And the enemy of this Constitutional Republic is now signing executive orders killing our 2A ! My question is..............what are the American People going to do about it?????????????????


hussein obama in his islamofascist style used children as human shields!

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Either see to it that he is impeached or do what they do in the third world....surround the Imperial Palace, better known as the White House and the Imperial Out House, better known as the Capital Building and don't leave until he resigns or until the military forces him to resign. Anyone have a better idea??? Now is the time to say it!

agreed ... it all comes down to that usurper being removed and all traitors in Congress removed, and both are given the max for treason ...

Only then we do have a beginning of hope ...

Just a clue here, in your efforts not to talked about some things, you talked about those things quite well.

However I look at this slightly different, it is not so much who or what agency monitors what sites or postings. When it comes down to it, that is their job. The big thing here is that this site seems to have lots of different opinions on a few things. I just joined and still haven't had time to read through more than a few articles. I have seen comments that cover a fairly wide range of responses to different actions. So I don't think it is fair to say "we all" know what needs to be done, as human nature says it is not possible to get 100% agreement in any group of individuals.


Stick around and keep reading. Sure there may be a few that differ from the actions you would take,  but I have found most members here are very level-headed Patriotic Americans that are fed-up with this administration. Some of that anger does come out at times. Hell, wait until I go off! It happens.

Overall though, I think you will appreciate the extremely hard work from Twana, the site administrator, and her attention on keeping people keeping people focused. One thing to note... She does not suffer fools lightly, which is refreshing and necessary.

Over time I think you will enjoy it here. I personally find it one of the better sites for info concerning our Constitution being used for toilet paper, and trying to get people motivated to take action. Do not misinterpret this to mean 'taking action' as in "support and vote for the GOP, blah, blah, blah". I have no idea the political party affiliation of anyone on this site, and I'm probably not alone in saying that I don't give a rats rear-end. Our government has been completely corrupted so I'm an equal opportunity hater.

Welcome and enjoy your stay. I pray you will help be part of the solution.

I don't understand why they have not already gone after this dictator for treason???

Three reasons...




And not necessarily in that order.

The only way he or any of the criminal elements in Washington will ever be removed from office is if enuff armed patriots go to there and make a citizens arrest on all who are out for lining their own pockets and making laws that they don't live by but we have to. WE MAKE TERM LIMITS wether they like or not. The time is now while we are at the crossroads that will decide the future of the USA.

The bastard couldn't pass his own background check!...

The devil is in the details of his 23 line EO...what regulations will be pending and how will they be enforced...also the Healthcare act will have the clause removed about HC Pros asking you about guns...

So now, it'll be easier for the Mental Health Police to lock you up...maybe thats where we'll all finally get to meet,...those railroad car's and gulags...

Yes I did Twana although there are none in my county but hopefully some will wtfu and join.


Just wait till 300 million wake up they be f*****
Americans are Americans when they snap out of it and see it in their face hold on its going to be crazy

The liberals are the only ones with their heads in the sand...I  don't see that matter what. Many conservative Americans are ready for this battle.



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