Al Sharpton: Appointed To Keep Black Voters Angry and Ill-informed.

Al Sharpton: Appointed To Keep Black Voters Angry and Ill-informed.

You can imagine the justifiable extreme anger and outrage of black America in1987. Six white men including police officers and a New York prosecutor kidnapped, raped and smeared feces over the body of a fifteen year old black girl. Tawana Brawley was found unconscious and unresponsive lying in a garbage bag, her clothes torn and burned. In the emergency room, racial slurs and epithets were discovered written on Brawley's torso with charcoal.

Al Sharpton, eager to launch his national career, ran to the microphones and cameras as Tawana Brawley's adviser. The problem was, it was all a hoax.

Fearful of getting into trouble for staying away from home for four days, Brawley made up the whole horrific racial-hate-inspiring story. After hearing the evidence, or lack of, a grand jury concluded Brawley was lying.

The New York prosecutor whom Brawley accused of being one of her rapists sued Brawley and Sharpton for defamation and won. And yet, Sharpton still says the Brawley incident happened.

The Tawana Brawley Hoax confirms that truth and fair play are irrelevant in Sharpton's continuing quest to stir the pot-of-racial-hate to bludgeon white America and instill anger in black America for political gain. Sickeningly evil.

I remember Anthony Quinn as Barabbas in the biblical movie, “Barabbas”. Barabbas was a criminal sentenced to death. For Passover, the governor could commute the death sentence of a prisoner selected by popular demand. The multitude could save the life of Jesus or Barabbas. They yelled, “Give us Barabbas”. Barabbas was freed. Jesus was crucified.

Arrogantly usurping authority to speak on behalf of black America, the left has yelled, Give us Al Sharpton! Why has MSNBC, the mainstream media and president Obama appointed this despicable man spokesperson for black America? There are numerous honorable blacks in the national arena.

Sharpton was selected by the left as black America's mouthpiece because his political agenda is in solidarity with their hate America Progressive movement. They are committed to government controlling our behavior and every aspect of life in America. Loyalty to their cause trumps race and even the faith of those who claim to be Christians. How else can you explain Sharpton demanding the removal of a billboard in the black community which exposed the genocide of blacks via abortion?

Rev. Al Sharpton has turned his back on the Bible's anti-abortion teachings while supporting Planned Parenthood founder's vow to exterminate blacks; in loyalty to the left's progressive agenda.!

The left appointing Sharpton a spokesperson for black America is a perfect example of their moral bankruptcy and willingness to employ the devil to further their agenda. Sharpton still stands behind Tawana Brawley's absurd over-the-top evil lie that six white men including police and a New York prosecutor raped her. In a decent world, Sharpton would be disqualified for the role of national spokesperson of anything. And yet, the left has crowned Sharpton chief of black America.

As an American who happens to be black, I am outraged. The left's selection of Sharpton as our spokesperson confirms their low opinion of black America; our sense of morality, honor and decency. The left, (democrats, mainstream media and Obama) continue to tell black America, by their actions, how little they think of us. They ignore or demonize highly successful, articulate America loving black conservatives, while elevating lying America hating race-baiters.

In 2010, President Obama asked Sharpton to be his ambassador to the black community. Obama instructed Sharpton to tell black leaders to chill-out and stop saying his economic policy failed to help black communities hit hard by the downturn.

The foundation of democrat politics is dealing with Americans as monolithic voting blocs. I take offense with Obama acting as if black America were a huge tribe, taking marching orders from Chief Sharpton. I am an American who happens to be black. I think for myself.

Obama and his buddies on the left promote “group think”. Their tactic for winning elections is to divide Americans into groups or voting blocs. Then they convince each group; women, minorities, gays, the poor, and etc that they are being victimized by evil republicans. Vote for us and we'll keep the evil republicans at bay!

Case in point: The democrat's latest lie claims republicans have launched a “War on Women”. The truth is Obama, against the Constitution, is trying to force churches and taxpayers to fund abortion against their religious faith. America said, H-- no! Democrats are trying to spin America's rebuke of Obama's overreach of authority by saying republicans wish to ban contraception. This is a lie. Republicans do not wish to ban birth control in any way.

Note the tried and true democrat trick. They lie to rally women by claiming republicans hate them. Then democrats say vote for us to protect you.

