This is "Moderate" muslims! This shows what I've been saying........there is no such thing as a moderate muslim! They are all mine/your enemy!



Allen West


This past summer our family enjoyed eight beautiful days in Norway on the National Review cruise. I found this video clip from the Islamic Peace Conference in Norway quite interesting since we were just in that picturesque country, home of the Vikings.

Sometimes it’s just best to listen and let folks define themselves. The question is whether or not those of us in western civilization will continue to excuse away the issue. From this video clip, it seems we’re all quite wrong in using the term “extremist” to define only certain groups of Muslims.


Watch short video for yourself here.


There are two quotes that apply to this video and indeed the 21st century problem of the Hijra of Islamic totalitarianism across the Western world:

Tolerance and apathy are the last two virtues of a dying society. (often attributed to Aristotle)

When tolerance becomes a one-way street, it leads to cultural suicide. (often said by Allen West

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Muslims are not nice people.

Debrajoe, the only good male muslim is a dead muslim.  As to the women, fix them so they cannot breed any more...Semper Fi!  Gunny

Muslim not only are not nice, but they are savages who will not tolerate any other belief or religion upon pain of death!!


Americans will have to begin to realize that there is a scandal hiding in all of the BS that the Obama administration has been peddling about the 9-11 Benghazi attack and its aftermath. Just this past weekend, CBS ran an explosive report providing first-hand accounts that the White House and the State Department (headed by Hillary Clinton) knew full well that the Benghazi attack was indeed an al-Qaeda orchestrated attack right from the start. Even more damning – there is new evidence that shows they were expecting this attack for months!
Read more at i will get the url for yhe whole story if you have not seen this.

And yet our Government says Islam is a "Religion of Peace" and once again I say BS it is a hate group just like the KKK, Black Panthers and/or any other group out there that preaches hate. So why does our Government keep lying to us? We will never  know because people like Allen West are not in there to tell us the truth. We have the ones that want to line their own pockets with gold and if it means letting Americans fall then so be it. I want us to elect people that will stand up for "We The People" and every election I do my best to pick the right folks but sometimes they are hiding in plain sight and we have no media that will speak out against the evil that is there. How do we get this done? HOW Please HOW?

I agree. I met z Muslim Lady once who wsx divorcing her husband her in the US. Well her 'church' refused her help. She knew a friend of mine SNF mentioned this. My friend came to us st church. We as a Christian church family moved her and the kids.... found a place for them.... donated furniture, food, etc... she could not believe we would do this for a woman. After much talking to her and visiting our church.... she accepted Jesus Christ and converted. Some can be reached and shown that hate is not the answer.

Yea right......Moderate my arse!!!



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