote

Eric Holder

Attorney General Eric Holder (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

( - "All eligible citizens can and should be automatically registered to vote," and it's the government's "responsibility" to see that it happens, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday.


In a call to modernize voter registration, Holder noted that many elections officials still are manually processing new applications, many of them handwritten -- a situation that produces errors and confusion at the polls, he said.


"Fortunately, modern technology provides a straightforward fix for these problems," Holder continued. "It should be the government’s responsibility to automatically register citizens to vote, by compiling -- from databases that already exist -- a list of all eligible residents in each jurisdiction."


The lists would be used "solely to administer elections" and "would  protect essential privacy rights," Holder told a gathering at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Library in Austin, Texas.


Holder also called for "permanent, portable" voter registration that would follow voters to a new polling place when they move. "Until that happens, we should implement fail-safe procedures to correct voter-roll errors and omissions, by allowing every voter to cast a regular, non-provisional ballot on Election Day," Holder said.  


Holder insisted that making voter registration easier is "not likely, by itself, to make our elections more susceptible to fraud." Voter fraud will not be tolerated by the Justice Department, he said, adding that "in-person voting fraud is uncommon."


Holder urged his audience to "speak out," "raise awareness about what's at stake," and "urge policymakers at every level to reevaluate our election systems – and to reform them in ways that encourage, not limit, participation."


Much of Holder's speech focused on his department's efforts to safeguard the right to vote.


As the 2012 presidential election draws closer -- and with Holder's boss scrambling for a second term as president -- Democrats are once again accusing Republicans of trying to limit the right to vote.

On Dec. 1, Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) announced a "new comprehensive effort" to educate voters about their voting rights. That effort includes a Web site that "details what Republicans are doing in regard to voter suppression."

For example, Wasserman Schultz and other Democrats strenuously oppose laws adopted in more than 30 states requiring voters to present a photo ID at the polling place. Republican supporters of photo ID laws say it prevents voter fraud.

On Tuesday, Holder said his Justice Department is now reviewing photo ID laws passed in Texas and South Carolina to see if they meet the requirements of the Voting Rights Act. The Justice Department also is reviewing early voting procedures in Florida, among other voting changes in that state.

"The reality is that – in jurisdictions across the country – both overt and subtle forms of discrimination remain all too common," Holder said.

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     If this bastard followed the Constitution he would prosecuting himself and half of the people in the Justice department.There will be fraud in the up comming election.AG holder as well as manny others are guilty of

treason and will continue to do so until they are held accounable.

How long, Oh, how long will we tolerate-boll weevils in the cotton patch?  We MUST stand up, drink our lemon juice and treat the intellectual scurvy which takes the bite out of the constitution.  Socialism caters to the foolish; makes sugar coated but empty proclaimations to them, preys upon the simple and rules with an iron fist.Socialists push, nay, impose Social Justice as though legitimacy were in their soul and assets could be accrued there-by when thest and power is their main objective. It is the Sea-mans dry biscuits and salt beef with never a lime or orange and the result is intellectual scurvy

Our "Founding Fathers" are gone and the battle is ours.  The future is on the shoulders of present citizens bold enough to step forward, identify the perjurers who swore to uphold the constitution and get them out of office no matter what it takes. The present crew in congress and in the oval office must be replaced.  And some sooner than Nov 2012. Legally of course.

I am not implying violence, but we must do all that is legal to get the present crew of perjurers out of positions of government influence.

Holder needs to spend an indefinate term at club gitmo,

along with quite a few of his friends.

     I agree Holder should be in jail but thats not going to happen.These people will never be held accountable under

our current Washington legal system witch aplies to those on capitol hill.How are we going to bring these people

who comit treasonous acts to justice when the top law enforce dept is one of the main perpetrators?

I agree with your sentiments Lawrence, but never is not

the way we need to be looking at this. We will turn this

around and that starts by REMOVING OBAMA FROM

OFFICE! After that, one by one, the rest will be removed

in an orderly fashion. We didn't get in this mess in a

few days and it'll take as long to get things right again.

David the point i was trying to make was,if we dont change the Washington legal system and start locking
these people who comit treason up,they have no reason to change.

No arguement here Lawrence, I agree. I think we're

on the same page here and by removing obama from

office will bring the beginning of the change we need.

But we need to remove him from office first.


The man needs to be removed legally. I'm not going to

condone any illegal measures taken to do this. To do so

would make us as bad as those we are opposing.

Vote this man out of office, there's enough of us out here

that will defeat him in the election of 2012.

Your U tube brings back memories of when I lived in Japan in the early 50`s next to the Subra Tenru river in the middle of Japan and we were the first outsiders to go inland in Japan and there are lots of those gardens which the Japanese go to and I have seen lots of them back then...

Here is the problem, if BO destroys the economy before the election, or god forbid, we get a Nuke strike on this country from Iran because we did not take the right action, that will give BO the opportunity to implement "Martial Law" and open the FEMA camps which he is starting up now. I would rather we take our medicine now and load our weapons and move on Washington with the help of all citizens who will march Armed with us. Hopefully by the time we get to Washington, the military will either have arrested BO and Administration or we will be fighting against the establishment. Since I am ex-military, I don't think my fellow Active and reservist will be on BO's side. They hate BO's ass.

There it is in a nutshell. We fight or we die as a Nation. I don't think we are going to make it to a 2012 election and we are literally just under a year from the November elections, and one month before a new president is sworn in. I think it is all for show and right before the elections, Mr. Dictator will execute "Martial Law" and throw the rest of the Constitution out the window while he is laughing... I hate to be a pessimist, but I am not too optimistic with all the crap going on, meaning nobody in Congress or the courts are doing anything but buying TIME...



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