Someone accused me of being a racist the other day, because I said that I didn’t like the way most Black people behaved.  Well, I don’t like it.  That’s a fact.

It’s like they have their own language, and are consciously trying to be very different from other Americans, especially White folks. 

I guess one could argue that this group of Black people are the real ‘racists’? 

They sure hate White folks!

I really don’t think I’m a racist.  And I really don’t think I’m a bigot. 

I just don’t like folks that are hurting America. 

And I believe that many Black people hate America and are trying to hurt her. 

I also believe that The Muslim people want to hurt America.  They can say they’re for peace, but their history says otherwise.  Recently they protested a Christian minister from giving a breakfast prayer at West Point.  And they have killed Americans just because of their religeon.

I just don’t trust any of them and I feel they will try to do us great harm sometime soon.

I’m against anybody that hates America… or has a lifestyle that is harmful to America’s future.  

Patriotism is important to me… Morals are important too…

Black, White, Jew, Muslim, Russian, Chinese, African, Eskimo, Indian, Japanese… it really doesn’t matter where your grandparents came from or what you look like.

It’s about how you behave and whether you respect American Values or not.

If you are demeaning America, if you are trying to ‘change’ America, if you believe that America has given you the freedom to go against GOD’s Laws, if you are trying to hurt America in any way, then I’m against you…

... and, you are my enemy!  

I will fight you for America!  Does that make me a racist?  Does that make me a bigot?

I don't think so... But, I'll let you be the judge.

If you can show me that you're qualified to judge me... I'm willing to listen...

What do you stand for?

Let's start with that, OK?



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I'm sorry that you feel we are "so far apart" that we will be unable to do anything about it.'s gonna be bloody and ugly when it finally comes to a head and boils over. But once you get us "Patriots" in gear and moving (and it matters not what race or color we are; a Patriot is a Patriot) we will fight to the finish. And we will finish the job...believe me.

We will win!

We will win due to our Lord and Savior helping us to make it so......but,only if this Nation will turn towards Him in faith. I am an Patriot and also have faith which means it is up to Us, the People that will be responsible as to where this Nation will be at the end.

David, you are absolutely correct.  One of the reasons that the left (Democrats) have been as successful as they have is because they all march in lock step to what the leaders say.  Those of us on the right bicker about every little thing.  I've seen and read comments such as "if ________(insert whatever name you want) isn't nominated I'm not going to vote or I'll vote for the other guy".  That attitude is one of the biggest reasons we on the right are always behind the 8 ball.  Those people don't seem to be able to understand that not voting is the same as giving a vote to the left.  If you have to, go into the voting booth, vote for whoever is opposing Body Odor, and then go outside and throw up.  That is the only chance we have to restore our country without bloodshed.  Another problem we on the right have is the Republican party elite who treat us like it was a good old boys club and it is now so and so's turn to run for president because he's been a good old boy the longest.  That results in very weak candidates like Bob Dole and John McCain.  They are unwilling and unable to listen to the voice of the people.  If the party elite would listen to the voice of the people we would clean the Democrat's clock every election.

You nailed it Marvin........the solution.  Unite against Obozo..........

Next step--PREVENT SHOCK. I hope that doesn't include the electric chair for the commie/marxists doers who are responsible for the preventable death of many of our Hero Soldiers and Airmen and Marines. OK. I know there aren't any electric chairs anymore. It was too cruel. Boo Hoo. :)

A Jacobs Ladder- HAARP like Spark Gap.  Instant Crispy Critter, Flashes to Ashes in the blink of an eye.   

Exactly Jack; We must view this as a TRIAGE Situation; as you say Stop the Bleeding then we'll hunt down the Parasites and Predators 


Gringo, I scanned over the land redistribution plan and the only thing I have to say to the UN is, you will get my land after you pry my cold dead fingers off of my firearm which ever one I choose to die with.

The UN land grab is yet another scheme by the Socialist parasites to steal the property that other people have worked for.  Look what has happened in Zimbabwe after the blacks stole the well-managed white-owned farms!  Mass starvation and chaos, which has happened in very country when the Socialists stole the land.  The same thing happened in the USSR when Stalin destroyed the Kulaks, and ruined the agricultural industry.  Do people learn nothing from history?

Barbara that open mike may have revealed a great deal more than the media and the politicians want us to know.  For one thing I believe he thinks he is a shoo in for reelection.  I have read commentary by much wiser people than I who say that there is no way that he can lose.  You are absolutely right about Republicans and Democrats.  They are two sides of the same coin.  We are no different than the former Soviet Union.  Except in our case we have two political parties who believe that everything political needs to be done for the good of the party and to hell with the people and the country.  One other difference is that they are not YET as violent and brutal as the old CPSU was.  Personally I am fully convinced that there is not going to be an election in November.  They are going to create a crisis and use that as an excuse to postpone the elections.  They will then declare martial law and attempt to confiscate all firearms.  Think about this, if there were an armed insurrection in the US, who would come to the aid of the patriots?  I suspect no one.  However, there would be dozens of countries trying to get a piece of the action and attempt to claim a part of the country for themselves.  Mexico would surely attempt to take Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and southern California.

Barbara  - you hit the nail on the head!   Check out the website for a truthful book about the decline of our educational system. 

Ayn Rand was right  - the Vicious Mediocrities  are taking over, and dragging everyone down to their level!

Also check out the site  for the truth about the decline of our population quality.



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