Sharpton was appointed to lie to blacks, keep them fired up hating republicans, the rich, conservatives and the tea party. The left says “conservative” is code for racist whites. Such rhetoric promotes racial hatred.

A prolific liar, Sharpton attempts to rally black America – republicans are hogging it all and dissing the first black president. Keep in mind, Sharpton still claims six white men including police officers and a New York prosecutor kidnapped, raped and smeared feces over the body of a fifteen year old black girl.

Good Lord, Black America, is this the man you want representing you? Al Sharpton does not speak for me!

Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American

Chairman –

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Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson...the two most active racist in the United States.  They are sucking the blood from Americans who are black and only a few recogize the Sharpton/Jackson vicious, unbridled, assault on the unity and harmony of America.

Sharpton and Jackson are not the least bit interested in helping Americans who are black.  I ask.  What qualification(s) do Sharpton or Jackson have to do anything productive in the life of Americans?  They both qualify as blow-hards who can stand on a podium and arouse the emotions of folks, usually in a divisive manner and fomenting violence.

America needs leaders and Lloyd Marcus is an excellent example.

Thank you Lloyd Marcus for a piece well said and written. Unfortunately for Al Sharpton and 'Rev' Jesse Jackson most white Americans know that not all blacks are as stupid as they try to portray them to be. Al Sharpton is now calling for the escolation of violence in the Trayon Martin case. Sharpton, (and Obama) want as much civil unrest as possible.

This escalation of violence and civil unrest is just what the Marxist playbook calls for, it is a requirement for a "state-of-emergency" and thus the imposition of Marshal-Law, and the eventual transformation of America into a full-fledged Communist state. What we as free Americans need to watch for is who are the leaders like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and others who are down there in-sighting the escalations and orchestrating the violence. We have seen many times in the past few years where it turned out that the actual leaders of protests were the leaders of the American Communist Party. Unfortunately most of the blacks who are foolish enough to get caught up in these riots are simply being used as useful idiots, a phrase we have all now become too familiar with. As freedom loving Americans we need to be vigilant and pay express attention to who these leaders are. They need to be dealt with as they are the real enemies of freedom in America.
Again, Thank you Lloyd.

This issue in South Florida involving Zimmerman could be a flash-point....especially if no charges are brought on Zimmerman.

To this point it has become a "media lynching" of Zimmerman and Sharpton/Jackson won't let it pass no matter what....

This could be the event that ignites nation-wide......I hope people a paying attention.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have upped the anty a notch.......they're now going to protest against businesses that they "believe" supports the Florida "Stand your ground" law.........right now I think the legal and law enforcement community are scared sh..tless that violence may occur.  No matter that Zimmerman has a legal right to a fair judgment, the powers that be in the community in Florida are bending to the "noise makers" and ignoring Zimmerman's rights.

Friends what we have in Florida is again, a small minority of agitators that are controlling the narritive against the rule of law.  There will come a "line in the sand" when it can't be tolerated. As I said in an earlier post, it may be an intentional effort to create the "uprising" the left wants for Obama to take some official action.

The agitator activity is not limited to's across the nation. 

I hope PFA members in other States are paying attention to the serious situation we may be facing.......


If you didn't watch Huckabee on Fox last night, I think there is a re-run tonight.......It is a must watch.

Huckabee uses the example of Nazi Germany luring the jews to gas chambers.........lies, lies, and more lies.  The jews were told they were being relocated away from the front with the expectation of jobs, resettlement, etc.  WHY WOULD ANYONE GET ON RAIL CARS IF THEY KNEW THEY WERE GOING TO GAS CHAMBERS?  They were lied too........thousands on rail cars with only a hand-full of guards........don't you think they would have overwhelmed guards if they knew the truth??

How about 911.....on the flight that crashed in PA......relatives had enough time to tell the passengers the TRUTH.  Rather than remain sheep, the passengers took action...they lost their lives but rejected killing themselves and others by doing nothing.......

Sharpton and Jackson are using the Nazi tactic......lie, lie, lie enough and they will believe it.

Where are we America.........????


Mr. Loyd Marcus,

Thank you for the great write some times people are so controlled by hate the can no longer see the truth.



If Sharpton, Jackson and the other race baiters really cared about the black community they would get off their butts and do something about the epidemic of black on black crime, and the fact that millions of black children are growing up without fathers



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