An Interesting Expose on the Woman who Wants to be Your President

This video is a must watch for all people who are inclined to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton for President. Most of this information is already known by those who reject the very notion that she is qualified. Those who believe their vote will be part of history are absolutely correct. Historical in the fact that the first female President will continue the absolute destruction of America just as the first "black" President has done. Those who fail to learn from their mistakes are prone to repeat them. This video does not contain any anti Hillary propaganda or allegations but rather the absolute undeniable TRUTH founded entirely on proven facts. Please watch to the end.


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This is another one. Share this far and wide, This homicidal maniac must NEVER be allowed to be elected as president of the US.
Hillary Clinton Exposed; The Movie she banned from theaters, full length

My fear is that the Marxists have done their job well and have turned our schools and colleges into re-education camps . The level of stupidity in our Country today is absolutely shocking to me. Want evidence , look at the number of people willing to vote for this lying criminal Hilliary Clinton ?  Want to watch something , the movie Idiocracy ...because we are not far from that level of stupidity today in the general public. Our high school students today probably could not pass a test on the US Constitution , the Revolutionary War and our Founding Fathers . I wrote my State Representative in TN demanding that a class and test be required to graduate. We shall see if they listen .  I fear too many stupid people will vote ....enough to keep it close ...and the Democrats will steal it. I pray every day that our Father in Heaven will be with us, as he was for our Founders ,...but we have turned our backs on him in our Country so he has reason not to today.



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